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Monday, May 4, 2009

TuRn OFf yoUr MuSic

Folks I can' reiterate enough about getting rid of your music or photobuckets..if you have both get rid of really makes going to your sites not so enjoyable..some of you have already taken steps in doing so and I thank you..please I am begging you...I have high speed interent and this is still a problem..depends on what tune is loading etc..some aren't effected but a great deal of you are..and you must remember the folks that still have dial up..forget it..they are not coming to your site...cause there are some for me that are taking a good minute to load and I am frustrated by the time it opens up..especially if you have multiple vendors for a new thing on your sites..and you have to go to each of them...I don't even want to finish as it is taking forever..
Thank you for listening...I love reading all about you on a daily basis and like it to be quick and easy..I have things to do ..but want to be able to read what is going Please fix this..
Thank you...I am off my soap box now..have a great week..


  1. You are truely on a mission-arent' you?!....LOL

    I did get rid of my music...but, I still use photobucket for all my pix and downloadable patterns to all of you...hope this helped free up some downloadable time though.

  2. That's cause I just kicked you off the soap box so I can get on there also! I agree with you. Why aren't they listening, sugar???? Sheeeesh.

  3. I am on a mission for this as it is very frustrating to say the least..I guess the older I get the less patience I have...:) incidently my birthday is next tuesday...getting old and crabby already..oh wait this has been going on for years one or the other but not both..will make it so much easier..:)

  4. Gina, move over to make room for me on your soapbox please. I'm right behind you on this one. Do you mean your birthday is next Tuesday like next week, or next Tuesday like tomorrow. You certainly kept that one to yourself honey. Pam xx

  5. I SO agree with you! My complaint is that I'm usually listening to my OWN music when I'm on the computer, and when music pops up on blogs it makes a mess of things! Hope your post will help some people realize!

  6. I couldn't agree more, I really find it to distracting, both the music and the slideshows. MS lesions on my brain affect the way I see things, and the slideshow is the worst.

    Happy, Happy Birthday to you:)