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Thursday, July 16, 2009

More StuFF to TaKe to ThE sHoW...

Good Evening everyone! I am posting now cause this is the first free moment I have had all day..I got all my stuff put out and ready to go for tomorrows big show..It starts at 10 am so gotta be there by won't have any time to post..I will take photos of all of my stuff tomorrow and everyone elses too..I am buying the cutest picnic table ever and it will go on our deck..I am just giddy with delight..I get it after the show as they are using it as on is mine...:) there is alot of fun stuff there..I am so surprised that I got all of my stuff there..I did forget one it is going with me tomorrow...its my dolls..Here is the laundry sampler that I put together..the above 3 framed stitcherys and what you see also above..the above photo isn't quite finished but below you will see the cute little stitchery clothes on the washboard..I just finished those tonight...

here is a close up of the hanger I made for the clothespin is out of a stick and rusty wire...

here is the display with the clothes on the washboard plus the 3 samplers..what a great house warming gift this would be..or for some one that needs to decorate their laundry room...

I made these little note holders that have a magnet on the back..for all of your animal lovers...the picture is bright..thats what happens when you are too close...

and last but not least a little pillow says "Military Families are the heart of america!! and I scented smells yummy..I just did that one tonight too..I have so many other things that I wanted to get done..but its a I want to sit and cram for the next show in October..gotta make some halloween dolls and pillows and stitcherys etc..then onto christmas glad I am starting early...or I will never get done..I am also going to make some great americana stump type dolls and if the animal beds sell will make more of those too..well this kid is was a hot one today..about 80 degrees and it going to be warm again tomorrow...cooling off for the weekend into the 70's more my speed..I will keep you posted..wish me luck...I don't want to bring any of it home...;)have a wonderful friday and a great weekend..:)


  1. Good luck Gina. I love the clothespin bag and the cat signs. Pam xx

  2. What great stitcheries!
    I love the idea of using childrens blocks to spell out words on the frame! Pure Genius!!!!
    I know I have said this many many times before, but it is so true...You are so very talented.
    Have a fun and successful weekend!

  3. Where do you sell these darling things, honey? Are any available on line somewhere?

  4. It all looks great Gina, you will do good! Love the clothspin bag too! Can't wait to hear how you did! Good luck!

  5. What awesome goodies you have there, good luck at the show and can't wait to see your new table;)

  6. Gina,
    What wonderful things you are taking to the show. Wishing you the best of luck ~ I hope you sell out. Can't wait to see your new table.

  7. Hope you sell out Gina, you have sweet things to sell! Have a great show and most of all a fun time!

  8. Good Luck! You have some adorable things! I love the clothespin bag--it reminds me of my youth and helping my mom hang the wash on the line.

  9. I hope you sell out! Your creations are beautiful.


  10. Hi Gina,
    Love everything you have made for this show...I hope you sell out of everything!!
    Wish I could send our weather to in Ohio, it is cool with a light wind...feels like a fall day.
    Have a great and fun weekend at your show.
    hugs, Cindy

  11. Looks like you'll have a beautiful day for the show! Today was a scorcher! Good luck...hope you sell out! ~~Annie

  12. My best to you girl! You have made some great stuff. May you sell everything!

  13. Oooh, I love that clothespin bag! Heck, I'm sure you sold out of everythin', so you'd better get crackin' for your next show.
    I had a vanilla dipped in chocolate. (Soft serve of course!) Got more of it on me than in. Its melts so daggum fast! :> )

  14. Hey Gina,

    I hope it went well for you! You have some cute things there!

    It was cooler here too....felt almost like fall!

    Have a great week, my friend!