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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

HapPineSs Is.... and FaLL DeCorAtiNg...

Happiness is a garage full of wood for winter..This is what we did yesterday...bought our wood for winter and stacked 2 huge pallets..oh boy were my arms tired... I did most of the stacking while DH handed it to me..we rented a small U-haul truck as each pallet is about 2000 pounds...and we didn't want to stress our old truck and they don't deliver...
Here is our wood box on the front porch all set to go when it gets cold enough to we have regular wood out behind the garage as back still needs to be is dry and is splitting on its own..but need to get them down to managable sized when that was done..I took the old weed burner out and burned off weeds and then I raked up leaves in the driveway and then I mowed the lawn...haven't had to mow it but 3 times this whole summer..kind of nice too..but I do love the way it looks all nice and tidy when it is done..and it is cheap exercise...after that was done..I pulled out my fall decor and started putting some of it out last night and finished up to follow...
I wanted to show you our tomato plant that has huge tomatoes on it and what our raccoon is doing to it...
there was a ripe one on the vine..but she kind of ate most of it..and the sad thing she is wasteful and finishing what she took.
Here is the evidence...the white string you see is an electric fence..DH fixed the grounding wire and for 2 days she has not bugged it..I tell you they are the sweetest tomatoes ever..the best we have grown by far..nothing like them at the stores...they are SOOO good..:)
okay I put out some of my fall decor..this will get me through till the first of October...and I am sure this will all change once the 2 huge bins come out...I forgot I had some of this stuff till I started digging...
the little dustpan needlepunch kitty and pumpkin..I love is the first thing I had out..cause I got it in August..
my great smelling candle and my sign from Janae..this one stays out all year long..I love these signs that she made...
my garland going around the lights..
another wonderful sign by Janae..
a fall pillow that I purchased years ago and my pumpkins that I made, along with the little kitty on the pumpkin..the cat pillow my best friend Kimmy made for me..
another view..I love the little white sugar pumpkins...I need to make more of those I suppose...
my little wooden pumpkin that I have had for years.
I have had this scarecrow for years too..
I almost forgot about this wonderful sign that I got from a kitchen swap that I did in it is out and in the dining room on an old pitchfork handle...
My little Autumn Greetings wooden sign above the scarecrow..
my next door neighbor gave me this one...
I love the handle on this little pumpkin..this came from a fellow blogger..and I can't remember who..but we did some swapping...and I put the kitty basket up on the basket there too as they are fall kittys..they too are left out as they match my decor...well I got up early this morning..and DH and I enjoyed a nice bagel out on the veranda as the babys were out enjoying the nice quiet morning...I love mornings like that..not to cold..overcast and was nice to enjoy DH before he rushed off to work and he got a decent breakfast..(he usually doesn't eat anything)..I can't do that...:) so I cleaned, mopped,did laundry, put clean dishese away, tweaked and was done by 9am...and now it is after 1pm and the day is zipping by and I have nothing else on that note I bid you a wonderful hoping to get some stuff done to do WWW...I tell you it motivates me to get something done so I can participate...:)


  1. Gina,
    What a shame about your tomatoes. We have tons of them but I don't think they will ripen before frost hits. I have picked a few. We put up about 12 cord of wood every year for our woodstove. I love it when that job is done.
    Love your fall decorating. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Pesky raccoons! I love all your photos of fall me ideas.

  3. Love, love, love your fall decor! I really like the garland around the chandelier! I think mine is begging for some now! Love those fall blocks too! Gosh, just love it all, Gina!

    Wow....that's ALOT of wood! I bet you WERE tired!


  4. looks like it gets cold there, i have never seen wood stacked like that before, it almost looks like a log cabin.

  5. Hi Gina, boy, you have been busy! Firewood, we will be starting soon. I love it and I dread it! I am sorry for your tomatoes! They must be really good. Have you tried draping bird netting over them? I love your fall decorating. Looks great! Jayne

  6. That's a lot of firewood! I remember doing that when we lived in NH. I was sore for days! lol!
    I love all of your fall decor - inside and out.
    Hope the electric fence keeps the raccoon away. They can do so much damage.
    Love your blog!

  7. Boy you are getting ready for fall. I can't believe how much wood you have and how TIDY that pile is one VERY TIDY stack.

  8. Wood for the fire, 'maters and Fall!!! What could be better? (Our 'maters had issues with all the rain...but a few is better than none, especially for samwiches!) ~~~ Enjoy these days~ they are the best!


  9. Gina,
    Your Fall decorating is looking great!! I only have a few things out right now, but hope to get the rest out soon.

  10. you know i think you can drill a hole in the candy corns, but to make sure, i will try tomorro and let you know, i can also make different sizes.

  11. Whew I am tuckered out!!! Your wood pile looks so neat!!! Those pumpkins are them. I need to move myself and get my fall stuff out. xxxRobby

  12. Sorry about the tomatoes, I see what you were talking about. You have got some really nice fall decor. I have yet to do the wood thing. Love your new blogging page also. Vey cute! I saw that you have some copper kettles; how do you keep them clean?

  13. Our raccoons don't stop at the tomatoes, they steal entire 6-foot corn stalks-- not just the ears. I'm envious of your gorgeous wood's so much tidier than mine. I guess it helps if the wood is all uniformly cut.

  14. All that lovely wood to burn! No budget busting gas or oil bills to pay. I remember how much my parents enjoyed having a wood burning furnace in the basement and a small wood stove in the kitchen when they moved from the city to the country, and not just for the cost savings. So much cosier. I wish we could do that here. Most people have no choice but to use natural gas and boy is it ever expensive. The coldest Winters I ever spent are here in England.

    Enough of my whining now. I love your Fall decorations! You home looks so welcoming.


  15. Oh I just love your blog and your cottage!!! Beautiful! I can relate to the wood! We've got ours stacked up too!! Thanks for participating in my Giveaway!!!

  16. okay, no problem, drill away. it was soooo easy, now if you don't want to drill, i can make you some and put a hole in before i paint them.

  17. no problem, i will get started on them today, i will let you know when they are ready, thanks

  18. Your blog looks great! I have a family coming on my porch with 2 little ones. The boogers eat all the cat food I put out for my feral colony.

  19. Good one on happiness and it helps a lot.

    Karim - Mind Power