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Monday, August 24, 2009

MoRe TeXtuRes Of OuR WaLk & HoMe TaKe 2...

Welcome!!... todays walk and more textures along the way..I also took some of the inside of my home today as well...Enjoy!!!:)

don't know what type of melon is growing but the next photo is of the plant itself..

it is the entire garden..oh so pretty....

Tucker and girlfriend..she always seems to walk with us..:)

this is the great dane we spotted on our way way..he was huge...

Have a wonderful week everyone..I hope yours is starting off was nice and cool this morning..there was a briskness in the air..felt like the starting of fall..I love those types of and sunny...:)


  1. If I lived in your 'hood, I might actually go for a walk once in a while... but then again, that dog looks super huge (I thought it was a moose).

  2. Great Textures Gina - inside and out. If it ever cools off here, I was thinking of doing some outside too!

  3. Gina,
    I love textures take 2 just as such as #1.
    Tell Tucker that he has a very cute girl-friend!

  4. Thanks for the wander around, Gina. Great photos.

  5. Send some brisk mornings MY way. lol. Here in Arizona it's still wayyyy over 100 degrees. No end in sight. Love all the pics! ♥ niki