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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I MisSed WhATchA woRkiNg On WeDneSday...

Hey there! well I missed WWW so I thought I would share what I did yesterday today...I bought some new curtains for the kitchen on ebay and they came yesterday..that is speedy service I tell you...and the above and below photos show my old curtains..which I love and will still use come spring I think..but I wanted to show you before and afters..these are the BEFORES...

here is the new black/cream curtains...they will go so nicely with all the black accents in my I dropped everything I was doing and put these babys up...

The AFTER photos..what do you think? they are longer on the sides then the red ones but they are sure pretty...
And my Mercantile gatherings magazine came too...what a great day..I haven't looked at it yet..don't have time right now..but I do love this magazine and love the color on all the pages...and this is staying far away from the he doesn't get bored and eat it again..rotten little stinker..
well while I was changing out curtains..I decided to change out these for my fall the room a whole new look..these are the before photos..(these will be back come spring)...
here is the during...:)
and here is the after...they are a mustard/tan kind of colored just right for fall...
This is what I spent my day doing..making pillow tucks..these are just the more to make and that is what I will be doing all day long...the one on the left took about 4 hours to is a cross stitch machine embroidery..turned out pretty neat though...
and last but not least..this is what happens when it is drizzely outside...we come in and have to sleep with our sheep..he loves this toy...shakes it up like a rag doll..I have repaired this thing a few times is nice so he is outside enjoying the sunshine..I am off to more to sew before my big show On October 8th..for all you local folks in my area, I hope you can is at the presidents hall at the fairgrounds on october 8th from is a breast cancer fundraisor and there are 96 vendors...and I am the only one with primitive crafts and such..I am syked...will let you know how it goes..hope you are all having a wonderful thursday..Take care..:)


  1. Oh isn't tucker so adorable with his sheepy! I LOVE the curtains, kitchen and diningroom, those are great! Love your whole house:)

  2. Shame on you for forgetting Whatcha Working on Wednesday! I checked all day yesterday off and on for it! This morning too!!!!!!!!! LOL I love your new curtains. Tucker is so cute with his sheep! My little angel, Bandit had a quilt that my youngest sister made for him.....even had his name embroidered on it. He had to take it with him when we went anywhere. They sure get attached to their blankies, ect. I love all your embroidery. I wish I lived close enough so I could attend your craft show.

  3. Love your curtains they do look just wonderful for fall! The pillow tucks are neat too!
    Buster has a stuffed dog that he shakes then barks at too.

  4. Nice things that you are making. I really hope that you do not come back with one thing. I am loving your curtains, & also the things that you have hung over your kitchen window!

  5. Love your curtains and your little
    pillow tucks....Wish I could come
    to your show, I will be flying into
    Portland on the 7th, but I will be
    going South...Good Luck with your
    show.... I know you will do good!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  6. Love the new kitchen curtains, Gina. We have black & tan Sturbridge curtains in the kitchen & family room. I was so bummed today ~ my CS didn't come & neither did my MG. Have a great week, sista.

  7. Gina ..Love the new Curtains ..Doesn't it always feel so good to change things up ..!!

    It seems the feeling of the same old thing after a while comes upon us and just changing up something as simple as the curtains puts a whole new feeling into the room and makes you feel like you got a whole new room !

    Hey Good luck on your upcoming show ..Hope it comes out well for you..

    Blessings ..Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  8. Gina,
    Great new curtains!! I change mine in my kitchen, but never have changed any of the other ones. Now you have given me an idea.
    Can't wait to see what kind of fabric you use on the backs of your pillow tucks.
    Hope your show is a great one!!

  9. Love the curtains!!! Love Tucker looking tuckered out!!! Oh you lucky duck to have your magazine....I can't believe how good you are not to flick through it. You are good!!!! xxxRobby

  10. What a difference those curtains make! I love Park Designs...they have the best stuff!
    I have never thought of changing out the window treatments for the change in seasons...but it makes perfect sense and looks fabulous!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Love the window treatments, girl!!
    LOVE your new blog look too...well, it may not be that new, I haven't been out-n-bout in a while...but I do like the black background!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Gina!

    Tucker is a cutie!

  12. Hey girl!
    It's me again ;)

    Ummmm...yes I do see leaves this time!!!
    wow-What's up with that? LOL...I could have sworn it was black this morning :)

    Have a great weekend.

  13. I love the fall curtains! They are so much warmer - perfect for this nesting time of year!!

  14. Hi there. I just found your blog and wanted to say I love your colors in the dininy room!! Very autumnal!! I love that word, don't you?!!? I look forward to catching up on all your old posts. God bless. :)

    ~ Wendy