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Monday, August 3, 2009

LooK whAt I foUnd On thE frOnt PoRch ThIs MorNinG..

My friends and fellow church goers left me my milk box on my front porch this morning..they knew I wanted when Isaac was making the rounds this morning..he left me my milk box..I may use it as a place to put fresh cut flowers or just leave it as it looks so cute there..he also left a note for says: Gina
Happy late birthday!
Merry early Christmas!
Happy early Halloween!
enjoy. okay so I finally got your planter box..I hope you like it..Isaac & Pasquale "the Milkmen"

these guys actually where the white milkmen uniforms and hats etc..and are like the old time milk delivery is really cool and oh boy is their milk the best..even people that don't like milk love theirs...they are wonderful guys and what a wonderful surprise to get first thing in the morning...we are going for a morning walk...will take my camera and then doing a little puttering in the yard..doing some dead heading of plants that are done tidying up things a bit..if you haven't signed up for my giveaway please do so..on 2 posts before this have till saturday...have a wonderful week everyone..:)


  1. How sweet of them, that's a great box!!!!I was looking at your last post too, those hopps are awesome,they sure do add alot to your decor how they climb straight up, Love em'!!! Have a wonderful day Gina:)

  2. That milk box brings me such memories. (I am truly dating myself now!) I remember having one from Pevely Dairy on our front porch up until I was a teenager.

  3. That is great & really nice of them to do that!

  4. Gina, that is so neat they brought you that milk box! I have one of those too. Mine is inside with fabric and ribbon in it. Neat that you get home milk delivery! Jayne

  5. I didn't think they delivered milk anymore? How cool! I can remember those days! Love the milk box!

  6. Lucky you! All the ones now are bright white! What a great vintage box! ~~Annie

  7. we used to have a milkman when I was a kid. Mom used to eat the cream right off the top. YUCK! but the milk was good.
    Wonderful gift. Lucky girl

  8. Wow, what a great gift! Authentic from the milkmen themselves.

  9. You are looooooved, chickee!! How cute.......

  10. Wonderful gift left by wonderful people. Enjoy.

  11. That is a great thing to find on your porch in the morning....I usually just find the daily paper. What a sweet surprise, would have made my day.