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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WhaTchA woRkiN oN WedNeSday...

Hey There!!! just a quick update on what I have been working on..getting ready and loaded up for a show this friday - sunday...been doing the last minute cramming...I work better under pressure I guess..I purchased this fabric the other night at Joanns for the animal beds and these for doggys..I love the plaid with the little paws..
I used that plaid fabric and made a blanket for the basket with a red/black trim on to see up close..I didn't like the covers that came with the basket and so I came up with this..

I love the way this one turned out...I used brown pom-poms around this edging...I love the embroidery of the kitty..It says every day is Purrfect!..

the backside of it..I just love that fabric..I also got these at Joanns last year..
well my wee witches didn't sell on they are going to the show and are being sold seperately..I added little vial bottles to each of holds their magic potions in it..the big ones have buttery vanilla scent in them and are eye dropper type lids..

while the smaller witches have really small bottles with corks and theirs is filled with "jack O Lantern" scent..I think this just added to them..

I am making a Huge laundry thing with my homemade soap and washboard, little laundry basket with the letters "laundry" in it along with a laundry bag shaped like a little dress..(still need to make it..will display it when it is all done..but I made these 3 little samplers and painted the frames and stained them and added the little stuff to the fronts for this as well..It will be a whole set up to decorate a laundry room..

here they are all close ups..I think they turned out so cute..I embroidered them onto 100% wool felt..I love working with that stuff..

last but not least..I made these little magnet note holders with my machine..I have puppy and kitty note pad holders..still need to make 3 more..This one says" my husband said him or the cat...sure will miss him..
Okay I have the truck loaded and head out to unload it tonight at 4pm and tomorrow my best friend Kimmy will help me load up the rest for tomorrows set up and she is going to help me set up for a bit..and then its show time...wish me luck..its been a dry spell here..and I could use the money...This is also a garage sale have lots to set up..and lots of pricing to do...have a wonderful wednesday!!!:)


  1. Oh, I thought you were talking about Christmas show, had no idea it was this soon, no wonder your cramming! Good luck, hope you sell out!

  2. Good luck, I hope you come home empty handed and pockets full of $$$$

    hugs, Linda

  3. you got some great goodies. ya know , i think the witches would look super cool and more prim without the red mouths.........
    (just my opinion thrown in there):)
    i wouldnt mind having one sitting on my shelf if some stupid and crazy ( for not buying them) person doesnt buy them at the sale.
    (hint, hint)
    best wishes and good luck!!
    let us know how it goes.

  4. well you have been a busy girl. I didn't think your show was so soon? I guess I didn't read that part right.
    Have a wonderful sell girl. I am sure you will do just fine. Neat items and lots of useful stuff as well.
    have a good one.

  5. Wow you are so talented, way to go and good luck, Peg has given me the site before but oh well lost it, now I can watch you grow, very impressive, except the witches, ugh, not for me. lol Good show!

  6. Gina,
    Hope you have a great show!! Your pet beds are wonderful!...not sure how it is out there, but here people go crazy for items like that. Hope you sell out!! Best Wishes and Have A Fun Time!! Wish I could come...I love shows!

  7. Good luck Gina.....will find out how you got on when I get home. xxxRobby

  8. Good luck Gina you're sure to have a great time and lots of customers. I love the pet beds. I've got some fabric in my Ebay shop that you might like, it has dogs on and would look great for your dog beds. Pam xx

  9. Have a great show!!! Your creations are wonderful.

  10. Your pet beds are cute. My mom had a couple embroidery machines. She had papillion dogs and sewed beds for one of the high up Pap people. She was always making me stuff with it. Prim pillows and towels. She passed away last year. I now have 2 machines that I am trying to sell. I keep thinking I might give one a try. Your stuff is great! It should sell like hot cakes! Jayne