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Friday, June 26, 2009


Hello there, Well I thought I would take you through the progression of our yard, flowers and veggie garden from the time we planted it in April..the above and below are taken the first part of April..we still had the rest of the hedges that needed removing and I hadn't barked the back portion yet..

you could actually see the little decorations that i have in the garden...the lettuce was just planted..some from seeds some from plants that we purchased.

another view of Aprils garden..still in my tweaking faze..;)

the back deck and the hanging plants..I can't believe how big the purple one is now..almost to the will see photos below....this was May...
This is May's garden..getting alot fuller this was probably towards the end of May..look at the lettuce..on the left..the potatoes are on the right..

the ariel view of May's Garden..the hedges are gone and we just recently barked it in..

another pic of May..

This is today June 26th's garden..look at the potatoes..they have al but taken over the garden...they have purple flowers and white ones..the lettuce and arugula are all mixed in and the arugula is going to seed so is the stray can't see the decor I have in the garden any longer...that little metal person in the garden looks as if it is drowing in a sea of veggies..saying Help get me outta

now for the progression of the hopps..they were just puny in April so no photos of those..but this is May...

and this is today...Can you believe it..they are over the top of the roof now by about a foot...and still going..harvest is in September sometime..

I took some up close photos of the is the Artichoke plant with 3 chokes on has gotten so tall..we are still deciding whether to let them bloom or eat them..I think this year we are going to eat them...yum....

here is the back portion of the garden..tomatoes on the left..all have flowers but no tomatoes yet..

here is our huge zucchini plant and you can see the flower and it has one zucchini on it about 3 inches long...can't wait to harvest those..both this one and the pumpkin are huge..but I see no pumpkins yet..just lots of buds turning to hopefully soon...I love pumpkins and would love my own pumpking patch...I just love em and the colors and what they bring..Fall and decorating...:) *sigh*...

side view of my zucchini plante..huge..getting to where you can't walk back there to it in front is a pretty pink plant that looks like carnations..the big monarch butterflys love it..I have seen a few and they just make me smile to watch them flutter it!!:)

here is the sunflower plants..growing like weeds too..last week they were to our chests now they are at our heads..they are going be huge again this year..they are also one of my favorite flowers...;)

the clothesline with my laundry up on it as we speak..and look at the flowers..they have gotten so big..mostly the purple one..I love it.I got these at walmart and they have done so well..

here is a view of the back porch patio and house from the shed..I love this view too..still gotta finish the stairs..hoping to start those this weekend...going to get another truck load of bark that will be my job after we unload the back of the truck of firewood that Mike is getting for free..Can't beat free..still need to split it though..but free is free...
I took this photo this morning as I was taking the others...all decorated for the 4th..

another view..;)

and yet another view of the front..

I cut some flowers from the neighbors yard for a photo shoot you will see below and some roses from my garden...I love my roses..the peach one is my vodoo the orangy peachy color and I have a red velvet one in there and not in there cause they were already done blooming and dying is my lemon rose. it is a lighter red/pink and smells just like lemon...I harvested the lavendar from their plants too..still have to go and harvest the rest...I love the lavendar and it smells so good..will dry it and use it in my crafting and for pillows too...:)

these 2 photos are for you Diane!!! hopefully it is a clear enough photo so you can paint these..Diane works for the viking department at Joanns and she is a faithfull reader and avid painter...:)

Okay these next sets of photos are for a thing we are doing for our WSOAPP site..and if I win I could get $50.00 to spend in one of the shops..I am wondering what the them should be...Should it be: Life is grand or lifes a bowl of cherries..that little quilted pillow in the cherrys bowl says :ain't life please help me choose the right photo to turn in and the title for it...this is #1


upclose of the bowl and the pillow...


Its a summer picnic we are supposed to be taking photos I put together this vignette..and by no means am I a professional..but it was so much fun taking these...Angela you will notice your little candy cup full of fit this red/white theme so well...:) Tomorrow I will show you the photos of the kids as they were out and about helping me today...This is my 380th post..I suppose when I reach 400 I should do a giveaway as it has been awhile...Well take care and thanks for taking the time to read my post today...:)


  1. It looks wonderful, chickee! Do I spy some Rainier cherries in a bowl there? How are the potatoes doing and how much do you get out of the planting. I want to plant potatoes next year if Jack agrees. Our little garden is kinda pathetic right now, just tomatoes, peppers, cukes is all. We'll be heading over to WA next month to Duvall to visit granddaughter and thought of picking blackberries on the way. Hope some are left!

  2. Hey, I got my package today. Thanks a lot. Now who knows when I will get around to stitching! Your garden looks so good. It is so hot and humid here in Southern Indiana, my poor flowers aren't looking so good. Oh yeah, love the new blog header!

  3. Ooooh....I'm SO jealous! I want a garden so bad. You have such a big yard...I have "space". Ain't it great how lush everything is around here! Before long you won't be able to see the side of your house! Those hopps are going CRAZY!

    BTW...the secret to my clematis...totally ignore them! That's all I do! LOL! July will work great! Have a great weekend! ~~Annie

  4. Oh...I like pic #1 and Life's a bowl of cherries! But then, what do I know! LOL ~~Annie

  5. I am so very jealous! I don't have anything resembling a green thumb!
    A black thumb...but most of that is just paint! LOL
    You are so lucky to have such a great garden. I know it is a lot of work...but just think of the summer ahead and all the fresh veggies that are right out your back door!
    Again, I love your home!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Great photos! You're so fortunate to have the space for such a great garden. We're hoping to be able to do the same soon.


  7. It all looks so neat and tidy, we garden the same way! I just can't get over how fast the hopps grow! Hope you win, it looks great!

  8. You have a beautiful garden Gina and you have been so busy, well done. We had to pave most of our garden due to Merlin digging for England. He even dug up a 6ft apple tree!!!!!...Hugs Chrissy x

  9. I love your yard! Your plants are doing so well. How in the world do you get such nice sunflowers growing in the pot? They're huge and not even done growing yet. Keep up the great work!!! xo

  10. Love those flag banners on the porch. :)