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Sunday, June 28, 2009

RoTary SaLe AnYonE?

Yesterday I took the plunge and decided to go to the Rotary Rummage sale..I have never been before and they advertise this thing and it is the talk of the my friend who is house sitting next door we both decided to go...we got there at 8:45 am..which is early for me for anything..we took the shuttle bus to this place which was held in a middle school and every room just about was filled with different stuff and so was the outside..we get off the bus and I am in total awe of all the stuff that is there and the amount of people..the night before they held a silent auction on some big items, cars, furniture etc..this is the cafeteria above I think..just filled with kids items etc...and couldn't get through here..and we didn't stay either..but I had to get a photo of the crowd..
This was in a tent outside of some really expensive looking type furniture stuff..and look at the crowds..some rooms you had to just come back to as they were filled..alot of the stuff was reasonably priced and none of it goes back home..they donate it whatever is left to the goodwill..towards the end they are just giving it away...we left at 11:00am to catch the shuttle back..and that was a 30 minute wait as the traffic on the road was horrible..we went to the local farmers market..not to impressed..but we got lunch and walked to hubbys place of work and bugged him for a bit..then I we headed home..I started getting a headache that i couldn't shake..(I don't get headaches often at all) but when I do..I can't function..I hadn't slept well the night before I parked it on the couch and took a 2 hour nap..felt so good and the headache was gone..below are a few treasures I did find at the sale..

A big one gallon jug for a $1..has a little paint on it..but will scrape it off and put an old label on it..for halloween or something...

I got these VHS tapes..(we have both players) and these were a buck for each tape..I accidently got 2 of the Johnny Carson sets thinking they were I had 16 total all for the low price of $ one set is for me and one for the in-laws..can't wait to relive those Johnny Carson shows..we loved him and he is still our favorite...I have the DVD set of Pride and I may see if my little sister wants it..the avonlea is mine..I love those shows too..
I picked up these too silicone pans for a buck each..going to make tarts or soap out of those....again a $1 each.

and last but not least 2 aluminum molds one for me and one for Robby...they were a $1 each not too bad considering what they could have furnished your home at this place..but it was just too hectic and traffic was horrible...will I be back next year? probably not..would rather go to the thrift stores and shop and miss the crowds.. Tonight we are having the neighbor over for dinner again tonight..He is going to get spoiled on my cooking..but he is single and old enough to be my it is nice to make sure he is getting fed a nice home cooked meal..tonights menu..Spaghetti with Checca sauce..oh this is so yummy and refreshing on a nice day like today..course we eat it all year round..I got it off of is by Giada..yummy!! have a wonderful week.. we are supposed to have nice the 4th should be nice as well...going to the indianola church on the 4th for strawberry shortcake..going to help them pit the strawberrys for it with my good pal Betty...:)


  1. I'm not one for crowds either so I would rather hit the thrift stores. But you got some really great bargains!!

  2. Wow! Was that in Indianola? Didn't think there were THAT many people over there!

    I could sit and watch Johnny all day long. I have a couple of "best of" videos of his shows! So was that a "cat nap" you took? LOL! Have a good week in this great weather! ~~Annie

  3. Wow....wish I was there....can't stand crowds...but bargains outweigh the crowds. Thanks for thinking of me!!!! xxxRobby

  4. Looks like fun, love the bottle. I have many old bleach bottles in my laundry room, I love the brown glass.

  5. WOW - that sounds HUGE - not my kind of sale for sure! I would have a headace too.

    Love the jug though!!

  6. Wow, I love that gallon jug, perfect for labeling:) Those molds you got are adorable for tarts or soap!!! I love the pear one, its hard to find little molds and cutters with pears, I've looked and looked for them for ornies, I finally ended up drawing one onto cardstock and cutting it out, now I just lay it on my dough and cut around it:)