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Friday, May 8, 2009

CaTcHinG uP foR thE WeEk...

Hi there all, This is going to be a long post so grab something to eat and will be here a while..I will try to keep it short and sweet..but there is lots of eye candy to look at...First off this is 2 days worth of rain in this wheelbarrow..most of it is one days worth..there is about 4 inches there...when it rains it pours..gotta go and empty all of the containers with no holes now..we also had wind one night so the yard is a mess with all the maple tree droppings...looks like green snow around here..and we lost power tuesday night for 6 hours..a tree fell on a transformer in our area..go figure..a tree falling in washington..who would have thought..:)On Monday I got a free haircut..a gal is drumming up business and my next door neighbor found her I went in..and I liked her..I felt very comfortable with her..which is great cause I hate trying out a new place and new stylist...we are going with the kate Gosslein of kate and baby make 8 on TLC..she has way more hair and I have a ways to go yet..but i love the punky spiky hair in the top of her crown...and the rest looks like the spice girl beckam when hers was long..trying this a bad perm..had to start over..:(

anywho on wednesday after my doctors appt I went to Joanns..where else..come on gals you know me better than that..when in town stop at Joanns..they just go I bought some fabric in drab browns as I want to try some of those early american dolls that you all are making..and the floss is going back to Joanns as I went TS and found the mother load..(this is down a few photos)
I also picked up some marking pens, a punch needle to start needle punching..will see how that goes..a nice hoop to hold my stitcherys when I am making them..this one is so much better then the cheap little wooden holds the fabric that..

bought a magnifying glass to slip on when I am doing that little tedious stitching...getting old and my eyes are this will help tremendously...;)

got some holders for my threads and some more fabric printer paper..I love this stuff. I can print out my image on the paper pull off the paper backing and I am in business to start stitching..saves having to trace it out...I will however stitch around the edges with colored fabric or muslin to make it bigger and to stop the fraying..

I also got more wooden clothespins to grunge and little ones for my embroidery stitchery clotheslines that I make..and seam binding for edging the pillows out when i make them...

I got my birthday present early from the hubby..he got me the sander that I asked for and 3 different sanding sheets too...I can't wait to try this puppy out..:)

Kimmy and I went to our local spring gift show yesterday..she has it this time every year right before mothers day and again right before veterans day..the fall one is our favorite..although I don't know why she doesn't do it in October ...she is by passing the biggest decorating holiday of the year..and my favorite for decorating..this is the way the show has always gone and I think they are losing business in my opinion..tried telling that to the last owner...but she was hard headed..any way, Kimmy got this nice piece to hang in her living room with a quilt she will make..pretty cool huh? The owner, Sandy was nice enough to let me take photos of the if any of this inspires you..then I will have done my job..:)

love the old windows..the gal that has these her husband is a he gets all the good stuff...

here is my Kimmy.. she is the bestest...I call her my kimmy too...

love the old flour sacks...

I spy some of Pea's wonderful stuff..I love your birds and love that color blue..

another window with those big daisys on this is cool..

more of Pea's great stuff...;)

I don't know who this gal is that did this stuff but she does great work.this looks like vinyl flooring and she is painting her wonderful designs on them..I love them..I also bought one of her have to be patient though it is coming...

antother wonderful rug..above are bottles that have been melted down and can be hung or used as spoon rests..these are too cool too..

Kimmy purchased this sweet little number there..recognize this Pea? I love the little button on his ear... I remember these little buttons you would wear on your collars..haven't seen em in years...

Next Kimmy and I headed to Value Village and boy did we hit the mother load..we had to get 2 shopping carts to keep our stuff seperated and we needed too..they were full when we were done..folks were asking us what we were up to....we are the junk market gals here in the northwest...we had so much fun there...but stuff is getting expensive...not sure why at a thrift store..but it is...I purchased a pressure cooker and warming plate for Mike to use in the garage..the pressure cooker is a great thing to have if you have a tough piece of meat.. cook it for 20 minutes in here and the meat will fall of the bone..great for canning and preserving meats for your food storage..they had alot of them there..and these two items were 50% off total was 7.50..not bad..

I got the soap dish at the gift show and it houses my yummy smelling soap in my laundry room that Dani gave me..looks really cool and smells sooo goood... and I got the bread box at the TS..betcha can't guess what color I am going to paint it? if you said black you are the winner winner, chicken dinner...;)

great glass candle sticks to use for makedos and the wooden ones too.and two glass bottles to put those neat labels on for halloween...oh these are going to be great jars for this.

a blue enamelware pan for hubby too..I think he likes it when I bring him home stuff he can use...he is giving me a list now...I don't mind..cause then I get to go shopping for myself too.

I also got this wonderful cake/pie is in fabulous condition..once owned by whitney...says so on the can..I haven't decided If I will keep it or sell it...but i love the funky colors..

3 huge candles to grunge up all for $1.99

here are more wooden items to paint you guessed it black..and the rolling pin is for the blank plate and the pineapple dish..i will be keeping that one..I have a question now..with these shiny surfaces do I want to scuff them up lightly and then paint or can I paint right over the shiny stuff?

okay I hit the motherload with embroidery floss....they had bags and bags of this..from 1.99-3.99 a that is why the stuff at joanns is going bye-bye...I also picked up some 14 count aida cloth in warm browns and orange colors..and the wooden checklist board..I am going to decopause on these and make one for the hubby out in the garage and make some to sell too...great for holding your recipes with magnet backing on your fridge so your recipe stays clean and you are hands free and eye level too...I have one similar only mine is an old grater with the metal it..

This is what I picked up at the gift show..I love this.. and it was only $27.00 bucks..the gal painted it and added this great folkart design on is sturdy it sits in my living room..

here is the inside..what are those little nail things for..was this an old suitcase at one time..not sure..but someone out there may is housing all of my stitching items and is right at my finger tips..I love this..

here it is chalk full of my stuff..there is my latest stitchery of uncle sam done on that printer fabric...turning out nicely too..just gotta tea stain it and make it in to a pillow.. everything fits..just need to get better organized as far as the thread is concerned...staying home and trying to get something sewed...goodness knows I need too..I hope you ladies out there have a wonderful mothers day whether you have 2 legged kiddys or the 4 legged kind..we are all mothers to our babys...have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by and letting me ramble...:)


  1. having done a few of those hard wood pineapples, I just scuff them up a bit, just to roughen the surfice then paint away!

  2. Wow! I wish I could go shopping with you and Kimmy---looks like so much fun!

  3. Hi Gina,
    Great post!! all the eye candy.Love the pics of the show. I had forgotten that Pea was from your neck of the woods. Love the bunny Kimmy got!! And I love what you got to put all your stitchin's stuff in.
    Is that rolling pin for Cindy as in me? Oh tell's me , it's me!! LOL...
    On the shiney wood items...I scuff mine up first then paint them.
    hugs, Cindy

  4. Loved the pics from the show! And you really mopped up at the VV! Don't know why but they must think their stuff is better than GW. Always a little pricier, but they still have some great deals! Hey...did you see...I got my kitty! ~~Annie

  5. You really know how to shop Gina!!! Those little nails in the sewing box could be for your sewing machine bobbins. Pam xx

  6. Hey Gina,
    And I thought I left a long blog on mine! :o) My daughter left her wheelbarrow out in the rain too, and ended up with over 4" of water in hers too! That was quite a downpour, all right!
    So, does JoAnn's have ANYTHING left, now?? :o)
    Have fun creating all kinds of great stuff with everything you've collected - should be a lot of fun!

  7. Now that's a POST :)
    I love your pineapple bowl!
    I would scuff them up least that's what I do. I did one that I didn't scuff up and the paint came off! BUMMER!
    Have a happy weekend, girl!

  8. Oh Gina,
    How wonderful that you visited and Heather is the painter of the rugs and your sewing stool. The nails dear are for spools of thread. It is a piece from the 50's. I almost bought that piece and loved the shelf that kimmie got as well. Thank her for giving my rabbit a home. Yep, used to wear the old pins. We are about the same age.
    You will have to sand that shiny surface off the wood to get the paint to stick. It is cool though. Now I know where all the neat wood pieces have been going. Will ya save me some please- geesh share the love will ya!?
    Thanks for showing off my few little items. I had very little but that is the way it goes.
    Thanks again sweetie for mentioning me in the post.