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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It'S My LiFe....

I am participating in the "It's my life along with Rondell and tattered threads and Nancy..I think this is a great way to get to know here goes..:)

1. What did your home look like? Was is a house or an apartment? What color was it? Was it one story or two? our house was/is a brick two story house with kitchen, living room 1-1/2 baths and 3 bedrooms upstairs, big basement down stairs with the laundry room, dads work shop, and two bedrooms..My mom still lives there currently..

2. What was your neighborhood like? our neighborhood was a long street of houses that all look the know the kind where one builder buys all the lots and builds maybe 2-3 different style homes..

3. Did you have a lawn? Did you have flower beds? Did you have a garden? Did you help care for the flowers or garden? we had lawn and I mowed it for $5.00 a week..part of my dad would mow the edges for me..then I would take over..we had lots of flowers. a snowball bush and my favorite a lilac bush..I want one to this I would cut the flowers to put on the kitchen table...we also had a nectarine tree and plum tree..and it was so nice to be able to pick one and eat it on the spot..they are no longer there..we did not have a veggie garden that I dad was the chief waterer...I get it from him too..I love to water and just day dream...

4. Did you have a front stoop or porch? we used to just have a stoop when we were young and when I was a teen my BIL built a front porch and it had a railing and a little we can go out (when I go back to visit) and sit on the porch and gossip about the neighbors etc...

I hope you all enjoyed your visit..I have to get ready for the hairdressers..getting the back of my hair cut...then coming home to water and get some crafting done...I hope... have a wonderful tuesday..:)


  1. How cool your mom still lives there!!

    Today was my haircut day too. I hope yours came out better than mine!

    hugs, Linda

  2. I have catching up with you....I love your little red barn! Your yard is looking great! Beth