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Sunday, August 2, 2009

ShOppe UpDatEs & GaRdEn GooDneSS...

Yesterday I was itching to do another felted this is what I is the design I used...

here is the finished product..I think she turne out really well considering the detail..she has rusty bells at the tips of her pointy shoes, she has a metal crow sewn on up by her head..and a rusty star that I jazzed up using Annie of glitter your worlds glitter in a festive halloween finish..I used a real pumpkin stem that has dried from last summer and tiny pinecones from our yard as well..I added fun polka-dots around the pumpkin for that touch of whimsy..:)

I finished up a purse I started on friday nite..I machine embroidered the salt box houses at the and the pumpkin are both on my selling blogs..

the fun polka-dot lining matches this purse ever so nicely..;)

this photo does not do the this purse justice with all the details and shading that are done..but these little purses are so much fun and easy to carry around..keeps you hand free..I have a bazillion designs I want to add to these purses including faux flowers for a 3-d effect along with machine embroidery..Kimmy gave me that idea...:)

Here are our hopps in full speed.this just had its flowers the other day and now it is getting its fruits so to speak...I do love the beauty they add to our home..

and look how big they have gotten..they are outta control..the one in front is the one with the fruits so far..the rest have their flowers...

my succulents are in bloom by the front porch..long and leggy on both ends..this one has the pink blooms the one in backI think will have white blooms...they are all loving the sun and heat we are getting.. not to mention the watering...that is Nap-a-pop sauntering by...:)

this is what hot babys do on hot days..hang out with the mama in her room with the fan and a/c cranked on...Millie is on the left and SunEbunny on the right..

Our artichokes are starting to bloom..they get this big beautiful purple bloom on them and since we didn't get to them in time to eat them..they will bloom yet again this year...pole beans are taking them over as well..and we have lots of beans to pick..I love going out to water and have a quick salad while I am out squash are coming pansys in the back yard are taking a beating..don't know if they will come back..too much heat for them I think..

this is a distance shot of the pumpkin plant that is growing up but that little table/stand and in the front you can see the pumpkin that is growing..that one pumpkin plant has taken over the entire garden..

there it is in its glory..I am just giddy with delight that I actually have pumpkins..

here is one that grew through the fencing and is growing on the brick...another one is growing along the brick as well..I think total we have about 5-6 pumpkins..and look at the stems...will use those next year in my also keeping the stocks and drying them as well to use in my creations..and the zuchinnis and squash as year we have a spot that we are going to plot just for the squash family..right in front of the kitchen window where the holly tree is...ripping out the plants and putting the squashes there...they need their own space..and I can watch them grow from the kitchen and my craft room...

here are our tomato plants..we have tomatoes on all six plants and only the cherries are getting red right now..we had our first ones last night..oh they were yummy...but look how big these have fact the whole plant fell over it was so top all the plants are tied down to no more mishaps...I think I see salsa in our future or grandmas chili sauce..(great on eggs) that is how Mike likes em...well I hope you have a glorious sunday..and if you haven't signed up yet for my giveaway..please do so...Oh do you like movies..I watched on that Tammy of country girl at home recommended it was called "though none go with me" was a great movie and had a great message...another one that I watched recently that I just LOVED!! was "Lost in Austin" if you loved pride and prejudice with Colin must see this is about 3 hours and is about a modern day girl that loves reading her Jane Austin novels and Loves Colin firth..I will not say anymore..but it was SOOOOOO good...a must see..well that is it for me..have a wonderful week ahead...:)


  1. What a fun idea to do with felting. I got some supplies, so I have been playing with them and practicing on different things.


  2. oh my word, that pumpkin and that purse are precious! Great work

  3. Another great felted pumpkin and embroidered purse!!


  4. I love these pumpkins! This is a very different craft, and I like it. Please enter me in your giveaway, as I would love to win!