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Saturday, August 22, 2009

SatUrDay FuNniEs...& MoRe PuRses FiNiSheD..

Hey there! well I finished up 4 more purses yesterday..and betcha can't guess which one is my favorite.. I love the green fabric on the left it brings out the eyes on this kitty... and on the right it says: Born to Shop!!! (I think that should have been my middle name)

on the left is the black hat society and on the right are sure to click on the photos to get better details of these...I still have 4 more to finish up and then start some more..I am having so much fun making these and making them all different as well...not sure what is on the agenda today..we got the new fence started (the old one was falling down) so making a new and improved one for the back yard..I am itching to go TS..but not today..Kimmy got back from her maybe next week..any way I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..and here are some cute saturday funnies for you..:)

this is me most sleep and hair all over the place..its not pretty either....:)

Carmen you will love this one...:)

this one looks like our gracie..queen of the kingdom..


  1. cute purses.........that looks tedious no?
    I've never made a purse, only market bags......

    have a great weekend too!
    thanks for coming by the farm this morning :)

  2. LOL! Those are TOO FUNNY Gina!!! That bird at the end is mighty scary looking, I think I'd keep my distance from him! Your purses are so pretty, hope your having a great weekend:)

  3. Oh Gosh you are doing such a beautiful job with your purses !! Such a great variety and wonderful designs !!!

    Oh Gosh the pst picts are too funny .,..that Goldie with mud is without a douby my maggie if she had mud she could get too ..and I so love that Bluebird ..that's a crack up !!

    have a great weekend ..Sara

  4. LOL - the bluebird one REALLY had me LOL!! Too funny!

  5. Gina,
    Love the funnies today!!

    Your purses are as cute as always, my friend!! Love them all!

    I will be senting you an email later with the things that needed fixed by me.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Gina, just wanted to say thanks for all your lovely sweet comments! You're so encouraging!

    ...and Robyn and I just howled at your colostomy story... just too funny!

    Have a great Sunday! Kimberly

  7. ...and your purses are FABULOUS!! Keep the eye candy coming!

  8. my gosh you whip those things out! I wish I could work that fast. Oh well such is life.
    These are cute and saved a few for hubbers.
    ThaNks Gina.
    Have a wonderful week.

  9. I love the "special kind of stupid" one! Oh, and the bags are nice too.


  10. You've out crafted yourself! Very cute and loved the funnies!