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Thursday, August 6, 2009

WhaT I haVe BeeN WoRkInG On...

Hey there Everyone!!! thanks for stopping by my little piece of the world..;) yesterday I got out my vinyl letters and got them put do need a little bit of elbow grease to get them up..but I think its puuurrrffeecctt where they are...

they are in the livingroom and they fit that spot says:May all who enter as guests, leave as friends..

I also decided to heat up my wax to use my newest molds..I made a simplify candle that I need to grunge up or paint in the letters so they show up better..any suggestions on how to do either would be great..cause I know alot of you do these candles and would love expert opinions..and a black cauldron with black electric t lights and little brooms..either to attach to my dolls or add to potpourri as bowl fillers..I made some more before I shut things down for the night they are in the garage still..I also made a witch for hanging and a black cat..:)

and last but not least I made little business card/credit card holders out of that vinyl...I need to purchase the chain that they use for the military dog chains for the loops..can I get that stuff at the hardware stores? I tried on line but they want you to buy the whole dog chain..and I didn't search long enough either..

here is the inside one has the plastic vinyl so you can see whats there.. I also put money in them as well.they will go with the purses that I make...gotta decide if I am going to the potluck today or staying home and sewing...I have doctors appt tomorrow for my knee that I injured on the 4th of July and also for my feet..Sue has asked time and again and I never answer so here is your answer they still getting fit with orthodics...they hurt mostly if I have been standing for long periods of time..when I had my feet wrapped for those 2 feet felt I think I need the orthodics as the new shoes just need more to getting another referal as well...
another blogger asked about the flowers from yesterdays post..I believe they are some sort of sunflower..I love the colors that are in for the rainwater..don't know anything about the laws..hubby listens to talk radio and heard it and passed it onto me..but silly isn't it that we can't keep it..well that is it for me..I hope your thursday is a glorious one..our weather the past 3 days has been cool and overcast and then turns into a great day..we picked our pole beans last night and I picked another big zucchini and green bell pepper..this weekend the potatos are coming up...and the tomatoes are starting to redden up..eating them right off the vine..its like having a salad bar in your back yard..last night we harvested more lettuce and arugula for our chinese chicken salad is so gratifying to be able to do that and we shared some lettuce with our neighbors last night and the night before and we still have alot left over..we are also going to try a fall crop of lettuce and see what it does...the sunflower heads are starting to show more of them selves....I can't wait for those to bloom...okay be good!!! have a wonderful day..:)


  1. Love the vinyl words on your wall! It's been a long while since i made jewelry but I believe I got those kind of chains at Micheals. Also there are several websites that carry them for cheap if you do a search for dog tag chain. Hope that helps. Have a happy day!

  2. Your wall looks fantastic! Where did you get your molds? I am about to do a craft show, & was thinking of some wax objects! Thanks for letting me know what kind of flower that was. How nice to go outside your door & then eat it. All that hard work paid off!

  3. Gina,
    You vinyl words look great on the wall!!...and a very cute card holder!!
    Hope everything goes well at the doctor appointments.
    hugs, Cindy
    p.s. Sent you an email back.

  4. I love those vinyl words. I have a few in my home, and I love that they are not permanent and do not mar up the walls.
    You are now into candle making? Do your talents never cease! LOL
    Your garden goodies sound wonderful...nothing is better than fresh veggies!
    Hope your legs are feeling better soon, probably hurt due to too much shopping! LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the mural! I want to come hang out at our house...the garden and the greenery! This city life suks balls. lol