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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A SwEet SurPriSe in ThE maiL...

Howdy Ho Folks!!! While I was out beauty barking the yard yesterday, I stopped to get our mail and seen this envelope and knew who it was by the return address and thought..I wonder what she could be sending me...I was thinking a card or an invitation to I quickly opened it up and there was this cute pillow front in there..she had a wonderful note that she she had written...that she had come across this and Immediately thought of me!! From my blog friend Janene From Primitives Lifestyles that sent me this!!! well it made my day and it surely fits me to a T..but honestly the best seat in the house is my lap..just ask my kittehs!!!..

This morning..(just finished it up for the photo shoot..I finished it up and made it into a pillow for our bed..since they do spend a great deal of time least 2 do at any given time..:)

I got the backing fabric from Karen at love you cherishables..we did a swap on our selling blog a long while back and she sent me this as a thank fits purrrffeeccttly in my room..floral and kittys and pink..Thank you so much Janene for making my day and thinking of me...this is wonderful...:)

the big maple shown here taken from our bedroom one of the parts that was beauty barked..the rest was in the front yard..I filled in some spots that didn't get it a month ago..I bought it and laid it out..all 1 yard of it..from 2pm till 5:30pm..then I mowed the lawn and watered the yard as we have had no rain really to speak of...and things were getting crispy around the everything got a much needed drink and the yard looks fab!

Mike finally started on finishing the stairs up yesterday..been needing to be done for 7 years as we built this garage in 2002...and these are steep stairs and I look over the edge at the rocks and hope and pray I don't fall over the side when I am hauling out my holiday bins or my show bins down the he got the bottom put on..and it looooookkkss so gooodd..I love it and feel much safer now..we are going to paint them white like the deck on the back of the hopefully they will be done this weekend..and we can start painting next week... Well That is it for me today..gotta clean and tidy up the on some witches...go outside and enjoy some sun with my babies...I hope your day is a bright and sunny one...Take care...:)


  1. Hey, girlfriend -- I've been reading your posts everyday, just TOOOO LAZY to add a comment!! LOL! So glad you're enjoying the summer -- love your house! Love your cats! Love the pup!! LOL!

  2. Don't you just love RAK's, I got one yesterday! :)

  3. That is so nice...especially since you weren't expecting it. I think you need to tell Mike that that shed needs a kitchen and bathrooms for us...and the

  4. My daughter, Nan, would agree with you. She has 3 cats again after her last 3 died within a year of two of each other, honey! That's a cute saying on the pillow.

  5. That pillow is the gospel truth!!Had me laughing out loud! Your yard is looking amazing!
    Have a good one!

  6. What a sweet find in your mailbox! I'm so impressed at how quickly you got that made up! Looks great on your bed!

    Hope you have a great 4th! ~~Annie

  7. Hey that is a sweet find in your mailbox! Everything looking great around your place. Re the flour: it keeps the bugs away. A friend shared with us, just don't overdo it, if you do it. It clumps, but it works.

  8. Gina,
    Don't you just love finding goodies in the mailbox!! Love how you turned it into that adorable pillow and it looks great on your bed!
    Had to catch up on reading the last few posts. Love how your yard is looking...I need you to come help me with mine!!
    And as always...I love the kitty pics!! Your kitties are sooo... cute!!
    hugs, Cindy