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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WhaTchA woRkiN oN WedNeSday...

Hey there all. I did this americana last week but needed to finish it into a pillow...I machine stitched this one..turned out really cute...10x6

and here is the back of the pillow
This is the first cross stitch I made in over 20 years and I finally finished it up..I put brown piping around the pillow and ragged stuffed this one..really gives it a different feel and it is heavy for its size 7x7

here is the back of it..

I also did this a while back and was deciding on how I wanted to finish it out..I bought this damaged frame..the only thing damage was the fold out stand I pulled it off and you have to hang it now..all of these will be on my selling blogs shortly..I am still plugging away at the other cross stitch..I almost had it done but miscounted so I need to redo a little portion of it...hopefully next week you will see the finished project..gotta go and work on some witches today..didn't even touch em yesterday...too busy outside...take care and have a most wonderful day..:)


  1. Gina ~
    I love all of your projects. I hadn't cross stitched in many years either but now I'm back at it when I have time. Love the Halloween one, veeeery scaaaary, LOL.

  2. You are so freaking talented!
    That is all I have to say about that!

  3. I love the fall ones, made me feel a bit cooler for a minute! There all nice, wish I had time to stitch! Happy hump day!

  4. Gina...
    I love your pillows! The Halloween ones are my favorite! Good job! I am working on some saltbox signs today, only 14 days till my show so I am scrambling. Love your handmades!

  5. What wonderful work! I love them all!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  6. Love the Halloween pillows......what creativity in those! Great work!

  7. VERY cute pillows Gina. Love the Halloween one!!

  8. Hi Gina,
    I'm playing catch up on reading your blog, just read the last 3 posts...I have just been so busy that I'm not on the computer as much right now.
    Love the pillows and the framed piece!! They turned out wonderful!!
    hugs, Cindy

  9. You have a gift.

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