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Thursday, September 3, 2009

More CrAfTinG In The WorKs...

Hey there my blog buds! I have been working on some wax items for the past couple of weeks...I love working with those silicone molds and I love to speed up the when I am done pouring the wax in the molds I let them set up a smidge and then put them in the freezer..I can pop them out quicker and make more..I have 4 crock pots that I have different colored wax whole craft room smells of beeswax..;)

Yesterday I made 3 more purses..okay I only embroidered them but you get the picture..:)I am up to about 20 purses so far..and have so many more I want to off to Joanns tomorrow for some more supplys..

I just took these photos of our is just about done...where the big huge spot is that is all potatoes and we are going to harvest them this weekend.....last night I was on a roll and deadheaded all the lettuce and beans and you can see my 2 pumpkins..they are getting orange..I am so excited..

there is a closeup of the pumpkin to the left..the photo was taken out my craftroom it has a glare..I have a funny story...the other night I was sitting at my machine embroidering and something was glowing outside in the garden and I couldn't tell what it was kind of scary at first then I realized it was that little metal statue starring at me...the light was hitting it just right to make her glow..;)

This one's for Janene!! see your pillow there..and see my Podylicious!! she truly has the best seat in town...well I got our taxes done today...and we owe money..but she is still working on hopefully we will break even and not owe anything...:) got the back of my hair trimmed up today...and my next appt is the first of October to get it I will look spiffy for my gift show on the 8th..also did some grocery shopping the latest family circle magazine with the pumpkins on it..gotta sit down with that one and my country sampler and catch up and see if there any cute ideas out there...well have a wonderful rest of your thursday...see you on saturday...:)


  1. Love your pumpkin and your podylicious:)Your wax goodies are great, I never thought to put them in the freezer!

  2. Gina,
    You have been a busy bee!! I've been crafting first show is 4 weeks away.
    Remember that we need to find some time to talk. Got to figure out the best time with the 3 hour difference.

  3. You HAVE been busy! Love your Podylicious! She's a cutie! And I can see where that metal statue may have scared you. Oh...those things that go bump in the night...or in your case, reflect in the night! ~~Annie

  4. Wow, you sound so busy! We have a few pumpkins ~ I hope they turn orange. Your wax goodies are great ~ I love blackened beeswax ~ so prim looking. Have a great weekend.

  5. You sure have and are busy Gina! Wish I had some of your energie:)
    Your pumpkins look so nice can't wait to get some for outside! Good Luck on your show too!

  6. Your wax items are very nice and halloweeny! How exciting to get ready for a show! You will have to take pictures for us to see when you go!

  7. Love your items! you are getting way ahead of me. I don't know when your craft show is, but I have so much more tyo do. Looks like you have a good bit to sell.