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Sunday, August 23, 2009

TeXtuRes On My Walk toDay

Beautiful glorious Sunday to you all!! we took a walk today and I had my camera in hand to snap some photos for you all..and then thought about doing textures of our home, walk etc..something different then the textures we have been seeing and enjoying...out tomatoes are finally ripening up and last night we had a caprese salad with our big beef steak tomatoes and our fresh basil..OH MY GOSH was it ever good...took us right back to living in Italy..we couldn't get enough of those and we haven't had anything since we have been back in 8 years..

so yesterday we headed to Costco and bought the mozzarella di bufala and it is the best stuff we have ever eaten aside from living in italy Naples to be exact and getting it fresh from the sourse..this is shipped here from if you all love mozzarella and have a costco this is the kind to buy..not the cows kind..add some great olive oil, salt and pepper and tomatoes, and basil..oh and you gotta have the parma is to die for and it capped our evening...:)

our hopps..they are getting so big and it won't be long probably in a month that we will be harvesting them..

this is my wonderful Friend Doreen and Harrys house..she is the one that gave me all the beautfiul plants that are in my yard..her yard is magical and a slice of I took some photos as we started our walk..they live about a block from us...

this is a little seating area underneath all the hydrangas and other beautiful flowers just to sit and take a rest and enjoy the beauty..
a big beautiful blooming bush of some sort in their yard..

this is their "back forty" as they call it.....more earthy and natural as they call it..the deer sometimes take up residency there..

a view as we were leaving to start our walk...

a chimney in the distance with a view of the water.

a beautiful these guys..
the leaves starting to change..fall is in the air I tell you..;)

a caboose birdhouse..

a view of our on to see the detail and the boat out at the end of it..

our little general the signs..

one more...

theres a bright yellow house at the end..;)

these sunflowers were dinner plate huge..wish I could have got a full on photo of that one..;)the leaves were huge too..

apples starting to ripen...

an old wonderful car that has definitely seen better days..the hubby wants it..:)

a beautiful farmhouse on the water..I love this place..

one of Doreens hydrangas on our way back..this bush is huge...:)

silly millies ear....:>)

Stanley Manly getting a love from the dad man..:)

and last but not least one of the 2 pumpkins in my garden that are starting to get their color..don'tcha just love it..I love the twist in the stem too...well I am off to get ready for church..have a wonderful rest of your day...taking the new car to church..I got to drive it yesterday for the first is so comfortable..but I still prefer the automatic...:)


  1. Oh my! What wonderful photos. I'm loving this quaint little town more and more each time I see more photos! your new look! I never know what your blog is going to look like when I come on here! And LOVE being winked at! LOL! ~~Annie

  2. Gina, thanks again for the tour. I just love the arch over the driveway! I just love your town. Have to visit someday. Great pumpkin! Jayne

  3. Gina, I thoroughly enjoyed my walk with you today! Thanks so much for the great pictures. It is SO beautiful where you live!

    Can't wait to watch that pumpkin change color!

    Have a great day!

  4. I'm smiling at your texture filled world. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  5. What a wonderful outside tour and textures. Love the pictures. thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey, chick, next time we come over that way we'll try to meet. We go 84 through Idaho and then through the Blues to Duvall, near Redmond. Are you on the way? I can't remember any more towns......OOOooooh, Monroe, Jack wants to go over to the "train" show they have next year I think.

  7. Love coming on walks with you Gina, you are my work out buddy, LOL!!! Your hopps look great, I LOVE that arch with the vines at Doreen and Harry's house, AND silly Millie's ear, LOL!!!!

  8. Hi Gina :)
    What a GREAT POST!! I loved your pics it was just like strolling along with you!

    Thanks for lettin us tag along ;)

    Hope ya had a great weekend.

  9. Gina,
    Great outside textures!! Loved all the photos! The area you live in is so wonderful!! You know if I ever make it out west again...I'm coming to visit you.
    I was so happy to see the pumpkin picture...cause that means that Fall is on its way!!
    hugs, Cindy

  10. Your walk is a beautiful slice of nature! What a comfort and joy to walk outside and see those sites. I loved your pumpkin as well!