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Monday, May 4, 2009

It's My biRthDay

Okay its my birthday next tuesday May don't send cash just gifts please..I am going to be an old broad next week..and I am getting crabbier by the please be nice and rember to send lots of gifts..that should help me not to be so crabby...
Thank you for listening...;)


  1. Gina~I just love you so much!
    I don't believe you could ever be crabby! Just look at that sweet smile in the picture that you have posted!

  2. Birthday?? You still have birthdays? And you say you're "going to be an old broad"... When you stop counting B'days is when you become old! :o)
    Happy Birthday, Gina!!

  3. Well, I'd be crabby if I was old, too, chickee! So now you're an old AND crabby chick???? You're also a cutie doll, ya know that?! LOL

  4. Wow, You have the same birthday as my oldest daughter. She will be 21, you probably aren't much older than that, are you? hee hee As an early birthday present I just removed the playlist from my blog! So now you can come visit me without "crabbing"!ha ha Happy Day, girl!

  5. Oh darlin' don't look a day over 21!!! And.....I'd never call you least not in front of you!!! LOL!!

    Be on the watch fer your own hot boyfren!!!! tee hee hee!!

    I hope you enjoy every minute of your birthday!! You deserve it!!

  6. And here I was getting all ready to wish you a happy birthday for today! I guess at your age then you have to work up to!


  7. Gina ...Old Heavens ..No Girl aren't old !!

    Remeber us Gals Age like fine Wine !!!


    Old is a state of mind sister !!!

    I tell My Mom all the time you're only as old as your mind lets you be she's turning 60 ..she wears low rise jeans ..Mind you she's not a skinny string bean ..But we buy things that look nice ..and she still wears hip shoes and keeps that grey hair away with clairol ..and Honestly no one ever believes she has 6 grand kids ..but she keeps her mind young and she keeps busy ..

    There's no way your old girl !! LOL !!

    Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday ..!!!

    Mine's only a month away ...Yipee ..

    Hugs ..and Blessings ..Sara

  8. Soooooo that is your excuse huh?? Hummm - not sure is we are buying that! LOL

    Old?? Nawwwww your just getting better!

  9. Glad you cleared up that "crabby" issue with all of us....I thought It was just menopause!

    Oh wait, now that you are OLD...we still have that to look forward yet from you!

    Can I send a fan and some vicodin for those future events?!


  10. Old Lady! You look so can't be old. I hate birthdays, they are depressing to me.

  11. Happy Birthday to you! Mine is today! :)

  12. Gina,
    You don't look crabby in that picture to me...and I know you aren't going to be as old as me. Remember you are as young as you feel in your I'm sure we are still just kids. Happy Birthday a week early.
    hugs, Cindy

  13. Hey, thanks bunches for the quickie hyperlink lesson. I love the way it works. I guess I'm just going to have to take the time to experiment with all the neat things available to me so I can become a proficient blogger like you!! :o)
    Thanks again, and Jeanne says "Hi!"

  14. and your address is??????

    My gift to you will be a free stay with the Regan'

    Today is our anniversary....19 years....yaaayyy.


  15. If this posting for gifts works for you, let me know, I'll have to try it come June! lol And I'll gladly trade ages with you! lol

  16. *tuts* shameless self promotion or what! LOL! With all this advance notice, you're sure to have a fabulous birthday!


  17. Can I already say now... "Happy Birthday crabby you!"... in case I am one of those who will forget to wish later & then cause you to be more crabby? :)

  18. Well, I be darned... another birthday... you wouldn't know it !

    Happy Birthday, Girl !