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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WhAtchA WoRkiNg On WeDneSdAy...

Are you sick of seeing the purses yet? I embroidered these yesterday..still need to put the fabric behind them and finish them up..I ran out of the iron on stuff that sticks the fabric to the purse..will go shopping again on friday for in the mean time..I embroider..oh I am so hooked..the black purse is sooo much nicer in person..I love the colors and how it stands out...the snowman looks so old fashioned and I love it.:)
these will be check book covers when they are done..
and in the midst of embroidering..I putt the fabric backings on and get the purses ready for handles etc..I have 9 ready to put together..but I am still embroidering out some more designs..I also went through my dolls and have the ones I want to make for this halloween season...and hope I get them all done before my show in October...if you are in the area come by and see me at the show..I see I have another fellow "peep" that lives about 10 minutes from me...Hey!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday...I have a few fall touches to share with you tomorrow...I can't wait...;)


  1. you're so cute......I would be totally exited if you did come :)

    I wanted you to know, that you were the first person I thought of when I was writing tomorrow's post!!

    I don't think I have many 'prim lovin' followers......hint hint...

  2. I'm sorry but at first glance I thought the snowman was a teddy bear with a hat! OOPS!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous as I want an embroidery machine so bad. All of your purses and projects are beautiful and should sell good at your fair.

  3. Everything is so cute! Lovin Mr. Snowman!

  4. You put me to shame with how much you get done girl!! Sounds like another bloggy meeting in the future??

  5. O.k. your in Purse Mania Now !! Too cute you are turning out all those Purses ..I hear you though on the Fun Part ..when I find something I love doing ..I want to make a boatload of it .

    Your Purses are wonderful !!!

    Blessings ..Sara

  6. Wow,
    You are one busy gal! I'm just like that, though. When I do something I enjoy I don't want to quit. Love the snowman.

  7. Gina,
    More great purses!! You are putting me to shame with all the embroidery that you are doing. I've been making other goodies and haven't turned on my embroidery machine for the last two days.
    Can't wait to see more goodies that you are making for your show.
    hugs, Cindy