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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Walk on MonDay and WhaT I wiLL Be WoRkinG On For WeDneSday

Well I had camera in hand for Mondays walk and I had been wanting to get a photo of my friend Linda house for a while...I did get the gran tour about 2 months ago..and it is just fabulous..wish I had the camera then..but she recently had the "garden of the month" sign on her front landscaping and I can see why..she has only been her a little over a year and has done all the landscaping herself..and it looks wonderful..I love this house and the big front porch and all her flowers too..

infact this is one of them..I love the vibrant colors of these...don't you? didn't take any other photos except the two below as we always walk the same way and you have already seen those...

this is the playground at the clubhouse/community has a really neat indian was not finished when I had the camera last time..
okay do you see something wrong with this picture? if you said the flag is hanging upside down you would be right...this really displeases us as they "young" kids have no is putting down our country and what it stands for..sure there is a war out there and we may not like it or this is where we should stand tall and be proud we live here..although with the way government and this current president are going..we are going to be in a world of hurt if things don't "change" for the better...folks you need to have your voices be heard and stand up for what is right..not what they think is right...I don't even want to get started on what I think of our current administration..but I think they need to pull their heads out of their you know whats and start listening to what we want and have to say...and that stands for both partys..get a set and start fighting for us so we can get out of this flipping huge hole you have put us is a crazy example of the crazy state we live is illegal to gather rain water and keep get a huge fine if they find you are keeping rain is this just stupid or what.. another instance was a lady who's car was parked in her driveway and a cat was asleep on the hood..(not her cat) but the animal control was driving around and spotted this cat and gave her a ticket cause the cat was not licensed..she said the cat was not hers..but they said who's car is this? it was hers so she go the ticket and lost in the court case.. just some fine examples of our lovely government..come on don't we have better things to do then to nickle and dime us for everything?...okay off my soap box now..

I went to the hairdressers yesterday and 4 hours later..she was a newbie and wasn't quite sure how to handle my 3 color scheme..she did pretty good for her first time..but it could use some in 8 weeks will have it down pat....then off to Joanns to get some supplys for my purses and little credit card holders etc..I found some great zippers to use in some awesome colors..and look at that cute halloween it!!! some of it will be for dresses and purse linings..I also got some clear plastic for lining the credit card holders so you can flip it open and not have to take out your cards...I also got some breast cancer charms to add to the purse zippers when I make them and add to a doll or bracelet as well..and I got some cute halloween pom-poms to use on some dolls. purchased some more vinyl for the purses in pretty off white and light brown..I have so many designs swirling around my head to put on the fronts of these...they are super simple to make and I am having a I am going to make some more today....I also purchased some vinyl words after reading Carries will go in the living room. it says: May all who enter as guests, leave as friends. I will post that photo when I get them put up..
the weather the past two days has started off with a marine layer that makes it nice and cool in the mornings and kind of fall like then turns into a beautiful day out..not too hot or too cold..just right as the baby bear would say...going to a pot luck I think I am going to make that Rootbeer cake that Sue had listed..sounds so good..I could use a slice right now with a tall glass of milk..yum..I did however buy a 12 pack of root beer so I had a root beer float last night..I love them...reminds me of going to the A&W as a kid and having the food brought to your window on that tray...oh the food tasted so good to sit there and eat and drink your float..those were the days...on the last post with the milk container...they do still deliver milk and such the old fashioned uniforms and all and they are a great bunch of guys that do it....and they had promised me my crate for a it was a nice surprise..I should have them send me a photo of them in their uniforms..2 of them are looking for wives...:) have a wonderful wednesday everyone!!


  1. Gina, thanks for the walk, now I can not do any REAL exercise, lol! Love your friends' house and the flowers are gorgeous! Have a great day:)

  2. Hey girlfriend, you live in a weird state!! One thing we agree on is that we in the middle class are being squeezed dry -- and the Senate takes a month long vacation??? Geez!! Furball pics coming soon -- he is getting hairy again! But he's soooo sweet! Oh, and I love those flowers because they mean FALL IS COMING! Yipee!

  3. Gina,
    Love your friend's is beautiful and so are her flowers!!

    Looks like you got some great fabrics!! Can't wait to see them in the finished projects.


  4. Wonderful walk and yes, those laws are nuts. What we can't keep rain water? WHY? It is free from GOD for crying out loud and the state doesn't own it.

  5. What a gorgeous home your friend has! Thanks for taking us along for the walk.

    I agree that I'm fed up with all of our politicians and leaders and they need to listen to the people and do what's being asked! I don't see much of that happening these days!


  6. love your friends house and yard, love the fabric it reminds me that fall is just around the corner, my fav. time of year! yea!

  7. What beautiful flowers! I love admiring all the houses around here that have such pretty gardens, since I don't enjoy playing in the all lol! I tried in hawaii, but ended up killing all the flowers, so I guess I'll just stick to looking at others gardens!
    Love the halloween fabric! And the zippers...goodness I think there's something wrong with me when I spend 30 min in Joanns obsessing over all the colors of zippers. I'm afraid someday I'll have a closet dedicated to just zippers and buttons :)

  8. I love that house! How are the feet doing?

  9. Great pics darlin'!! Thanks for sharin'.
    I know an upside down flag was once considered a distress call. But I respect our flag too much to consider that now. (You know how I feel about our administration.)
    Ummm, so what is their explanation for why you can't collect rain water in your parts?

  10. Love the walk through the neighborhood! Were those Lilies? Don't get me started on the govt. Most of my friends on this side of the country are writing to our reps. about this healthcare bill. enough said! The A & W days are sweetly remembered by me. It was a treat for me as a kid to get a rootbeer. Thanks for the memories.