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Sunday, June 21, 2009

WalKinG The BeAcH ToDay..

Hey there all!! having a wonderful fathers days with your hubbys and or fathers? I made Mike some wonderful pancakes with roasted apples and Sausage this morning...They were light and fluffy..then with full bellys we decided to take a walk to work some of it off...We took our neighbors dog Jasmine with us as she hasn't been out for at least a couple of months on a walk and Tucker just loves her..So I took my camera in hand today as we took a different route and I wanted to show you more of Indianola and the beautiful gardens too..

love the colors on these roses...

OH I love poppies and this color is unreal...:)

we decided to take the pooches to the beach today to let them romp and play off their leashes...We live 1 mile from this dock and beach..the tide was out..but it will go out further almost to the very end of the dock...We usually do our Indianola days on a low tide so everyone can play on the beach and make sand castles to be judged later was a bit overcast and dreary this a little bit of thunder and a bit of rain that lasted maybe 5 minutes and now it is sunny and glorious again..

more of the dock..some folks out enjoying the beach with their dogs..

shells that somebody gathered up..Speaking of shells I picked up some neat ones...I am going to send them to Robby..:)

this was the finish of our walk along the beach and we were heading back so I took some photos of the houses along the beach..beautiful homes and a great view of Seattle and Bainbridge Island..and Suquamish..

this was going up the big hill back to the view and the houses..:)

This is my friend Bettys house and this says: Betts Nest..been there for ages.

This is her cute little cottage...:)
Two thirsty pooches stopping at the pavillion for a drink..they were happy to get it too...

this is the pavillion I told you about in the last entry but didn't have photos..this is where we have our Salmon Bake and all eat and carry on...they do the local saturday farmers market here..not big at all..maybe 6-10 folks selling stuff..

Love the roof structure..

A local kitty stopped by for a quick pet as we were heading home...too cute..

love the tiny garden is set up like a well oiled machine..has the fruit tree going horizontally along the fence..just beautiful..

This yard is always the front there..

Love this terraced up the hill..reminds us of the italian gardens in italy up the steep hill this yard...;)

our neighbors garden that live directly behind us..there lambs ear is is ours..I love the fushia color..
The little cabin and studio is right behind us as well..when they open the studio doors they are painted a mustard color and then there is big french doors..I would be out there all day..just whiling the day away..or use it as my craft studio...

someone took the time to plant pretty little flowers all around this tree..

all of these houses are just up the road from us...Mike thinks that this one has an out plumbing..I love the is small and quaint..

Love this home and love how the windows open on the upper floors..

There is a house in the distance through the forrest of trees...we are about 2 blocks from our house..

did you know we live right across the street from the "bumpus hounds" they have 4 of of them is a search and rescue hound..:)

okay now we are back and relaxing in the back yard with the kittys and the dogs are next door tearing up the neighbors yard..still not worn out from the long walk...Thats Pody sitting on the bench..
Mike was trying to get her photo....she just kept walking towards him...her whiskers smile at you...I love her long whiskers and her pretty green eyes..she also has a very unique meow....just melts this heart of mine..:)
here is Stanley Steemer...he is our italian kitty and is just a big beautiful kitty..the girls love him...he reminds me of an owl..

and last but not least..Silly Millie parking it on the lawn..just enjoying the sunshine...I am fixing Mike a nice rib eye steak with gorganzola butter on top..(a Paula Dean Recipe) and garlic smashed taters with some of that butter, and a salad from the garden...We have the Movie " the curious case of Benjamin Button..I hope your day is a wonderful one spent with the ones you love..Take care..:)




  2. Oh, how I love to take these walks with you! It is just SO very beautiful where you live and I enjoy the pictures so much!

    Thanks again for sharing your day with us.

  3. Hi Gina~What FUN tours you give! I love where you live, the homes are so pretty and unique. Make sure ya keep your doors locked on turkey days with those bumpus's there, lol!~!!

  4. What a great neighborhood you live in!
    This was so fun!!!
    If I gave all of you a tour of my neighborhood you would be asleep before you saw the 3rd picture...very boring!
    I can see why you love where you live.
    Your dinner menu sounds delicious! Mmmmm, my tummy is growling just thinking about it!
    Have a good one!

  5. Your area of the country is so full of natural beauty. I really enjoyed the photos of today's walk. And the cats are so adorable. They just make you smile. :)

  6. You are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous place. Pam xx

  7. You have it all there! I love the rustic house and the one with the studio out back, would be heaven!

  8. Gina, thanks for the stroll. Enjoyed it. I'm tellin' ya, All I need is a little cottage like your friend Bet's. For sure!

  9. I have enjoyed following along on your walks. What nice place. Seems real green & lush. The scenery is so different from where I live. Enjoy your kitties too. I have 4 myself. Thanks for the walk! Jayne

  10. What a beautiful walk you had! And I loved the bumpus hounds comment-that's my favorite movie! Thanks for the laugh!

  11. Gina...just more proof we live in a glorious state! I told David about your previous "tour" post and he's ready to check it out over there!

    Love those whiskers on Pody! She reminds me so much of the cat we recently lost to cancer. Her name was...."Whiskers"! LOL Have a great week! ~~Annie