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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WhaTchA woRkiN oN WedNeSday...

Well as I sit here writing this up..the photo above you is what I am working on at this very moment..the machine is going and I am listening to it just sew is an americana flag with the pledge of alligience on it..will be a pillow with some wonderful americana fabric for the backing..

this was last wednesdays progress......

this is todays progress..I am making headway on this..finally those squares are time consuming it has taken me 3 weeks to get this far..but I do enjoy watching T.V. at night and working on this..keeps me awake too...:)

here is our beautiful poppy has 12 blooms on it..It has never had this many before and since taking down the photenia is loving the sun its getting...I just love the burst of color it adds to the garden...speaking of which..we are harvesting the brocolli tonight, cutting some of the herbs and putting them in the dehydrator to dry out and cutting up a bunch of the arugula to make pesto with is sooooo good..the potatoes are just about to bloom and we have 4-5 green peppers on one the garden is coming along nicely..I do hope we get zuchinni and pumpkins this year..haven't had much luck with those two...
Got my car fixed today..the check engine light came in it went and nothing serious..thank we pick it up tomorrow and on our way we are going to breakfast..I love going out to breakfast..going to our local Dennys..last night taking the car in to drop it off we went to dinner and had the best burgers ever..wasabi kobe burger..just enough wasabi to add a nice kick and the kobe is the type of bacon..that and fries and boy I hope they keep that one on the menu...when we got home last night..Tucker our dog had left us a nice little treat...he took our magazine and proceeded to tear them all up..needless to say this gal was teeed off!!! they are magazines that haven't been read yet!! he was so lucky he didn't damage them all the way through..never did get a photo..I was too mad..our last dog did that with newspaper for the woodstove..he knew he was in deep doo...Tucker has never done this before and now when we go away..he will have to be in his kennel...
this is our sunny bunny..I took this outside last night while we were enjoying the evening..isn't she a pretty girl..she is mamas girl now..

these were taken underneath my craft see her toes are on mine...

that is my glue gun in the top left hand is used and abused...well that is it for me today..the weather is glorious..makes it hard to stay in..but I love to craft and look out the window to the garden...hope your wednesday has gone well...:)


  1. oh how lucky you are to have an embroidery machine! that checkerboard too!

  2. We used to have a dog named Tucker, named after the Marshall Tucker band! lol!

    Love your sunny bunny. I did the same thing yesterday with my two kitties. Worked in the yard and let them play. They loved it so much, now they try to shoot out the door whenever anyone opens it!

    Hum...New Mexico...a little too hot for me. LOL! I think we'll probably stay in the PNW. May not be WA, though. ~~Annie

  3. I saw on Leslie's blog roll that you had posted. I was looking to post my Wednesday post tool. That is cool that you have the embroidery machine. The cross stitch is looking great. I guess I will have to come back to see what it will be when finished. Hope you had a great Wednesday!

  4. Amazing what machines can do now? I love your poppies, I need to grow some, havent' in years? What herbs do you grow and dry, you know I love herbs! I would of been just as mad about my mags being torn up, you don't mess with my mags! lol We usally eat breakfast with the kids on Sats. it's nice to gather where someone else cleans up, like a wait staff! lol

  5. Gina~I am loving your "Pledge of Alligence" embroidery. That is gonna be a great pillow!
    I am envious of your "green thumb"!
    My kids tease me by telling me NOT to touch any plants unless I want them dead...they are so bratty! LOL

  6. Love your cross stitch projects, Gina. Your garden is way ahead of ours. We finally had sunshine yesterday ~ YAY! Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  7. Love both of your stitcheries. Sunny Bunny is so sweet! I love your poppies.....I wish I had a bigger area to grow flowers.

  8. That sewing machine is amazing!! Sorry about your magazines, ugh! I was teed off at my kitty yesterday because I went downstairs and at the bottom of the stairs on the tile was a nice pile of puke that I slipped and fell on my a** on!! OMG Your Sunny Bunny is so adorable!! I just wanna squeeze her! Your garden is coming along great, I gotta get out and work on mine~

  9. Oh I want a embroidery machine lol!
    Looks like so much fun, and a lot of work that checkerboard is... it's awesome!


  10. Oh wow that is one cool piece that your machine is doing. You are blessed to have one of those. Flowers are looking good!

  11. Hi Gina,
    I fixed the link thanks for telling me?)

    I think the embroidery machine would be so neat to sit and watch!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Thanks for visiting. My machine is a Brother..the project runway limited edition. My children and dh got it for me for Mothers day. Dianntha