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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our DriVe To thE BeaCh anD OuR WaLk..LoTs Of EyE CanDY...:)

Oh Yesterday was such a beautiful glorious day...not too hot and with a nice was so puuurrrffeecctt for our drive to the beach and the nice walk we took..We hit a few places along the way before we hit the beach..This area is only about 15 minutes from our home and I would love to live here.. it is what I picture small town living to be..very quiet and oh so quaint..lots of farms, open spaces just perfect for us..This is the community center in the town of Eglon..and right next to it is the fire the same driveway..don't know if they use that fire station or not anymore..and right across the street is their little church..

directly across the street from the community fields and farm...

Here is the beautiful little church with a chain link fence all the way around..What a wonderful community this is...

now we are heading down the road towards the Point No Point Beach and Lighthouse..and if you click on the photo here you will see a HUGE smiling is a big funny...

These photos were taken on the fly but this is my all time favorite farm..that I have always said should be in a is picturesque to say the least..I wish we could have gotten better photos..

more of that beautiful area...

across the street was a grape orchard all in neat rows and the house above..

We are almost there..that is the town of Hansville and the the right will be the lighthouse...

this is one of the houses going towards the beach...boy we would love!! to see the inside of that one to see the decor..pretty neat huh?

Were here! and it is foggy out but it added to the charm...:) you can barely see the houses on the hill there.

Here is Mike and Tucker letting me get a photo op of them on the front steps of the lighthouse...

a closer view..I so wanted to go in those doors and peek around...but we didin't know if it was a private residence or not...pooh..:)

heading to the beach...there were lots of fishing boats and sailboats out could see them really well..lots of horns blowing etc..

lots of folks fishing ...
the lighthouse from the beach..

Tucker was watching the waves rolling in..not too sure about them yet...

someone carved a little sentiment in this big log...

a long distance view of the was such a pretty beach to walk along...found one piece of green beach glass and a cute little shell...lots of driftwood to make things with..but didn't drag any of it home...too many other projects..;)
the fog...makes for a beautiful picture..

a fort on the beach...or a love nest..:)

Tucker was having a blast fetching sticks..he would bark at them to get them to come to him...he didn't go in too far...he's a bit of a scardy cat like his mom..;)

inside the lighthouse and the big machine that makes it work..this was taken through the window as it was locked..

The fog has burned off and now you can see the houses and the blue sky...

you couldn't see across the way was so pretty..Well we stopped by Mcdonalds so I could get a cone to end our day with...

and guess who finished it up...he is in the back seat enjoying his tasty treat...he loves icecream..Well I hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did..we got home at around 3:00pm and then I mowed the lawn and then we started doing some dead heading and pulling out some plants that I no longer want..iris', day lilys etc..just needed to simplify my garden some...looks so much better...still lots to do..but want to get a start on it now before the rains hit and I no longer want to be outside in is a truck load of bark to fill in the spots..that is next weeks project I suppose...I did get to sit down for about an hour and start reading my latest country seeing the homes in the first part of the magazine...then it was time to hit the showers and make dinner and relax watching was a wonderful day...Today gotta get busy sewing and having stuff to show you tomorrow..have a wonderful day everyone.:)


  1. As soon as I saw your title on my reading list, I thought "YAY! Were goin' for a walk", lol!!! I love where you live, it's so pretty and peaceful looking, and love the pic of Tucker in the water, and love the fact that he got to go along:)Hope your enjoying your day!

  2. Rich and I have been wanting to drive over to the coast.....about 90 miles. We love walking on the shore and looking for rocks, shells, glass and driftwood. I brought home some small pieces of driftwood years ago and made Santa icicles out of them. Looks like Tucker was having fun.....but like me doesn't like to venture too far out into the water.

  3. Never have been out to the west coast; but I really enjoyed your tour. Some really nice places out there. Really not much different then what I see here; except for the OCEAN! I miss that; when we lived down south we were only 3 hrs away from it. Loved your pics & Tucker is adorable.

  4. Very nice pictures of your drive and of the water and fog! So nice to see other places!

  5. Oh my goodness, Gina, what a beautiful place! Thanks for "taking me along"! I really enjoyed it!

    You asked about ammunition. We have found some hit and miss at different Walmarts and Bass Pro. We just go by one anytime we pass one and check. They sell out about as fast as they get anything in. They won't hold it for you, so you just have to keep checking. Can you not find ANY around there? I've noticed online they're out of stock. It seems like I've seen big quantities online before while we were looking for guns. I'll have to look again.


  6. What a pretty drive you took - thanks for bring US along too!!

  7. Beach! Ocean! You lucky dog!


  8. What a lovely day! Wish I could have gone too!
    Thanks so much for the birthday wishes my friend! I've officially hit 29... again!