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Saturday, May 23, 2009

MoRe IdEaS & InSpiRaTioN....parT 2

I have so many ideas that I get out of magazines and I save them in a big book, so I pulled out more items to share with you..The one above has the neatest website and I finally went to it and purchased this exact set amongst over things to make and to put on my selling blog..Their stuff is all 50% off and they have some of the neatest stencils..The site is called Primitive Designs.
This is a little candle holder that I have had for a very long time and I put the little wooden turquoise eggs in the bottom..there is a bit of straw and chicken wire that has been wrapped around the inside and a votive put in top with a wire hanger..This would look cute in a prim or country kitchen...and easy to make too..

here are some stitcherys that I have that if you click to save these you can enlarge them later and stitch these out...they are all redwork so you can do it that way or use your imagination and go wild with alot of colors..this is supposed to be to make a quilt..but these would look great framed or as individual quilt blocks or on flour sack material..

I love the rustic look of this chandlier..using an old garden fence and those glass insulator for the candle holders..I have a bunch of those and now I remember why..and I have the fencing in white/rust..this would look so cute on a covered porch or a garden/shed hideaway that you have decked out just for you..or even hanging in a tree with a table underneath for when you entertain on those nice warm evenings...

here is another stitchery freebie that I got when I purchased some stuff from the primitive cupboard..their site is closed..again click to save and enlarge this.

Okay last but not least another idea for a cold frame..they took fencing material and made it into a upside down U shape and stapled it to the wooden boxes and then put white tarps or clear plastic too to make winter beds for veggies...Well that is it for a day or two or until I go through my big book of stuff..I have to get some craft items done for our Mid summer nights dream on our selling group site that is launching besure to stop by for that...have a great weekend enjoying family and friends and having barbeques etc..I bought some nice T-bones and corn on th cob and making a nice potato/macaroni ought to try this...the salads are made the same usually put in the same ingredients but one is potato and the other is macaroni..well combine is so tasty...I finally put my flag outside yesterday and wrote on my chalk board using my new liquid chalk markers..oh they are nice and write up so well..I put on there to have a safe memorial weekend and to remember our military and our veterans in red white and blue markers...our weather is beautiful again today..SWEET!!!! :)


  1. Thanks for all the inspiration. I have some of those glass insulators that my Grandpa brought home when he worked for Pacific Power and Light in Oregon. Keep the ideas flowing! Now, where am I going to find time for all the projects????????? LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing all the inspriation Gina. !!

    I love the garden fence chandelier ..I have bunches of it in my garden storage ..and am just waiting to figure out when and where we are going to move to use it. I would love to makes some that are actually wired ...for a front porch or a garden shed ...My dream just waiting to hatch !!

    Have a Beautiful Memorial day weekend


  3. I do the same thing, tear and stuff in my big book of ideas, in fact, I have that page with the rustic chandilier!

  4. Happy Memorial Day Gina!
    I love your inspiration pieces...You are so right about the wire fence and the glass insulators...That would look amazing!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Very inspirational Gina! I LOVE the little jar with the eggs, too cute:)