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Saturday, August 29, 2009

MoRe PuRses In The ProCeSs...& KiDs..,

Good SaTurDay Morning to you all!!! Yesterday and last night I spent making purses...getting them embroidered anyway..I got 3 done and I also made a breast cancer bracelet that I need to sew on the tie band and add a little charm to it..going to be making several of these for my upcoming show in is a breast cancer gotta make more purses and some other things that pertain to the BC..

this is one I am currently working on today..gotta sew on the images yet..This is all the sizzix designs that I have put together..there are 3 different sets here..

I thought I would leave you with some cute photos of our babies..the top photo is our Sunny E Bunny, doing what she loves to do best...Sun herself..she was named so well by her foster moms granddaughter..her name was sunshine and we shortened it to sunny..she is sitting with her mama as I type this practically sitting on the keyboards waiting patiently for a love..and she is purring contentedly while I write this..she and Silly Millie are my biggest fans here in the craftroom...course they get fed in could that be it? I hope its because they love their mommy..;0)

this was Silly Millie yesterday when I was taking photos using that was empty so she used it as her scratching post and then laid down...she loves to sit on my lap and be cradled and cuddled and then needles me to no end..

there she is one day whilst I was blogging...

Here is our Precious little Pody Ann or Lynn depending on the day...rolling in her favorite spot..

there she is striking a pose that she does so often that melts her mom and dads heart..she grabs her ears and stretches and peeks through her paws...oh I just want to give her a belly belly..that is our way of saying I want to pet her belly and just love her...she loves fall too..and will search for the biggest intact leaf and come trotting out and give it to me...she has done this since she was little..again melting my I take them in and use them in my fall decorating, after all she took the time to search them out for me...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..we had a bit of rain/drizzle last night and today is a bit overcast..not supposed to last... but we are hoping for an indian we need to clean the chimney, purchase our wood logs and get ready for fall/winter..will probably be the latter part of October and we will be heating up the old woodstove again...I love using it and love the warmth and coziness it brings to our home and watching the kids find their spots on the rug or their beds and snuggle is the cheapest babysitter ever...they get so crazy in the winter cause they don't go out much as it is always they start tearing it up around the house being little I light the fire and BAM! they are out like little lights....Okay I have rambled on long enough..
On another note..I have dropped my prices on my selling if you see anything you like let me know..I also heard from the gal that won my giveaway last month..she won my purse and she used it the other day and loved it for shopping and she loved her room spray as well and said she couldn't stop spraying with it..that was so nice to hear..I have also added more scents to my list..and they smell yummy too..just in time for fall and winter...take care..:)


  1. Hi Gina,
    Your kitties look so happy!! Chloe is on my lap right now while I'm trying to write this. I call her my blogin' dog!!
    Your purses are looking great! I just know that you will do well with them at your show.
    Well...I'm off to make some very large orange plaid pumpkins.

  2. Your kitties are so pretty. I miss not having any around. But I like having my son around more I guess! LOL

    Have a great Weekend!1

  3. cute kitties!
    Hee hee want your attention alot huh? Just like kids I tell ya.

  4. THe embroidery looks good. It seems the lazy hazy days of summer are almost over. Cats are people too!

  5. You productive!

    Stay at it & Cozy too, Carrie

  6. The kids are so cute & so are the pics of them. You are so talented!