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Sunday, August 30, 2009

SunDaY WaLk...

We took our usual sunday walk this morning and this is what it looked like at around 11am this morning..a morning haze that was passing was chilly this morning...but oh so pretty....

you can usually see the water from here..but not this morning...real thick foggy haze..I love mornings like this..

some type of gourd that has taken over this neigbhors garden..gorgeous though..;)

a wild rose..smelled pretty too..

I wish you could see these in person...these are huge..I took photos last week but there was only on in bloom..I love sunflowers..:)

peaches just about ready to be picked..:)

a beautiful garden.;)

we cannot figure this house out ..we think its hideous and I just wanted to share..
Here's Rob the owner of our little store driving one of his latest toys..a 1970 datsun roadster..

and lastly walking home today we saw the house that got "Garden of the month" is such a cute charming and love the flowers too...:) hope you are all enjoying your sunday...I made 3 more purse yesterday ..will post those on WWW..Have a wonderful week..:)


  1. O.K. I'm trying not to be jealuous ..But oh gosh ..Green's beautiful ..breathtaking ..and a foggy haze ..that sounds so wonderfully cool ..Those gardens are gorgeous ...!!! I so can't wait to move somewhere GREEN !!!

    Enjoy the Beauty ..Hoepfully I'll be somewhere Green By no later than next spring ..

    Hugs ..Sara

  2. What a beautiful place for a walk. We had rain off and on, so hoping to get out this week for some walks. The weather has cooled down, so perfect time to enjoy the beaches too.


  3. Gina,
    Looks like you had a beautiful Sunday walk!!
    It was pretty nice here today, but cool...great weather to watch Josie cheer at the first football game of the season.
    Have a great week!!
    hugs, Cindy

  4. Love the sunflowers Gina, we had cool weather yesterday and were at the docks but I came home after a couple cold by the water!
    Have a great Monday,

  5. I love coming on your walks, never even get outta breath, lol! What a little stinker of a car that Rob drives, kinda cute :)Hope you enjoy your day!!!

  6. I thoroughly ended your Sunday walk even on a Monday mornin'! Thanks for takin' me along! :> )

  7. What a quaint neighborhood! Beautiful little places. Thanks for stopping by & visiting my post. Answering you ?'s: we are not moving, house did not sell. Kitchen is pretty much done. I have posted bits & pieces of it over different postings.

  8. Mornning girl..ohhh I love walks like that! It just does something for one's spirit and heart...Thanks for coming by sweetie..hope you have a glorious week!