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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our WaLk TodAy and A TouR of WhErE LiVe...

Hey There, I am taking you on our walk we take when we take walks...This is where we live and I have been itchin to show you the homes here and some of my the quirks and the differences here..Indianola use to be a weekenders/fishing village way back the homes are quite small and quaint..the newer homes (will point those out) they are big and some just don't fit the flavor of Indianola in my we left at 9:30 am this morning and it was still a bit cool and overcast like it was going to rain..but it didn't turned out to be a nice humid warm day..but the picture above is of low lying clouds as we started out..

This house is about 2 blocks from is a cedar shake and painted in deep purple with kind of a green/yellow trim..and I tell you it is so much prettier in person..I just love the color on this house..and not every house can pull off this on to get a better view...I love her cottage garden too...

Here is her trellis in the front yard walkway..I think she just put this in..used with beach wood I bet..neat huh?

this on the same road heading closer to town..this house has definitely seen better days..but I love the charm of it..The gentleman that lives here carves about 20 pumpkins every halloween and displays them on the porch railing all lit up..he does some neat pumpkin carving...the house next to it is one of those "huge houses" that we just don't like..don't care for that color scheme either..but they have a beautiful yard...

Here is our little general store about a mile from our house..I used to work there for about 3 months..they decided to let me go for an old employee..they said it was cut backs..but the gal that replaced me was working there more hours then they gave was fun while it lasted...:)

Here is the dock right next to the store..they have fireworks here every year the saturday before the 4th and they are so good and so close to home..we stand on the docks and watch them and then walk home..we have Indianola days here every year around the end of July..the tide goes out to the end of the is so neat..they have sand castle building contest, a gift old car show and a pet parade..then they close off our main road and we have a salmon bake and chit chat with the locals..fresh flowers are on the tables in old canning jars..and desserts are made from the local folk here too..we go to this sometimes...great way to meet our neighbors..bunch of hippies here...;)

this is the clubhouse where the giftshows are held and they do dinner/theatre here too..I used to do the christmas shows here..but they don't advertise to well and it dies by 12 noon and then its just he locals..and they are all looky I to it is our post offfice..and across the street (not shown) is our pavillion where the salmon bake is held and where the local farmers market is held on saturdays...they just remodled it and the clubhouse....

Indianola Creek..

Stinky puppy..being good so far..:)

this is one of my favorite has a huge river rock fireplace and when she decorates for christmas with all the white twinkly is so pretty..

love the gingerbread charm of this one..we sometimes pick blackberrys here..I love the trim..:)

this is my friend Ron's house.. he works part time at the post office and is just a neat is his wife Stephanie..I love their yard...:)

here is their it..

here is the long start to our walk...just wanted to show you the trees..

They just remodeled this home and put the siding on and painted the trim..don'tch just love the color choice..I love it!!!!!! :)

the front walkway...just so pretty..

Tucker was being a goober and wasn't listening and kept pulling on his Mike aka Daddy picked him up and walked him...isn't he precious...little stinker..:)

met a cute puppy along the way..dogs run rampant here with no adult supervision...its a big peeve of mine here..they just don't care what their dogs are doing as long as it isn't in their yard..very few walk their dogs on leashes...we are responsible pet owners..:)

the ss minnow parked in someones yard..I love it..(I don't know if thats the boats name or not)...

I love this house..I can't remember the gals name but she is an artist too..

this is her cute studio off of the house across the yard...I love it...

I think this is a "funky Junky" sisters house..I spied a pink fridge there the weekend before they did their big show..I am just guessing though.. I toured this house years ago when it was brand new...pretty home..:)

We met this cute gal and her two little boys..Cinncinatis is the little tank in the front and Lara is her name and the oldest petting the other dog is Percival..cute names us

the boys suddenly got shy on us..the little one tried feeding Tucker a berry from a vine..:)

not a very good picture as the yard is over grown...this house is up for sale..but where we were standing..this use to be an apple orchard as part of their yard..very pretty...

This another huge house but it fits the neighborhood as it sits on a big lot..and they just put in that fence..we spied two puppys behind it...

This is manufactured home and it doesn't look like it..I love it..this gal put up all that rock you see at the bottom of the home herself..looks like they stained the cedar siding...

Here is a very primitive looking fence using old windows and just scraps of wood for the fencing..I love this..there go Mike and Tucker...hey wait up...
Oh I love this home and yard..isn't it beautifully manicured? they have always taken good care of this the yard..

here is my friend Cathys can see her blue/periwinkle arbor..I love her home and love her too..

another view of her the fencing...

here is a neats sign and sculpture..the gate on our home is the same builder of this dragon..they do awesome work..

the tennis courts about a 1/2 mile from our house..

The guy that is building this house is doing it all by himself..just the cutest looking cottage ever..I love those dormers...and the round part as well.that is the staircase..

this is the first one he built..the one above is just down the road from this one..It is really a one person house..but I just love the way he landscaped it with Lavendar...he grows it too...he owns the local crepe place in Kingston about 10 minutes from here...I got to tour this when it was almost done..didn't get to see it with all the appliances etc..maybe the one he is currently building....;)

here is the front door view..Love this house..cute and quaint..about a 1/2 mile from ours..

here is the Indianola "living Hope" is right behind our house..we hear the church bells ring every sunday at 10:30 am.. they have strawberry cake sale every 4th of july and a white elephant thrift sale too..I pick up some nice bargains too..and enjoy a piece of strawberry shortcake too..I used to clean this church..years is very quaint indeed..the first monday of the month they have a dinner that is only 3 dollars and is a home cooked meal..we have gone a couple of times..nice to meet and eat with the neighbors.:)

we are almost home and Tucker got to meet 3 more local dogs..Oly, Ralph and I can't remember the others name..

a view of our road..our house is at the end of the road...:)

we are home at last...there is our home in the distance..okay its only one house up..:)

here is my clematis with its one and only bloom..I love it...I am having the hardest time with this plant..I have 2 on either side of our trellis in the front and I finally got a bloom.I am hoping to get them both trailing over each other and getting big and bushy with lots of blooms..hopefully next year..until then I will enjoy this one..:)

the roof that Mike is power can see where he was filthy...

here is after...he also power washed the sides of the garage..looks like a new garage.. the house is next for the siding siding to be done..and the windows..

here is the boat getting power washed..he is hopefully going to get her fixed so he can move it down to the marina where he works..and out of the yard..I hate this boat...I don't like sailing as I am not a swimmer and don't like leaning to the water..scares me to death...he takes friends when he goes.I used to..but no more..Well that is the tour of our neighborhood..we came home and I mowed the lawn and pulled more weeds from the neighbors yard and it looks 100% better..they just left for Thailand last night..I filled up a huge contractors garbage bag full of tied it up and put it next to their garbage will go out with the garbage next week..I worked in our yard to day too.. pulling up morning glory and berry bushes..that morning glory is evasive and we have been trying for years to get it out of our I made some progress today before I pooped out..A nice hot shower and I am good to go..Tonights menu..Cobb salads...chicken..avacodo, bacon, onions, arugula, and gorganzola cheese..well gotta run and make dinner..we are going to park it on the couch and watch a movie...have a wonderful weekend if I don't post again..think Iam going to decorate the front porch for the is time...Take care and thanks for taking a walk with me..(it was 2-1/2 miles by the way)...:)


  1. I think you may have convinced me to move.

  2. Great pictorial walk-a-thon! Looks like a great to take a walk. Thanks for the cool pics!

  3. Whew I am knackered!!!! Love the walk....there were quite a few of the houses that I would have loved to have...maybe all of them. That one person house could have been my craft house...and the bigger one..we could have lived in. Lots of doggies in the area...I dreamed about getting attacked by a rottie last night!! Love the photo of the dock. Love it all actually. xxxRobby

  4. Oh my gosh! I have fallen in love with Indianola! David and I are looking for places to retire, since going back to NC is looking more and more remote! Ever been to Vashon Island? This reminds me so much of there, with its quaint feeling and the hippies! First free Saturday we get I think we'll have to hop a ferry and check it out. I've been to Kingston but don't remember seeing Indianola! I can't believe you want to retire to somewhere else! I've got to show hubby this post! Can you tell how much I enjoyed this post! I can't quit rambling!! LOL! ~~Annie

  5. Hi Gina~ what a fun tour! There are some neat homes where you live, the fence with windows is very unique! Tucker sure picked up quite a following of dogs, lol! I love the pic of him with daddy holding him...what a ham he is:)Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  6. Wonderful tour! Such neat homes too! I would love to walk much to see!

  7. Wow Gina, you live in such a beautiful place, loved all the homes and the trees! I'd love to see it all someday, enjoy! Thanks for the nice walk too!

  8. Wow, what a neat place to live Gina! Love all the houses and their gardens and arbors, a great place to take a walk!

  9. Wow! Beautiful tour! Thanks so much for taking us on a walk with you. I love the pictures. I think it is absolutely beautiful where you live. I have always wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest. SO much different than Florida! Maybe one day!:)

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Wow!! What a great tour!! Loved all those homes!!

  11. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for the walk...I didn't even work up a sweat! Great photos of where you live...the houses have such country charm to them. The area looks very beautiful!!
    Tucker sure is getting big...but it looks like he still likes his daddy to pick him up. Cute picture!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    hugs, Cindy

  12. I loved going on the walk with you! It is so beautiful there. Is that a lake or the ocean you are so close to? It looks so different there than it does here in the midwest!

  13. Oh how quaint. I want to live there!

  14. Thanks for sharing your neighbour, what great homes....Purple ones good and the one the man built himself looks like a dollshouse, cute.You live in a beautiful place with a great place to walk. I agree with you about irresponsible dog owners....Hugs Chrissy x