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Sunday, September 13, 2009

SuNdaY FuNniEs and DoLL FiniSheD...

Can you see the doll under my Sillie Millie....;)
Ziggy witch doll all set to hang or sit this halloween..This is a pattern by chestnut junction..She was so much fun to make and is the first doll I have done in a very long it was nice to start off with something simple and easy...her little button on her collar says:Boo...she has orange needlefelted lambs wool for her hair and a rusty bell sewn on top of her hat..her bloomers are the same color as her hat and collar..she has little laced up boots..well it has been a laid back kind of day..just been putzing around getting my craft room somewhat organized of the designs I want to do..weeding out all that I can do etc..and I still have too gotta get crackin...have a wonderful rest of your sunday..:)


  1. LOL...LOL...ROFL!!!!Those are too funny Gina, almost as funny as Sillie Millie on the dollie:)

  2. I love your doll, Gina but I must say...I love that Sillie Millie more! Such a beautiful cat and right there to help you!!!

    Love the funnies! Especially the one that you read from the bottom up! LOL

  3. Bewitching Doll! I love Silly Millie!

  4. Gina,
    Your doll is wonderful!! And I love the picture of Silly Milly!!
    Not sure if I'm going to get any dolls made for my Fall shows or not, but I would like to. So many things to make and so little time.
    Happy Stitching!!

  5. I love your new fall look here and those funnies were great! Silly Millie has extra legs! LOL

  6. Love the doll; the funnies speak a whole lot, love the one about a woman president.

  7. Laughed at all of your fuNniEs and love your template...that is the cutest little witchy poo!

  8. LOL! Loved your funnies, especially the before and after marraige! And love your Sillie Millie. Looks exactly like something my Harley Boy would do! All dolls need a little cat fur on them! ~~Annie

  9. OMG Gina ~ I love your funnies! And Sillie Millie, she's just adorable...I think she wants to help with the sewing!