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Saturday, September 12, 2009

TwEaKinG, FloWerS, ShoPpiNg & PuRseS...

Hello there!!!! it is a glorious fall like Saturday morning..Oh I love days like where the sun hits at certain times of the day know fall is in the air...we are getting our firewood this Monday and getting the chimney cleaned, the hops harvested, and trying to get our fence put up..our old one is falling putting up a new one around the lots of fall projects to get done before the rains set in..Yesterday I did some tweaking before I headed out the door to go shopping for more supplies and did my grocery shopping at our commissary as well..nothing feels better then a full fridge and freezer...:) I brought out the wheelbarrow that I bought earlier this summer and put the one mum in it with the pumpkins and my scarecrow had to go there as well..I also lined up my 3 neat looking old vintage rakes along there as well..Old Nap a Pop got in this photo..he was needing a snack...we are putting up a piece of plexi-glass on the door/chalkboard as the liquid markers I purchased some months ago that are not supposed to be permanent...well they are a piece will be put on and then I can write to my hearts content with all my fall and winter sayings...and no more having to re-paint after each one..what a huge pain..
here are my sunflowers that I cut..this one is is about salad plate size in the center..
and there is his counter part..about 3 inches in diameter in the center...
they are about finished up for the season...
you can see a lone one above the umbrella..the stocks on these sunflowers was unreal..they were huge..
I am not sure what type of sunflower these are..they look daisy like but are yellow and always bloom in September..and they are just starting to open up...
I have no idea what this plant is..but it has glorious red little berrys and the bees swarm this thing come is walk by and you hear a hum...and its loud..just covered..
my autumn joy is blooming..I have it in 3 places and I love the rusty color that it has..
here is a view of the garden now..I took out the pumpkin plant as it is done..and we have squash still going..little itty bitty ones and 2 zuchini still growing..will be picking them this week I suppose..and we still need to harvest the tators..soon this will have a covering of hay that I will use when I am done decorating for fall..getting one this monday when we pick up our wood..might get 2...
Okay now for the shopping part of this post..I hit Joanns, Michaels and the dollar this neat sign to hang on my gazebo as you enter the yard this halloween...some neat wooden cutouts that I will glitter up and have my dolls holding them..some decorative buttons for my purses..
paper mache pumpkins to paint and prim up for my shows..and 2 funkins...I am itching to do what char did on hers..make them look real etc...can't wait..some little paper mache boxes for a kentucky primitives pattern and the woodstain for those pumpkins and whatever else I need it for..and more zippers for my purses..
the dollar store has the little candle lights..they are the cheapest yet..2 for a buck..
I also got some towels to embroider on..
more fabric and mustard wool felt for a pin keep I am making using a soft in the head pattern..I also won 17 zinc lids today on ebay for $4.99..that is an awesome deal..they are also used in the soft in the head pattern and will also be lids for my jars that have none..
more vinyl that was on clearance at joanns..a creamy beige and an orange a design all picked out for that one..pumpkins..
this is what I needed to finish up my purse..this stuff is fuses the fabric to the vinyl..I think I cleaned them out..
oh and I bought these little crows at michaels to go on to of these pumpkins..they look so real and fit the pumpkins nicely..:)
here are 3 more purses I finished up on thursday..need to put the fabric backs on them..but you can see the fabric I chose..the little moon glows in the dark on this one..
2 more breast cancer ones..the left says find the cure and the right one says fight like a girl...Well I got a doll started and am going to work on her just as soon as I get the house tidyed up and my day going..have a wonderful weekend..we hit about 80 degrees was a bit warm..but not bad..had the a/c going in the that always makes a difference..looks like it is going to be 76 today and in the 70s the rest of the week..puurrffeecctt weather..Take care..;)


  1. You have beeb busy, I adore the crows. We don't get anything like that in the UK. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Pam xxx

  2. I am loving those pumpkins!!! Can't wait to see what you do with them. xxxRobby

  3. You busy talented woman! I really hope you do well on your show. We too are getting things ready for the winter here. Working on the house also & getting things ready for my Christmas show.

    My best to you~ Kim

  4. OH my gosh I LOVE those smiling faces on your sunflowers!!!I want to plant some next year, just have to decide where to put them! Your front porch looks so warm and inviting...wish I could just pop right over for a visit:) Love the wheelbarrow too, hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  5. I love the Autumn Joy plant, do you plant it in the spring or fall?

  6. I'm curious to know what you're going to use the vinyl for - I'll keep checking back to see!

  7. Hi Gina,
    Love your sunflowers!!
    Great finds on your shopping trip! I got some wood pumpkins at our JoAnn's. but they are different from the ones you got. I also found a few dish towels at our dollar store. Happy Stitching!!
    Got your email, but I've been gone most of the day...I'll get back with you tomorrow.
    hugs, Cindy

  8. Hey the front of your house! Everything looks SO fall like! And LOVE that sign by the door! LOL! I need that one...Harley could talk a wart off a toad! hehe

    Hopefully we still have a few weeks before the rains set in! Gotta get ready to hunker down! :) ~~Annie

  9. I saw those crows at Micheals . they are so great. Love those sunflowers.

  10. Gina, I loved this post !!!!
    Did you receive my emails? Love your new goodies !!!


  11. Gosh I am gonna have to come back and read your post ..I am working on making my Paper Mache Candy Canes I sell every year and stopped to come check my e-mails etc.. and I see sunflower and pumpkins and a garden OH MY !!!

    I will e-mail you my Doggie Food recipe in the next day ..

    Hugs ..Sara