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Monday, July 20, 2009

GoiNg To MaRkeT...

Well it has been a long three days..but I had so much fun at our "market" that we did..the weather was gorgeous..the food was great and so was the company!! I love crafting but I love being at the shows and mingling with the other vendors and the guests that stop by the booths..Grab something to eat cause I have lots to tell you and lots of eye candy in store too..The photo above is of our lovely hostess with the mostest and her lovely and very pregnant Daughter Nell..Carolee has been in business for at least 30 years I think it is now..and last year was the first year for this Market..she does one in May and July and then she is regularly open the friday-Sun schedule the weekend after thanksgiving..she and her Husband Bob travel all over the united states in search of treasure..and oh the treasures they bring back for us!!..This is my most favorite place to shop..cause you know it is all very unique and OOAK...she also makes stuff from things that she finds and her home is filled up with yummy is just so warm and inviting...Well Nell is having her baby this wednesday..she is scheduled for the C-section...this is going to be her second and it is a girl too...she is just a sweet heart and I couldn't keep my hands off of her tummy..she just looked so cute in her little summer dresses each day..and she catered our lunch on sunday...yummo!..torelinni salad with basil...we had panninis on saturday and enchiladas on friday...WE all brought cakes and cookies there was a nice feast for one left me..:)

Okay here is my booth all set up in the shade....

more stuff...

and yet more..I sold 9 of my dolls and the rest was garage sell type items..I did pretty well..made $423.95 for the 3 days..more then what I walked in with..and the commission was all mine..The little gal with the mask sold to another vendor..she also bought my "hit the road Jack" canvas, it was for her 8 year old grandson named Jack as they always sing the song to that was pretty sweet..

more of my items hanging up..

Oh I fell in Love with these two ladys..they are best friends and I just had the best time getting to know these beautiful gals..Karen is on your left and Nora is on the right..Karen bought two of my dolls along with one of my room sprays...Oh Kimmy and I would love to hang out with these two..we could get in to some serious trouble with these two...

Here are some things I bought at the show..Miss Anne had the cutest stuff ever! and everyone was walking around and wearing one of her wonderful creations!!! I bought the cute little purse that goes over your shoulder across your chest for my shows to hold my money etc..I also bought the cute little business card holder too..and she had jewelry...Oooohh I love jewelry..but hers is so unique and I love unique..I bought my self some earrings..not shown here, but i got my MIL some earrings and I got Kimmy her birthday present as well..also not shown her as she reads my blog..I bought myself a hairpin that says "silly girl" on it..I know...Me shoppe name is "chickie poo..and it is sewn onto her creations...she mad all sorts of will see them below

MIL earrings and my pin..

I whipped these up friday night..some flour sack towels, machine embroidered...these sold to a vendor for her friends and family

this one too..

This is Leanne and her Shanghi Treasures..they live in China and have for the last 2 years and are leaving again next month for another year..but she brought some wonderful goodies to sell from there as well as her own things..we had so much fun..she was out with me..she brought her cute little daughter Margaret with her..what a cutie she was..we did some to barter..its my second middle name..first is shopping, 2nd is

Here she is modeling the latest fashions...I believe this was Bobs..
Here were some wonderful gals selling the most yummy treats for folks and their puppys..along with their mom selling her stuff..we also will see it at the end..they had the best lemonade ever..and were a bunch of wonderful gals to talk to..
Here is bobs stuff all the stuff guys and tent (blue) is next store..

This is the entrance to Carolees and her garden to the left..I never tire of looking at her garden...she has it so cute and is so whimsical..I truly get inspired when I look at her garden..

all the little cups and saucers are for sale too..don't you love that sunflower..I showed you this in May at the last show she did..

Here is Raejean manning the station for Carolee..she helps her with all of her shows and we are neighbors too...hop skip and a jump from each other..and I love her I just got to see the inside...hint hint!!! RaeJean....see the table she is sitting at? that is my new picnic table..I pick it up today..I am so will go on the back deck..OH I can hardly stand it..I want to go and pick it will see the two benches too..they used them as displays..

Carolee had a "green" theme going on..and I love it...

more green...

I wanted this decons bench..and it would certainly look great on our back porch if it was inclosed..she is getting 2 more when they take their trip in September to Nebraska..look at all the wonderful linens..LOVE EM!!!

Her Kitchen I love red..and this was done up so nicely...
look at all the quilts and fronts of quilts..pillows...blankies etc..I could curl up on this little day bed and take a snooze...

Meet the man that makes the most wonderful creations out of steel and such..His name is Dick Strom of Bapatoms Metal is his website. I told him about the metal wagon wheels that I have in the front of my house..I told him I might trade one for one of his creations..will see..I love his sunflowers..

aren't these just fabulous!!!

great wagon wheel for fall..heck all year round..

I think this was everyones favorite..old horseshoes all welded mad the neatest flower..

a better sold on Saturday night...oh I would have loved that one...I just love the dimension of it..

This great gal Nan, she bought my dolls and canvas and some bowls from me..this is her set up..kind of a 40's theme and it was decorated beautifully too..she certainly has an eye for it..and I so enjoyed meeting her too..she is a sweet lady...

loved her stuff too...

I loved this photo..

Okay onto some more eye candy..This is Miss Carries stuff..oh I love the fabrics she chose for these yummy cupcakde pin cushions...they were wonderful..and don't you love how they were displayed?

you want to take a bit don't you....

more of Miss Anne's purses and pins..

I loved their displays..oh you can see the picnic bench peeking out...

more of those earing..the ones on the lower right are just like the ones I em..

Here is monique displaying the things they sale..I don't remember what they are called..but you wear them as dresses or skirts or as a puppy holder..that is Gigi..isn't she adorable?

This is her mom and their other puppy...can't remember his name..In the white is Miss Carrie..with the cute cupcakes etc..I didn't get a photo of Miss Diana..she had purses and vintage toys and furniture...her stuff was just as wonderful..and I wish my middle name had been "money bags" cause I loved all of their stuff..

Here is Monique teaching us how to hoola hoop? did I tell you I sucketh at it..Monique and her mom are from South Africa and they were alot of fun as well...

after the show on saturday night..there was another one going naturally we had to stop by and take a peek..very nice stuff..but oh so highly priced...but see that 3 tierd shelf like box in the center? I wanted it..but couldn't afford the price I took pictures in hopes that Mike could make me one..well that gal came to our show yesterday and we bartered for it..and I must say..I am sooooo I am taking this to my shows for my displays...I am one happy camper..

these are some more things I bartered for..I traded one of my ice skates for these two burma shave jars and that coffee cup for DH and the enamelware pictchur shown below as well as 4 red towels..(I am going to embroider on those)...I have my cotton balls in one of those jars..not sure what I will use the other any suggestions..:)

Carolee also gave me a huge bag full of baby I can write out words on my frames..I am so excited....she is just the best...

she also gave me that little whisk broom ...going to put a label on it and hang it the end we all started giving our stuff away..I got some cute little smiley face erasers to give to my nephews for school..and some cute little monkey earrings too...I bought the little clothespins for my laundry they are weathered and prim looking...It is nice to be home and done with the show..but I have to still go and pick up the rest of my bins and tent and my picnic table..I forsee a dinner out on the deck tonight...sitting on our table..will take photos when it is all set up...have a wonderful I gotta get ready for my next show in october...there is no rest for the creative...:)


  1. OMG! That sounds like such a great weekend!
    I would have loved to be there looking through all of those goodies and socializing! What fun!
    It sounds like you had a profitable weekend...good for you!
    Enjoy your money and the rest of the week!

  2. Ooooooo, looks like she's ready to "POP"!! Good thing she's going to have the "C" section this week, chick.......

  3. That's so great! Loved all the booths you showed, looks like fun!

  4. Oh wowers...there were so any photos!!! love them all!!!!! I love the bartering at the end...woweeee. xxxRobby

  5. What an interesting mix of stuff there - something for everyone. SOunds like you had fun and made some loot too - an all around success!

  6. Wow! I just wanna shop now! Too much wonderful! Enjoyed the post

  7. Thanks for taking us to the looks like it was alot of fun! your booth was awesome and I LOVE that 3 tiered box thing you got!!!

  8. Awesome photos! Looks like a lot of fun :)

    I have to ask . . the girl in the first photo - is it just the way the photo is, or does she only have one leg?

    Have a great week! :)

  9. Gina,
    WOW...Sounds like a great time was had by all!! I'm so glad that you had a good weekend! Loved all the goodies that I saw in your booth!! Wish I had been there to shop!
    Have a great week my friend!!
    hugs, Cindy

  10. There is so much eye candy to see. Glad to hear that you sold alot, and that you had a great time. Looked like a lot of fun!

  11. Wow! What a weekend! I think I'd rather come to THIS event next year instead of Indianola Days! What goodies everywhere! Congrats on doing so well! Sounded like a lot of fun! ~~Annie

  12. Hey Gina...
    Wow thanks for the great show...wish we had fun stuff going on around here...
    Congrats on your $ucc$$e$$, I know all the hard work involved, especially a 3 day show...
    Have a great week. Kat
    Scaredy Kat & Her Own Crow