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Sunday, June 7, 2009

WsoAPp UpDaTe..

Hey there everyone..Well I got one thing done for ourWSOAPP update but am working on a couple more of these..This is great for fathers day or that person that loves to "fish" measures 9x6 and is made from an old army wool blanket and has been stuffed with cedar shavings...smells wonderful ..if you are interested in it let me know..there is free shipping on it with in the US.. and for the month of June everything is 10% off..
hope you are are all enjoying your has cooled off and feels so good...:)


  1. that one is so funny!!!! I love the green army blanket...I haven't had the heart to cut mine yet. Thanks for the love...and the surprise!!!!!!! xxxRobby

  2. Hi Gina, I emailed you about a swap, but not sure if you received it ? Angie

    Here is my email address,

  3. Do you have any golfing ideas like that??

  4. hahahaha... That had me laughing out loud!!! Hugs, MO

  5. It is perfect for Father's Day.. you did a super job!

  6. Oh my...I need that first pillow for my hubby! LOL! ~~Annie

  7. Guess I should read FIRST, then post! LOL! Anyway...LOVE the pillow! ~~Annie

  8. That's funny! And very cute too! You stay quite busy, don't you Gina?

    Everytime I come over here and see your header, I smile! I love that! That's the life! :)

    Have a great evening!