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Monday, June 29, 2009

RanDoM PhOtoS....enJoy:)

When I was taking photos of my picnic basket I was taking photos of the babys and the flowers here are a few....the above rose is our Red Velvet rose..

here ar the tomato plants..lots of flowers but no tomatoes..would have thought we would have some by now..they are tucked in between the roses and the hopps plants...they love this side of the house...they get lots of sun..:)

here is my Vodoo Rose..I love the color of this one..that is why I bought it years gets the tallest out of the other two...and is the heartiest too...

Here is Stanley Manley...helping me water the hopps, roses, and tomatoes..he just plops himself at my feet and stretches..our outdoor babies love being with us and helping us in the yard..always makes me smile..

isn't he precious...he is such a soft squishy kitty...I could just climb in and needle him too...:)

Sunny bunny enjoying a nice spot on the shed deck soaking up some sun...

here is our Mr. Jingles getting a bite to eat..I had just given him some fresh water and food and he poked his cute little head out...he is 6 years old

here is little Pody looking at Mr. Jingles eating..wonder what she is thinking...hmm...lunch? I think not..the kid are fascinated by him and love to look at him...

if you click on the photo above you will see Stanley under the pot there in the shade...

Here is Sunny rolling in the dirt..just carrying on..they love to roll in the dirt like dogs..We sure love our babys...I love my kittys...Mike loves his Tucker...Well today is going to be a busy one..When Mike gets home from the sporting goods store..we are getting a truck load of bark to fill in some spaces and finish the yard up...and then I have to mow the lawn, hopefully get to the windows today..they need to be washed big time..Mike worked on the back stairs we have a hand rail now..still need to finish it up..but it is much safer now...our weather is glorious this week..which is nice for the 4th..not sure what we are doing...they are having the farmers market on may go to that and watch the a little barbeque and then go and watch the fireworks...not sure..playing it all by ear...anyway..have a wonderful week...I am sure I will be back for Whatcha working on Wednesday..:)


  1. Beautiful photos!~ Love the kitties enjoying the sun and mr. jingles enjoying his fun little play house:)

  2. Pretty roses! We have baby toms, can't wait to make BLT's with them! Yum!!

  3. I think I'm in love with Stanley. He's a hunk.

  4. Love those roses! And that Stanley is a handsome manly! He's so sweet. Don't work too hard in that yard!

    Love your version of Bainbridge Island! LOL! ~~Annie

  5. Pretty pictures!! And got to love the kitty ones!!
    Wow...that was some crowd at the rummage sale on your last post!!
    Have a great week.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Gorgeous photos! Naughty kitty! Nice to see the roses going like gangbusters. Their doing the same here in England. Nothing like a big, blowsy, full fragranced English rose!


  7. The "kids"look like they are having fun!!! I really enjoyed your pics. Loving the banner, & especially your black iron fence!!!

  8. How chilled are these cats, love the photos Gina...Hugs Chrissy x