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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WhaTchA woRkiN oN WedNeSday...

Hey there and welcome to "whatcha working on wednesday"..I am still trying to finish the other checkerboard stitchery..but started a new one in the mean time..I started this on sunday night and it is coming along nicely..I have 3 words left to do then onto the witches boot...I am stitching this onto 18 count oatmeal with 2 that count is small..I can only imagine the 32 count..I need bifocials as it

I was cleaning our bedding on Monday and walked back in my room to find Silly Millie all snuggled in on the bedding that remained on the floor..all cute and cozy..

now she knows she is being photographed and is posing for me..:)

we love holding her as she is our little one and she fits for nicely in our arms...
Well today I have an appt with the foot Doc and hoping he can help me with my foot pain I have had since is plantar Facititis..need to wear better heel supports versus the crocks...then some running around and home..hopefully going to see my best friend Kimmy....our visits have been to far in between and I miss hanging out with her..course it has been better on my budget cause when we get together we are dangerous..

Okay I have a question..I am wanting to do another show one that I have done for 2 years..but with our economy the way that it is ..not is in December 4-6th and it is 45 dollars to do it..which is great..but then they take 20% of your commission on top of is a good money maker when the weather cooperates. but as I said with the economy should I do it...guess I am not really out anything but my hard work and thing is the huge commission they take out..and I may have to lower my prices to boot to get anything to sell..
Okay have a wonderful day....:)


  1. LOL...I can see why you call her SILLY Millie, what a pose! My best friend has plantar fascitis and she has alot of grief, yes, shoes are important, her Dr. stressed wearing good quality walking shoes. Good luck with your DR. About the show, I think 20% isn't too awful bad, they take 30% at the craft store where I sell. I think even with the bad economy, people are still gonna buy for Christmas:) Good luck whatever you decide!

  2. Gee, my feet have been bothering me since summer began, mainly my heals and I too wear crocs, I wonder if that is the cause? I've heard they are good for your feet though? Let me know what the doctor says! Not sure what to tell you about the sale, kinda high stakes?

  3. Sorry to hear about yor feet. I hope that everything works out for you. Keds are wonderful for me. Family pic is just too cute!!!!
    The craft sale; people are gonna buy for Christmas, but I understand all the time that goes into every project.

  4. Man, I'm sorry to hear about your plantar facititis. :> (
    I've heard crocks, clogs, mules or flip flops are bad for your feet.
    I always wear a quality pair of sneaks. Makes my feet feel like buttah... :> )
    Besides, if I wore anythin' without a (shoe) back, I'd snap an ankle for sure.
    Millie is a furry lil' doll!!
    As far as the show goes, I haven't a clue. But why not give it a shot. :> )

  5. Hey your silly Millie! And can't wait to see your stitchery when it's finished!

    Had that foot problem many years ago. It eventually went away on it's own. Had to have those plastic inserts made for my shoes...even though I hardly ever wore them. Hope it gets better for fun at all! ~~Annie

  6. I hope you can make a decision about your craft shoe that makes you happy. Dianntha

  7. Gina,
    Millie looks like my Bootsie but she doesn't like to be held at all.

    On the show, follow your gut. I didn't listen to mine and wish I had. I do agree with Carmen though, Christmas is a sure time people are buying.
    Have a wonderful week and Lucky you, you can go see your V.B.F. I wish mine was close enough to visit. I miss her so.
    We will get together soon I hope.
    Have a wonderful day.

  8. We often comment that we wish we had our cat's life....she makes me sleep sometimes just watching her and the positions she can sleep in and just how content and happy she looks there! Millie is so cute!

    Hope your foot problem gets worked out...that's no fun!


  9. Hi Gina~ In response to your question, I get all my molds from, she has SO many to choose from and her prices are the best I've found:)

  10. That silly Millie cracked me up. Also, I love your gate on your blog header. How cool is that!?!

    Keep on a stitchin.

  11. Cute kitty!

    I sure hope sooner than later this economy picks up! My first show this year was a little better than last year so I was real excited about that! My next one is on Saturday so we shall see what happens with it.
    Thank goodness the shows I do I get to keep all the sales! That 20% wouldn't be fun to pay! Ouch!

    Hope you get your foot fixed up!

    Good luck with deciding on doing the show or not!

  12. Your cross stitch is coming along quite well. I love looking at it but I don't know how you girls do it. I'm so picky and cautious with stitcheries and all I have to do is follow a line. I can't imagine trying to figure out where to put each stitch! It would drive me batty, I think! LOL

    The craft show....what does your heart say to do? I think everyone takes risks when they sign up for these things but you do what you feel is right and whatever happens, happens...

    Have a great day :)