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Friday, June 12, 2009

ThaNk GooDneSS itS FriDay...

Hey there all, time to play catch up..wanted to post a couple of days ago..but didn't feel like anything was worthy of saying...don't want to bore you too badly...I cut some gerbera daisys (my favorite) and put them in an old marshmellow jar..They are sitting on my counter in the kitchen..I just love fresh cut flowers..they make me smile..I just planted these last week and 2 of them are in serious shock so I cut the blooms and am hoping the plants come back..they are kinda spendy..but I do love them.. We had to take the car in this week to get it fixed..the "check engine" light came back they replaced the sensor for it and drained and put tranny fluid in 400.00 later...ridiculous but what can you do..we did sit in the new Kia Soul car!! can you say : I am in love with that car!.. I love my car but could easily trade it in for one of all the bells and whistles..the side panel speakers light up to red and go with the beat of the music..takes me back to being a kid brother had huge (I mean Huge) speakers that had lighting and would go with the beat of the music..great to look at with the lights out..very 70's..did anyone else have these..:) well I got my car back and I went shopping..They were having a great sale at bed bath body works and I had a 20% off coupon for the I went shopping..I got 10 soaps they were 2.50 each..that is a bargain..and I love there soaps..I got some body washes for Mike for Fathers day.. I also got me some foaming body washes for me..great for shaving your legs too...:)

some aromatherapy type items..they were 2.50 regularly will try them out and see if they is for sleeping better, the other is for appetite suppresent, the other is for cold and flu.. I then went to Victorias secret and bought their 6 for $20 and got 3 lip glosses..people I tell you they are the best lip glosses and tast so flipping good and they last a long time too..and I got 1 eyeshadow in pink it..and pink nail polish and black glitter eyeliner..I love stuff that sparkles..adds a festive and fun touch..

I stopped at Joanns and bought some more fabric..I want to make animal beds and embroider something on them and personalize them with the pets name to sell...They will be stuffed with cedar chips that you can remove and launder the bedding..that is the fabric below..above is tissue paper to use to wrap up my sale items and graph paper to make stitchery designs with..I also bought a case of white copy paper..I go through so much of to buy in saves you money..

The top fabric is a soft canvas material.. I found some homespun that I just some will be for dolls and some for the underside of the beds...

I got these 3 baskets on clearance will take off the fabric that is on them and put the bed cushion that I make there instead..I also got more seambinding to line the cushions..just gives them a finished professional look, I some bobbins for my one get one free..some more thread for my embroidery I need to sit down and make some templates for these cushions and get hopping...will post when I get these done..if any one is interested let me know..:)

Well on Wednesday it was time to harvest the broccoli so here is it freshly picked..I blanched it for 2 minutes and it got bright green...:)

I added it to the sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, onion, and olive oil and let it simmer while the linguine is our favorite pasta..

topped it off with parmesaen cheese and we had a yummy dinner...

Last night I decided to harvest the arugula to make arugula pesto for another pasta dinner...

so while the Linguine cooked for 10 minutes, I got the pesto made..

put 2 cups of fresh arugula packed into the food processor.. add 3 or more cloves of garlic.I love garlic and I cheat, I buy the jars of it already I add 1 huge table spoon or more to this..then about 1/2-1 cup olive oil. depends on how dry it looks..I like it to be creamy and moist so just watch it.. 1/2 cup parmesean cheese grated or cut in small chunks..the processor will grate it up..1 tsp. salt, pepper. I also added red pepper flakes as I wanted a little kick to it..but that is optional..then put the lid on and process this.

this is how it looks when it is blended up..

and here is dinner for last night..more parmesan cheese on top..this was sooo good..bon apetit..:)

Mike took this photo of Tucker on the back deck all curled up..he has gotten so big..he must weigh about 22-25 pounds now..he taught him a new trick..he makes him lay down and he puts a treat on both paws and tells him to wait..he will sit and not move a muscle till Mike tells him okay he can have it..took 2 trys and he has it down pat now..he also high 5's us now..he is too smart for his own good..he will find the kittys too..still a little stinker for chewing up my magazines though...:)

last but not is Sunny bunny getting a brushing... who knew this short haired kitty has so much hair..Mike is holding the pile in his hands..she just loved being brushed too..her tail gets all fluffy and she swatted Mike once because he was done brushing her..she thought he kept brushing her on Tuckers bed..she looked so good when he was done..Now if we could get Pody to let us brush her..she is starting to get mats and I can only cut off so many before she looks like she has the am making headway on my stitchery and have almost finished one end up..hoping to have it finished by next Wednesdays whatcha workin on entry...I ordered some more stitchery patterns from this wonderful place in is called 1-2-3 stitch..they have so many patterns that you will be there all day was so hard to decide..but I got 5 patterns and they are alot less and there are sellers that we have all purchased go and check them won't be sorry...Well the weather here is still beautiful and sunny..this is the best may and june we have ever had I think..and we have been here for 23 years...the veggies and flowers are loving it too...can't wait to see what the harvest is going to be like..I just hope for pumpkins and zucchinis this year..the potatoes are starting to get their white flowers and the tomatoes too..we have strawberrys now and the lettuce and arugula are taking over..we are going to have more salads this weekend..I hope you all have a wonderful weekend..Thanks for stopping by...:)


  1. Awww...Tucker is TOO CUTE to be a stinker, lol, he looks completely innocent to me:)That pasta with the sausage looks devine!!!

  2. Hi Gina :)
    Oh Gerbera are one of my favorites too! Yours are so pretty!
    good stuff from BB works! My mom LOVES that stuff...I swear she has almost as many bottles of lotions in her bath as ya see in store! She hits those sale like there's no tomorrow! LOL
    I can't believe how big Tucker is!
    What a beaut he is!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. The sausage and tomato pasta looks so yummy! I may have to give that a try!

    Cathy ♥

  4. Oh how you tempt us with those delicious meals!! I'm all set to put on the feedbag now.
    Look at all that stuff you bought!! I need to get me a money tree. I wonder if The Home Depot carries them? :> )
    Have a great weekend sweetie!!

  5. Oh the daisies are so pretty. I love them. I have never had arugula pesto. Basil and spinach all the time, but never arugula. Sounds good - so does the brocolli recipe. YUMMO!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your harvest!!

    hugs, Linda