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Thursday, June 25, 2009

My KiTchEn SwAp CaMe & OthEr ThIngS...

I did a kitchen swap from Sew Mama Sew back in May and I got a to meet a great gal named Angela,..we are neighbors practically she lives in about 3-4 hours away from me...We got to deck out each others kitchens! I haven't seen photos of her newly decked out kitchen I do hope she loves what she got..and I am waiting with baited breath to see her kitchen...hint hint Angela..I want to see photos..;) I got 2 packages in the mail yesterday..when it rains it pours..Angela had this wrapped up so cutely with RED tissue paper and RED/white gingham ribbon..

here it is just waiting for me to go kid crazy at christmas on

Here was her sweet note to me..and yes she has certainly found a friend in her handwriting too...mine looks like scribble anymore..I write as fast as I talk..and it

look at all the sweet yummy things I received from Angela..she hit the nail on the head with the RED..she knew of course that I love, love red!!
I absolutely love this little vintage chocolate jar that has vintage (at least they look that way to me) strawberrys that have been crocheted...I love this jar and the goodies in it..

I love this embroidered strawberry oven pad the outer rim of it...too cute.
I got this adorable red vintage is hanging with my 2 other vintage aprons in my dining room on a peg rack..

Love this metal sign..It is our logo on our WSOAPP site...only it says autumn in place of harvest...this sign will go up first thing this fall in my kitchen...I love metal signs...and I love fall too..

she gave me this cute little enamelware pan and this cute RED/white checked cup/saucer..not sure what you would call it...but i love it..

and this cute RED/white doilie...okay below you will see out of order How I displayed my wonderful treasures..I couldn't wait to tweak once I opened my package and took photos..:)

you can see the strawberry jar, the oven hot pad, the doily here..I picked more flowers to add to my gerbera daisys...they are in a $5 50's creamer it..

heres a better photo...doesn't it all look so good together..:)

this is the out of order part...I love this casserole dish she sent me as well...I love pyrex..I really do...and this will get used the design on top of the lid..I have never seen one like it..

it has a split in it..for say 2 different veggies you have made..:)

here it is with all my other blue pyrex dishes..its on the left on the bottom there..oh it goes so nicely with my others..

doesn't it look great? also did you notice on the upper left where my cookbooks are..this is an old meat slicer (it has been wired) so it can cut you..I have had this for it at my favorite local haunt that I go to every year..I am doing my july show at her house this year..she had it sitting on her counter with her cook books there and I had to have it..have had it now for about 10 years..very unique way to display your cookbooks..and you notice the farmchicks book..this is a must have..every recipe is simple and easy to make and you get an apron stencil and a country living subcription..I've got to get on that one..cause I love my country living magazine...they also have great tips in there as well..great gift idea for someone you love..:)

here is where I put the enamelware pan...with my other vintage goodies right above my sink..

I put my little red/white cup in my kitchen window and put my gerbera daisys in looks sooooo good here....Thank you again Angela for a wonderful made my day and pimped my kitchen oh so nicely...:)

Okay my second package arrived and I got my stencils finally..this was along time coming..but I ordered 2 sets of these boxes and only 1 set came..kind of am looking elsewhere for another set of these..I got the stencils as you can see for this set and the other set will have halloween stencils on them. I didn't show those as I forgot...:)

here is the desk set of papermache that I purchased as well for the stencils below and the varnish too..

the little stencils for the boxes inside...

I already had this one painted so I decided to use my stencil to try it out...turned out really neat...:)they have great stencils and the americana ones are on sale right now.. you can't beat their prices..when they are on sale. so were the boxes..I bought mine for 12 bucks. they are still on special too..everything you buy is seems.. Well I am making progress on my witch takes alot out of you to rag stuff these babys and it took one "full" sized sheet to stuff 4 gotta put that on my list...going shopping today..where else, 5 coupons burning a hole in my pocket..then off to petsmart, another pet store lowes and grocery I best get hopping to it...have a wonderful day..our weather is getting prettier by the minute...:)


  1. What a neat swap! Angela really captured you well!
    and those stencils look great. Can't wait to see what you do with those stacking boxes!!

    hugs, Linda

  2. Holy moly! What great kitchen stuff from Angela. Love all the red! Love how your box turned out, too! ~~Annie

  3. What a fun swap, I would of been in that one if I had known, she sent alot of neat goodies! I love the chocolate jar and apron the best! Enjoy!

  4. Wow you done great on your swap. Some really neat things! Doing a great job on your stencil box. I really like your banner of your house!

  5. Hi Gina,
    Love the stencils!! Wow...did you get some great swap goodies!!. I'm still working on some things for you will have another box coming sometime in July.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. What a great swap Gina and two parcels in the post....They look well in your kitchen. Looks like you're going to have fun with those boxes....Hugs Chrissy x

  7. Great swap, Great pics, Great post as usual. I've been looking for that metal sign with the moon on it. I love that image.
    I really like your new header with the sweet house pic.