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Saturday, September 19, 2009

It aLL StaRted On ThUrSday.....

So are you wondering what this is a picture of...Well I will tell you I had an unwanted visitor in my shower with me on thursday...turn around to get my shower gel and there is the huge freakin spider at the back of the tub trying not to get wet...and I am just staring at him so I can keep an eye on him and he starts to move...well I grabbed the toilet bowl cleaner caddy and popped him and then covered him up till I was done digging my nice hot shower...that sucker must have been the size of a quarter...makes my skin crawl just thinking about..just gave myself the chills...told my husband that I was taking a shower with someone else..;)
well it has been a busy couple of days..and I wanted to post each day..but just got wrapped up in life and my crafts saying one more..and here is it Saturday night...we finally picked our taters yesterday and they barely fit in that apple basket..I think this was our best harvest yet..and there is probably more still hiding from us..I also picked another zucchini on the left....gotta shred them up for breads..will last me the whole year..I also picked huge sweet tomatoes..the raccoon is leaving them alone thanks to the I have been enjoying tomato and mayonaise sandwichs and today was bacon with tomato...oh my gosh those are tasty..Tonight I am making clam chowder with our potatoes..great and easy recipe too..
here are the biggest of the taters..the one in the upper left is bigger then my hand...doesn't a baked potato and chili and sour cream with cheese on top sound good?
I baked this yummy and very easy dessert for thursdays church function..Recipe to follow..
See the mums in the back? I won those at church the other night..they look so good there...can mums stay inside? or do I need to put them out...If any one knows..please let me know..:)
forgot to show some of my other fall longaberger pumpkin will hold all the loot for the kids this halloween..
and my pumpkin up on the entertainment center..she looks like she is telling scary stories..:)
today in the midst of embroidering and coffee staining some doillies..I had a grand idea to change out my curtain on this old window that is in our bedroom..this is the before photo above
and this is the after photo..recognize the curtains..they came from the kitchen...iron em up and hung them...
I bought some cute little stamps (waiting on one more set) should be her monday..but I just couldn't wait to stamp some out on some stained tags..I love them...
still need to finish up this pillow...
made these little embroidery stocking ornaments..oh these were fun to do...
couple of little kittys that are embroidered..with little bells sewn onto the fronts..great little ornies to tuck here and there or put with a doll..
and last but not least..this is what I have been working on for 2 days...just finished them up tonight...I love these can't see it really well..but I put a little stick for the stem on all of them..little ornies to tuck here and there or put in a bowl with potpourri..if any one is interested in any of these items please let me know...well I am off to fix dinner... have a wonderful rest of your weekend..we got rain today..and we needed it..and it was nice to be inside sewing to my hearts content...:)

Quick and Easy Dessert
(Dump cake)
1 can crushed pineapple with juice
1 can cherry pie filling or apple
dump both cans in a 9x13 dish, mix together and spread out in the dish
sprinkle a white or yellow cake mix on top of the wet mixture
1-1/2 cubes of cold butter cut up in little pats put over the top of the cake
1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)
bake at 350 for 50 minutes.
serve with icecream or whip cream...I like it best served warm...Enjoy!!:)


  1. I got "stuck" teaching an apron making class for Super Saturday today, sugar!! That's it for 10 years now.....Sigh.......

    Yuuuuck!!!! spiders.....


  2. Holy smokes you have been busy!!!!! You are a sewing maniac!!!! xxxRobby

  3. When I was a kid my favorite garden chore was digging taters! How lucky you are to have an abundance!
    Speaking of your zucchini, I tried this recipe yesterday and it was a hit with Hubby, yum-yum!

  4. Gina,

    Yuck for the spider!!!
    You have some really great looking produce. A friend has share his harvest with us & I had the potatoes stuffed with hamburger/cheese/onion/tomatoe last night. Very filling.

    You have a been a very busy girl. Great stuff that you made!

  5. OH GINA~ I'm drooling again over pics of your home:) Everything looks so fall-ish and wonderful!!! We tend to get those big "wood" spiders inside in the fall months and I HATE them, I always hope Kiah will spot them and then she comes and tells me so I can suck it up at arms' length with the dirt devil:)I've found them before in the tub too, I think they're attracted to the damp places, UGH! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday:)

  6. the spider just wanted to be part of your halloween decor, boy you have been busy, everything looks so cute!

  7. Wow your blog made me so HUNGRY! I haven't got any fall decor out yet, it's still been in the 70's or 80'd here. I love all the stuff your are working on! Your home always looks so cozy! Wish I could just come lie around there with all those kitties! And you could feed me some of that great chow!

  8. Hi there. My goodness, you have been busy!!!! I absolutely LOVE the kitty ornies!! Everything you have been making is so wonderful!! Thank you so much for your message on my blog. I am fron New York ~ 20 miles north of Manhattan to be exact. Have a great rest of your Sunday!! I really need a day of rain around here to get lots done. Wanna send some this way?!!? :)

    ~ Wendy

  9. Love those hang tags you have done! That spider just didn't know what he was getting into when he got into your shower!!

  10. they are all done, i put a reserved listing on the "spooky" page of my shop for you
    if you decide you don't want them, let me know and i will take it down, have a wonderful sunday

  11. I think I had a cousin to your spider at my home on Friday. I was in the kitchen and when to move one of my cloth grocery bags and there was a huge spider on the handle. I immediately called my spider slayer (hubby) and he got rid of it.

    I love all of your crafts and things.

  12. Gina,
    Love the ornies that you did! Everything looks great!! I haven't done much...I fell down and am very sore. Hope to post tomorrow.