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Thursday, September 10, 2009

ThE BeSt ThiNgs In LiFe FoR FreE...WeLL aLmOst..

Mike and I went shopping on monday for new shoes for him..and we went to walmart!! I love that store...anyway they had these huge mums for $6 each..couldn't pass that up..and I wanted some "fall" here they are along with my beautiful, glorious orange pumpkins from my garden!!!
I am so happy..This is the first time I have actually been able to grow these little babies and I got two this year..we are digging up a portion of our landscaping/garden area in the front yard for the squash family...I can't wait..
Oh I love these mums and their glorious colors...

Well the hops will probably be gone this is harvest time..I am going to miss their beauty till next spring...we have a tomato eating we are having to put up an electric fence in hopes she stays away from them..but we turn it off during the day for our other animals..and she is only eating the ripe ones and they are our huge tomatoes...I can't blame her..they are wonderful and oh so sweet!!
I pulled out my fall dessert plates..I got the ones on the left many years ago for free!!! I love them!!! and paid very little for the other ones..:)
okay did up 4 more purses yesterday.the moon on the upper left one glows in the dark..I used a glow in the dark thread..;) have 3 more to do today and then onto assembling the ones that are ready..picking up more supplys tomorrow...have a wonderful thursday..;)


  1. Your mum's look wonderful and very much like autumn!

  2. Everything looks so fall(ish) over at your house and so very inviting! I'm going to try to work on mine today! I love your porch!

    Have a great day, Gina!

  3. Love those mums, I think I will
    head to Walmart to get some..I
    usually put some in a wooden wheelbarrow, stand my scarecrow next to it, and put a pumpkin by him...Looks good until I forget to water the mums! Love your purses, you sure are working hard!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Okay, okay, since when is mocha fudge chocolate ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery FREE, chickee! Let me know and I'll rush right over, honey!!

  5. I LOVE mums, they are my favorites and I have to buy some each fall. I also love your leaf plates, they are so pretty! Yard looks great as always, can I beg you for some hops seeds?

  6. Oh everything looks great around your house! I like the look of whatever that is growing up the side of your house!

  7. Gina~ your pumpkins are too cute and those mums look huge! I do love the hopps going up your house:)

  8. How cool that you grew your own pumpkins and those mums are just beautiful !!!

    Too funny about the raccoon ..the little sweetie ..just loves them tomaters !!

  9. Your pumpkins are great!! So glad you were able to harvest some!!

  10. Those mums are gorgeous and so fallish! Great pictures of everything!
    Have a great weekend, Kimberly

  11. Your mums look great...I just said to DH the other day that I wanted to pick up some mums.
    Of course, I love all the purses that you've been making!!

  12. Those mums are very pretty, I'm making a trip to the Walmarts today, may just have to check them out!

    I envy your punkins and maters, but not the coon! ;D

  13. Oooh, your mums look great! I picked up a few this week too. (But not at Walmart) ;> )
    A tomato eatin' raccoon? Lucky you! Hee-hee...
    I LOVE those plates with the leaves on them!!!!
    Have good weekend darlin'. :> )

  14. I've always wanted to plant pumpkins but it's to shady here so I don't even bother, love yours!

    I was out and about today but didn't stop at Walmart...darn!
    Have a great weekend,