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Saturday, May 2, 2009

HoW wE sPeNt OuR DaY!!

Well here is that free wood I came into..minus the shelf..I actually paid money for it..This was done on thursday outside while it was nice and sunny...oh the weather this week was awesome..we are getting slammed with rain as we speak..we went from 71 degrees to 50..but the rain means I don't need to water..and it just came out of no where...but this is may and the northwest..
Okay this was yesterdays project amongst mowing the lawn before the rain hit.glad I did cause it was a jungle out there..I painted all the wood and sanded now I need to stain it and seal it and then decopauge a pantry label that my good friend Rene makes.. She has some great prices and I am itching to get her halloween labels..she had her first race last night..I hope she kicked some butt...;) any way I am pleased with the way they turned out..oh for my birthday my hubby is getting a little hand held triangular sander..I can't will make this job so much easier...I was worn out from all the birthday you ask? is on May 12th...I was born on mothers day the year I was born..8 girls at that hospital that day..

Okay moving one..I used my new laundry line to dry some muslin that I had stained..and I will say I love my new laundry fact we are lengthening it so I can put all my laundry out there...I will say I love baking my muslin much better as it really gets some dark parts..and I love the darker burny parts...then it looks more prim to me...but I love the new line and it takes me back to when I was little and would run through my moms clean laundry...oh it felt so good running through the bed sheets when they were moist and cool, especially on a hot day..:) you all know what I am talking about..:)that is sunny bunny running by...:)

here is a little garden area out in the middle of the lawn..used to be an old stump flowers...and more flowers will be planted in the mailbox too..

here is my little container gardens with succulents under the maple tree..and I love those little wild blue forget me knots I believe is what they are called..I have never planted them..but love em...they are all over..

here is a trillium that is on its way out..they turn purple when they are done blooming..they are normally white..and they are native here too..

I picked some flowers from my garden today and brought them in to enjoy...I just love cutting flowers and bringing them in to enjoy..they make me smile everytime I walk by...

here is the new faucet that Mike installed today..and I love it..I have a soap dispenser and the sprayer is on the end of the that feature..I wasn't too sure about the chrome but I love how shiny and new it is..took us almost 2-1/2 hours to take the old and put the new one in..the old one was a bugger...

Here is my sink..I am in love with my sink!! it is deep and do you notice no seams!! it is built right into the no caulking to try and clean around..when we remodeled and had the counters made..we splurged on this sink and I so glad we gets the most complements when people come in to see...go figure..

okay my laundry room is offically been pimped..I finished my shelf yesterday and Mike hung it up for my room is complete..I would have never touched this room had it not been for the laundry swap I did from Char at the pickled pepper...I met a new friend Dani..and got my room done up so nice...I love showing it off now..and I did tonight to the next door neighbor..we had to move the wooden laundry hanger there over by 2-1/2 inches into a stud cause it was coming out of the I need to patch those old holes up and paint...

okay what you have all been waiting for..the new shelf..didn't it turn out fantastic!!!all my goodies look so good there now..I used old wrought iron curtain tie backs for the hoops that we screwed onto the i was able to hang my plastic bag holder there an old looking sock that Dani made me and a grater and the tags that Dani made me as well. I put on top of the shelf the picture she made me an old little container and her cleaning and soap supplys that she made me as all the colors look really good with the water heater cover...

a more close up view of my stuff.I also put a little ceramic washer on the shelf..I got that from Factory direct in their miniature it..

so now my laundry soap and vinegar rinse are in the blue roaster..I also put two little grunged up clothes pins that Dani made in the laundry jar..they look so cute and prim in there..

I am going to save old boxes new or old that look retro up there...that is why I kept the borax box..

I have been working on my stitcheries and enjoying myself..I finished the one I posted 2 days ago and am working on an americana one..but this picture here is the very first cross stitch I ever did way back in hangs in my craftroom...remember when using hoops for hanging..actually you still could..just paint them black and sand and stain and they would look really good..I was into the country blues and mauves back the earthier tones and black now..amazing how our tastes change.. it was only a couple of years ago that I started wanting black in the I can't get enough of it...I found a really neat website and she specializes in halloween cross stitch..I am getting two of her patterns..they are awesome..her name is Lisa of the prmitive needle..
go and check her stuff out you won't be disappointed...:)I found her through another blogger that left a comment on my blog today..and she is fabulous too..her name is Michelle...
and she has the cross stitch pattern I want on her blog..that is what got this all started...:)

this is what I captured with the camera the other night.Millie sitting in my bathroom sink..waiting patiently for a drink of water..she is our Silly Mil...

and last but not least this is what the postgal brought me today..I can't wait to go through these books and get ideas and inspiration...just wish I had a sunny day to really sit and enjoy these...I will let you know what I find...well I can smell our dinner cooking so it must be done..and I am getting hungry..tonights menu..chicken in my deep dish baker from pampered chef along with carrots, parnips and celery....yum..gotta go and bake 2 potatoes and we are in business...I hope your weekend is going swimmingly...speaking of which..if it keeps up with the rain..that is what I will be doing..Take care...:)


  1. We spent our day watching the dandelions grow and take over the back yard, chick! Do you think we could get some bailout money for help? Hmmmmmm????

  2. Hi Gina,
    All your items are looking great. It finally stopped raining here today, but more is on the way. I've been busy getting ready for Josie's birthday party...I'm making her cake. Oh, I embroidered her name on a new guitar stripe for one of her birthday turned out really good. I'll show it in my next post.
    Have a great Sunday.
    hugs, Cindy

  3. I bet you had fun decorating the laundry what you did with the roster too.
    Love the clothesline, we wouldn't be able to use it much rain which I'm getting sick of:)

  4. I love your butter paddles....everything looks great! Beth

  5. Go ahead and rub it in about the wonderful weather that you had all week! We had nothing but rain and grey skies...ALL WEEK!
    Your projects turned out great!
    I am so very jealous of your laundry room!

  6. What pretty flowers! Bringing them inside just increases the joy I think!

    Clever idea for the roaster in your newly pimped laundry area!!

    Have a great Sunday, hugs, Linda

  7. Gina ...

    I love your new clothesline ..aren't clotheslines great !! ..I agree I like my muslin with all the burny spots too can get that without the oven ..byt just laying the fabric in a shallow plastic bucket ..and lettting it sun dry ..but where you live it may take a while with the humidity ..out here everything shrivels up it's so dry ..LOL !!

    your Laundry Room looks awesome ..and I agree that sink and Faucet are awesome !!

    Oh I had to tell you in your laundry your water heater looks so cute ..with the pipes coming out of the wall it reminds me of an old still ..What Ya cooking up Angie ???? LOL !!

    you did a great job on all that free wood too ..!! I got my share of fun stuff this weekend you will have to pop over to my blog when you get a chance and take a peek.

    Well have a Great Sunday ..

    Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  8. Gina I'm sitting here reading my post and Gee Who's Angie ..?? Boy can you tell I[ave only been out of bed a short while ..with no breakfast ...Don't know where that came from ...LOL !!

  9. Thanks Gina ..for adding my new blog to your list ..So appreciate it !!! ..

    I just added my part II so jump back over and see some more of our finds ..

    Isn't that wide plank pine GREAT ..I got 4 more boxes yesterday ..Woo Hoo !!! you gotta come over and look at this rough hewn half log we got !!!


  10. Inside and out is looking great! We've had rain all week, talk about a jungle! I want that farmchicks book so bad....maybe for my bd in June? My Dad was born on Mother's Day (5/12) too, I miss him! You had a nice day!

  11. Wow girlfriend you have been really busy. All teh painting projects are great. That sander is gonna come in handy. No one should be without one in their shop. I have been through many sanders in my lifetime. It makes things go so much quicker. Laundry room looks great! The yard & garden, what can I say, I am always drooling at your pics of that. That PO Box is interesting. Thinking out of the BOX again, great idea!!!! Love the sink, faucet, & the flowers!!

  12. Whew!! I am exhausted just readin' this post.
    Daggum it woman... Would you bottle up some of that energy and send me some?
    Everythin' looks fabulous! :> )
    That faucet is the cat's meow!

  13. Hey! My hubby was born on Mother's Day too! But it was May 8th in 1955. Kinda fun that it falls there again every few years!