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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our WaLk LaSt NiGhT...,

Well about 8:45pm last night we decided to go for a walk and it was such a beautiful evening last I took the camera and off we was a shorter walk as it would be dark by 10pm...and I don't see well when its dark...didn't want to step in a pot hole and wrench my we walked was so peaceful and quiet out..I think we were the only ones out last night...took some photos of some of the houses..but the flash can only do so much..This house above is for sale so no one is living in it..but we love the color and style of this home..

the house is lovingly called the "perry K" house..and it had been here for for ever..but they needed to tear it down and start over..the only original thing left is the stairs which you can't see..but oh the inside is beautiful...

that is the Perry K in the front from the main road into our town..

there is a bench in front of someones house and there is always little toys sitting on it....usually a dinasaur of some sort and it always makes us smile..

here is our home all decked out for the 4th...

you can barely see that i have red white and blue lights lit up in the windows...and look how tall the hopps have gotten..they are over the roof now and still have till september that is harvest time...

I put some flowers in our bedroom window that I cut the other day..they are the feverfew daisys..I love these...and they last a long time...Well today was a great day..I got the house cleaned and floors mopped and headed outside to water the garden and flowers and let the kids play in the yard for a bit...then I put on my work clothes and deadhead all the flower heads before the went to seed..came in at 1:45pm and took a nice shower and hear I am...going downstairs to get some lunch then I am sewing..I am making some witch dolls..hopefully they will be done so I can show you for Whatcha workin on wednesday..worked on my stitchery last night and I am a couple of days from being done...yeah...have a wonderful rest of your day and thanks for stopping by..:)


  1. I think you should rename your blog to "Little Yellow House", honey! That's so cute. Or "Little Yellow Farmhouse" or...........

  2. I love how you have your decorated for the fourth! Very festive!! Everything looks so very nice! Thanks for taking us on a walk again. I must say I do love these walks. :)

    Have a great night.

  3. Thanks for another walk Gina~ I'm getting lots of exercise with you, lol!!! I love the pic of your home on the header, so picture perfect:) I really like those hopps plants, I may have to plant some next year, where do you buy them??

  4. I love walking with you, Mike and Tucker too. Love the house decked out in it's 4th of July glory!!! xxxRobby

  5. Thanks for the tour! I love seein' where all my blogger buddies live. Those wee toys on the bench warmed my heart. :> )

  6. Love the new look here, so cute! And I love your little doll house, all the houses there seem to have a doll house feel to them. Love the one for sale, how much does it go for? I've gotta get some of those hops, I love the way they grow so fast, what's the name of them?

  7. You've inspired me to get out my flag banners for my little stoop.

  8. Sounds like you're having a great day. I love your house. That toy story is funny.

    Love, Joy =D

  9. I love your home!
    It is the most wonderful color.

  10. Love your house on decked out for the 4th!! The area you live in is very beautiful! Makes me want to come for a visit.
    hugs, Cindy

  11. You house looks great Gina, ready for July 4th...
    What a shame they're domolishing that lovely house. Many have gone that way over here. I hate it when they do that to a lovely vintage home and put a modern one in it's place....progress, not...
    You have been a busy bee. Good luck with the witches...Hugs Chrissy x