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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WeRe HaVinG A HeAT WaVe.. A TroPiCal HeAT WaVe..

What Movie does the Title remind you of? if you said Grumpy old men you were right..only we are having a heat is going to be in the 80's and possibly the 90's here this week...for us washatonians...that is too hot..we are 70-75 kind of making sure the watering is done so we don't lose anything...and I am staying in where it is cool..will come out at night or be out in the early morning...Sitting on my new picnic table...reading a magazine..sipping on my Arnold palmer watching the kittys..I picked up the rest of my stuff last night and Bob and Carolee were gracious enough to help me pack my truck up..they do this all the time and we got it all in minus one huge hubby dropped by on his way home from work and got it..I came home with 5 empty bins..they are the really big ones you get at lowes.they must be 4 feet long.. so now I gotta get cranking and make some stuff to fill it all..I was also able to leave all the garage sale stuff that didn't sale with them as they go to the Goodwill every week and they have a trailer to do that was sweet too..I can't wait to do their show again next year...It really was alot of fun..and they are wonderful folks that took such good care of us..:)

Here is my enamelware pitchur in action..Carolee gave me some lavendar so some went here along with my daisys and the others went in my watering can on the front porch...Now I just need to get some lilacs..(they are my favorite from childhood) and I will be set..

our cone flowers are starting to bloom..I love flowers on the sunflowers yet..but they are huge..about 8 or 9 feet year yet..the hopps have their buds now...and the garden is still going crazy..4-5 squash, 3-4 that thing is taking over the garden and has started coming out of the front..with a little baby I hope it of the zuchinni bit the dust as it got a soggy end and rotted..bummer too..but they are starting to get big..the tomatoes are losing their minds now..some are about 3 inches around and getting bigger everyday...
Well that is it for me..gotta go tidy up the house and make the bed and get my day started...have a wonderful tuesday...Oh this is my 397th 3 more to go or 5 more followers to reach 100 and I will have a giveaway...:)


  1. Love your picnic table, Gina. It looks JUST perfect out there!

    Have a great day!

  2. Did you say giveaway, yippie! I guess your weather is here, it's perfect and I wanna keep it! :) How are your feet doing?

  3. Love the table. Glad you're having hot weather. It's pouring with rain here in my little corner of England. A typical British summer. xx

  4. Your daisies look so cheerful. Please send a little of that warm sunshine this way! Another wet reader in England here!


  5. What a great picnic table! I also love your little pitcher, perfect for holding flowers! I'm glad you sold alot and had fun:)

  6. Gina ~
    Love your new table and your pitcher is so pretty with the flowers in it. We finally have had a couple of summery days here in Mi. All of our flowers are way behind.

  7. Love your new table and the flowers, looks so peaceful. It is unseasonably cool here in Missouri, only high of 70 today! My coneflowers are all in full bloom already. I guess summer comes earlier here~

  8. Gina,
    Your picnic table looks great on your deck!!

  9. Picnic table is great! Stay cool!The garden sounds like it is doing fine. We always had a time growing pumpkins too. Hope your harvest is a big one this year. Looking forward to your giveaway. Answer to your question on my blog; no we haven't moved yet, thought I would get the stuff out of the boxes & pare down.

  10. Gina,

    Well we must be getting your cooler weather! It actually feels and looks like the beginning of fall here!

    Giveaway?? Yay! I'll be watching!

    I love your table and your flowers too!


  11. Love that picnic table! and cone flowers are my fave.