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Sunday, July 12, 2009

FaRmerS MaRkEt, AnTiqUinG, PupPys and KiTTehs..

Hey there Folks well did we have a great day yesterday...the Weather was beautiful..alittle hot but doable..but todays weather..last night we got a thunder show and some lightening and then the rains hit..but we have needed to rain to give the lawns a good was nice to listen to the is much cooler like 61 86 yesterday to 61 today..that is a huge is overcast and feels so much like fall...So off to the market yesterday..(these are out of sorry..I ordered these little vials to use as necklaces around my dolls necks..witches necks with little potion labels that I purchased from a gal on Etsy..I can't wait to get these..that littlest bottle is tiny too..only an inch tall....

we also went to another place yesterday that I wish I had my camera as it is the quaintest place ever..reminds me of back east..great little town...they were having dog agilitys runs there with aussies and other mixed breeds so we wanted to check it out and see about maybe getting Tucker in it..he would be so good at it..he was the only mini aussie there..and there were some cute this town they have antique stores and I found this lamp there yesterday..fits in my kitchen ever so "electric Sex" is only coming out at christmas time from now on...:)
AT the market I got these..they are called garlic scapes..have you heard of these..they look like green onions on the ends and taste like garlic...I love we made chinese chicken salad and I added these in place of green onions..oh are they don't use the bulbus ends..I want to add this to a stir fry..yummm!!!

just a photo of the "Garden gone Wild"...hey that could be a new video..Gardens gone trimmed out the stuff that went to see last night and picked our "dinner" last night..the garden can breathe again...I love walking through and seeing how many of what we have...the one pumpkin that we originally had popped off and died...I am so bummed..there are about 3 more..but I don't know how big they will get..keeping my fingers crossed on this I want pumpkins...after the market we came home and let the kids out to romp and we took our butts and parked it on the chairs with our Arnold Palmers (that is lemonade mixed with Ice tea) oh they are good...and refreshing too...and we sat and talked and reminsced about being kids etc...

Pody enjoying her time out..she loves it out here..see that space behind her..she crawls under and lays there for a bit..Oh I love that little girl..

Jasmine the next door neighbors dog came over to play with Tucker..He just loves Jasmine..they play and play and well were each other and us out...but they have so much fun together..this is Mike piling on Jasmine...

and then Tucker gets in on it...what goobs...

He loves to chew on her ears...

He was teasing her with his you see her trying to take it from him..

they look like they are kissing..and she gets it from him like this every time and runs off...nice to have someone for Tucker to play with...they love each other...Well I am off to make a repeat of last weeks breakfast and then off for a walk..will have my camera in I can take some photos..I hope you all have a wonderful day...:)


  1. I love that lamp, how perfect! We too got a storm last night with some much needed rain, also had a wicked lightening show, my old tree in front got hit but I think it will ok. I hope? I wish it was 61 here!

  2. Love the lamp! Looks great in teh kitchen. We too had a storm in the east , that done some damage. Love seeing the family pictures.Hope that your feet are feeling better??

  3. Very cool lamp. I love watching the aussies in trials. He has grown so much. I will have a mini aussie next I do believe. But not until One of mine is gone. Only want 2 at a time.
    Have a great week and the garden looks wonderful.

  4. What a cute lamp - very cottagey vintage looking!! That would look great in my mom's home.

    We had horrid storms the other night as well. Several places were hit by lightening. Seems the weather everywhere is crazy!!

  5. Cute lamp! I've never heard of those garlic scapes before, they sound good tho. Looks like Tucker and Jasmine are best doggie buds:)Hope you have a lovely day!!!!

  6. I've never heard of that garlic stuff! I love garlic too but it doesn't love me back.
    Its cooled right off here too. That daggum global warmin'. :> )
    Its so much fun to watch the pups play, isn't it?!
    I LOVE that lamp too! Not sure what "electric sex" means and I'm not sure I really want to know anyway! :> )
    Have a great week darlin'!

  7. Your garden HAS gone wild! Should be getting some good stuff outta there! Looks like you can have a THIRD show..."Dogs Gone Wild"! LOL! Have a good one...! ~~Annie

  8. Gina,
    Love the lamp you got for your kitchen!! It's perfect!!!
    Sending you an email here in a bit.