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Saturday, June 20, 2009

LoOk WhaT CaMe In tHe MaiL ToDay...

Well Loooookk what came for me in the mail today!! my friend Robby and I did some swapping and oh boy am I glad I did...(she won't get hers till July) as I am sending it off at the end of the month..but she sent mine off and it was quick to get to me..She made me a Bettina doll using a Pineberry pattern..I have that pattern and can't wait to make some to sell at my shows..she also put in another little surprise..I love her..and the wall pocket..Love all that red...:) and 2 patterns that she didn't want any longer..I really wanted that crow one with the santa..and now I have it..

so this is where I put my treasures from Robby..Bettina is on my kitchen counter where I can enjoy her..I may move her down the road..but for now she is right at home when I cook...:)

here is the other little dolly..she is on my hutch and she fits puuurrrffeecct there..I was doing some dusting and tweaking today..(boy did I need to dust)..looks so much better now..

and last but not least..I have my wall pocket hanging in my kitchen as looks so good against my yellow walls..she did such a nice job on these..I will treasure these always and think of you...thank you so much Robby..I have truly enjoyed getting to know you and love our chats on the are the best...HUGS~:)

Okay now how can something so so rotten!! This is the second time that Tucker has done this..but friday..he went toooooo far..I just got my newest magazine.."Mercantile Gatherings on thursday and friday morning..he was bored I guess and this is what he did with my magazine...

pages 1-8 are destroyed completely..Well needless to say..I threw an absolute fit and nearly lost my mind..thinking back on it..I haven't thrown a fit like that in years..I was okay with my other magazines..but this one is something you savor and you savor every page...well not pages 1-8 apparently...:) well he got a spanking..sorry..he did..he set the tone for a better part of the morning for Mike and I ...I am over it now....he still isn't in my good graces yet...:( well we are finally getting our rains..we went 30 days or so with no rain and we finally for 2 days got much needed rain..our plants and veggies seem to grow overnight with rain water..they love it..I also decorated today the front porch with my 4th of july stuff..simple..I love doing it up for halloween and I have lights and some flags..that is about it...still working on my cross stitch..I want to move on to my new ones..I do enjoy doing something in the evenings while watching t.v...I find it relaxing...hope your weekend is wonderful..tomorrow is the 1st day of summer and fathers day...hope you all have a wonderful one..(your hubbys) that is..I have his gift already set for him...and tomorrow..I am making him pancakes with was from Tyler florence...should be wonderful...Take care..:)


  1. Your swap gifts from Robby are just wonderful. I also have a Bettina doll that I purchased from her. I cherish it and also my friendship with Robby.
    She is the most giving person I know. I love how you have everything displayed. Close at hand so you can see them everyday. Can't wait to see your gifts to Robby.

  2. Welcome to my world darlin'! Heck, Tucker is an angel compared to my Hannah AKA Hannie-bal Lector AKA Mary Lou Retton.
    Your swap stuff is fantastic!! I love that dollie! :> )

  3. Okay Gina...I want your mailman! Seems he's always bringing you something good!! What a great swap...can't wait to see what you send to her!

    Poor Tucker...guess he just isn't into prim!

    Enjoy the little rain we're getting...I know I am! ~~Annie

  4. Oh dear, naughty Tucker and it had to be THAT magazine. Is it totally unusable? Can I help, I also get the magazine. Luckly we have an inner door, one of mine goes for the post. I've had many a christmas card with teeth marks....Merlin even chewed one time some wages that had been put through my door for Christopher's friend. Luckly the notes could be sellotaped together coz no way was I waiting to see what happened the next day!!!!!!It was the friend who gave me grief with the caravan, prehaps Merlin knew something I didn't...hehe...
    Lovely swap, they look great where you've put them...Hugs Chrissy x

  5. 'I guess Tucker just isn't into prim' lol....I really did laugh out loud. I love that magazine!!!! Only problem with it isn't a weekly mag...and I can't get it from here. The penny rug in Jen's pics is one she bought from is in her living room. She grubbied it good too.

    Glad you loved your swap...can't wait to see mine...whooohoooo. Oh and the other doll is Polly and she is by Jackie Schmidt.

    You and Nan make me blush!!!! Love you girls too!!!!!


  6. Awwww...poor Tucker! I'm sure he feels bad. I love your swap package. That crow with Santa print looks nice.

    Ali @ Holiday Hollow

  7. What fun presents... Wooo hooo.... Well, Tucker had fun with your mag! A dogs gotta be a dog.. LOL
    Hugs, MO

  8. Hi Gina,
    What great swap goodies you got from Robby! Love how you displayed them!
    Shame on Tucker!! Maybe he heard you say the MG magazine is one you savor...and he was just savoring every bite he chewed!! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself from saying would also be very mad if Chloe ever chewed up one of my favorite magazines.
    Hope you are having a better day today.
    hugs, Cindy

  9. Don't you just love swappin! Your goodies are all great, enjoy! Poor Tucker in more trouble, he must going through a phase? You better hide your mags!

  10. It is so lovely when the sometimes dreaded mailbox turns into a place of fun expectations!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie