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Thursday, July 9, 2009

DoCtoRs, GiFt sHoW, ShOppInG, & KiTTys...

Hey there everyone!! I thought I would post a few photos of my little sister and her family..(the first picture you all see when my blog is done would have been my feet..and no one needs to have those starin at them..but oh yes you will see them..and they are not pretty..:)
any who my little sister just celebrated her 44th birthday on July 7th and hopefully she will be getting my package by the end of the week..I know she is going to love everything she is getting...This is her husband Kurt and her 2 boys, Ryan 5 and Scottie 11..Ryan starts school this fall..

here they are with a birthday cake that their mom made you know this character? cause I am out of the loop on kids shows..Scottie just loves to torment his little brother..and little brother is starting to fight back now..oh she has her hands full with those 2...but they are great kids..I am hoping they come and see me this month..I am keeping my fingers crossed..:)okay now be prepared for the FEET...

I told you in my last post that I was going to the podiatrist for my planter facititis..and I indeed have in both feet..which is not that they wrapped my feet to simulate what it feels like to have good support and I must say my feet did feel better but I certainly didn't sleep well last night for some reason and it was my not sure whats up with that..I am taking this bandaging off tomorrow..but they sent me to buy new "support" off I went and got 2 pairs a good running shoe as they are sturdier and heavier and will give my feet better support..
then I bought a nice dress shoe to wear to church and out and about...Oh and I could definitely use a pedicure..I really do...if you have never had one you must...they are the cats meow!!! you will certainly feel pampered...:)

I couldn't believe how comfortable they are...and I am supposed to wear shoes in the house now as it is better for my feet to have I am currently wearing these sandels..I don't wear shoes in the house so this just feels weird to me..slippers in the winter but not shoes..The price tag for these babies was $139.00 and they have a removeable insert that I can easily replace and these will last me a long time..I hated paying this much for shoes..but if it means no surgery and my foot pain goes away....then so be it..I have had foot pain for years and this PF since January..

here is the running shoes..I love them..they are wide all the way around the shoe..which is good for someone with no arch and flat will balance the space/weight ratio better in my feet versus the narrower ones that would have my feet spilling over the inner sides...These were $100.00...I can't wait to go walking to see if they actually help my feet as I love walking but walking usually causes me foot pain for a couple of if the pain doesn't go away..then they fit me with orthodics..and then last resort surgery...I have some stretches to need to get in the practice of stretching..which I do not do..and I need to lose weight..I knew that one..but it has probably caused alot of my foot time to start and feel better all the way around...cause I ain't getting any younger and I want to feel good and should feel good at 46..not like I am 76...and I will need surgery down the road cause now My bladder is falling and they told me it would in about 10 years after having my hysterectomy..but it has only been 5 I need to make an appt for the docs to get a pessary now..oh the joys..I tell now I go to the bathroom about every 2-3 hours now..hate that at night when trying to sleep..gone are the days of iron bladder where I could hold it for 8 hours..and I know some of you know what I am talking about..:)

see how wide they are..and comfy too..

Okay before my doctors appt. I had to pick up med refills and stopped by my best friend Kimmys house for a visit..since I haven't seen her in two weeks..she was painting her bedroom a dark browny/green color..I can't wait to see it all done..she only had the one coat on...but in her kitchen she had this adorable tablecloth..which I knew she had was so flipping cute..that I had to take a photo to share with you all..she machine appliqued the flowers around the outter edge and added ric-rack randomly and serged the chicken squares together..she had a term it wasn't serging..but you get the point..she mitred the black/polka-dot fabric and it just looks so cute on her table..

she also did this pillow..took some red/white ticking and machine embroidered an americana scene on the front and stitched the blue fabric with a machine blanket stitch over it..I am soooo going to make some of these..I love them...pretty simple and easy...

I stopped at Joanns...does this surprise any of you? I didn't think so..I stopped to get some posterboard for more patterns that I have..and some bobbin thread and paint..and I ended up with fabric..all fall colored..they are getting their fall line in..OH I love the fall colors..these will go on dolls for their dressed...and I got some paint brushes for stenciling. and a seam ripper for my stitcherys when I am at the couch watching tv...and I got some more aida cloth for my stitcherys..

I also got this cute screwdriver set just for us gals..and it was on clearance..and it that.

only $4.97... not bad eh?

I also ordered some Flax from Sue to use on my primitive dolls etc..I can't wait to use it...

while I was sitting at my computer last night..this is what I saw..Silly Millie on top of my machine just as comfortable as she can be..she has never done this before...

this was yesterday morning...well that is it for me today.I have a million and one things I need to get done in the crafting part of my day..but where to start..Oh and I have decided to do the gift show in December...I loved doing the 2 years I did it before and I will be at the same place I was the first time in a big horse barn...and I am the only one with Primitives there out of at least 300 vendors or I have the corner on the market...and my stuff fits so good there in that barn..and You can bet I will be taking photos...:) have a wonderful rest of your day...:)


  1. My oh My, can silly Millie get ANY sillier??? I love the new shoes, the sandals are really cute and look so comfy, I hope you will get some relief:)

  2. This is Stephanie and Joanns! I love seeing you there and I'm so sorry to hear about your feet! What an awful thing to have to go through!
    Those shoes are adoreable though. My goodness! I love the sandals.
    I love your Silly Millie. I can't wait until I get some kitties to sit on top of my sewing machine (and probably my computer too).
    Hopefully I'll see you soon, and I'll for sure (!!!) leave a note if I get a new job. Hopefully a wonderful crafty job!

  3. Err. That was supposed to read "Stephanie AT Joann's". My husbands brother showed up and I had to type quickly...
    Oh well. Edit made.

  4. You got me laughing so hard with "foot problems" and bladder falling because I KNOW exactly what you mean, honey!!! My heel is killing me tonight so I took some ibuprofen while Jack is at a priesthood meeting. I may have to go back to the dreaded podiatrist also. Uuuuuuugh.....

  5. Hi Gina,
    Sorry to hear that you have joined my world of feet problems. I have the exact same thing...and I had to get orthodics for my shoes. I also have to wear shoes inside the house...but I'm bad sometimes and don't put them on or at least until my feet start to hurt. Do those excerises cause they will help.
    Silly Millie is just too cute!! Just think if you could teach her to sew since she likes your machine so much...of how many more primitive crafts you could get made for your craft show!!
    Hope your feet start to feel better soon.

  6.'s Patrick out of Sponge Bob Square Pants. xxxRobby

  7. Even your cats sew, huh! Too cute! Hope your feet feel better soon, I can relate and I'm going shoe shopping soon! Gonna miss the crocs, they are my garden buddies! :( Love the tablecloth too and can't wait to see what you make for the show!

  8. UGH- I feel for both of your problems. I developed planter facititis after being in a cast for 12 weeks many years ago. I had PT and then started wearing Clarks clogs and sandals almost exclusively and what a difference the support made when I was working at school. I live in them now!

    I was never told I would have a dropped bladder after my hysto 25 years ago but I too can't go all night anymore. The joys of aging!!

    I hope the new shoes make a shuge difference!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Hi Gina, so sorry to hear about your medical problems and I hope your feet will soon be back in working order because I shall be looking forward to more photos that you take on your walks. Love the one of silly Millie, she really is a beautiful cat.
    Hope you both have a great weekend. Pam xx

  10. Oh my goodness girl, I just pray good health over you.So sorry about your feet. Those tennie's are pretty sharp though. Love the sandals too. Millie is just to cute on teh sewing machine.

  11. Jeez girl, you are falling apart! lol
    It has to be weird wearing shoes in the house. They need to make them in slippers and flip flops.

    Love the kitty pics, as always.

  12. Hi those beautiful feet! lol! Hope they start feeling better soon. I know that's no fun!

    Thanks for the reminder about the 25th. Keep reminding me please! :) And I want to come see your show in December!

    I think your silly Millie and my Harley boy would make a great pair! ~~Annie