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Friday, May 22, 2009

IdEaS anD InSpIrAtiOn...

Here are a couple of things to hopefully give you inspiration..the blogger is having a hard time up loading all my photos and I am an impatient you get 3 today and more tomorrow if blogger is better..the one above is from Martha Stewart living..I love this idea for cold frames so you can have veggies all year round.. (besure to click on the photos to enlarge) and please copy and take the photos for your own use...:)

This is from the junk market ladys..I have the grater one but mine is on my fridge with heavy duty magnets and a metal clip to keep em all on the grater..I use mine for when I am using a recipe..keeps it as eye level and it doesn't get ruined..I love the other idea there too with those old molds you can make a fruit/veggie hanger..

Ladys if you do not have this book already run now to your nearest book store and get it!! I am so loving this book and savoring every page of it...I am not even cheating ahead to see whats in it..the recipes look wonderful with ingredients you either have on hand or can easily get anywhere...There are some really wonderful ideas and stories and great recipes to be had with this book..I am so glad I bought it..and so will you...surely to become a favorite staple in your home... Okay the weather is beatiful again today..I just got home from grocery shopping and it was dead at the store and on the I now have food in my fridge and my pantrys are full..Nothing feels better then that...bought some nice T-Bones for a barbeque, fresh corn on the cob and blueberries and strawberries..and the little angel food cakes to go with it..betcha know where that is heading...yum...I hope your weekend is a safe and happy one...Please remember your service members and veterans in your prayers!!!


  1. Love the cold frame idea. I have wanted some of those for a really long time now. What a great way to recycle old windows.

  2. Love the cold frame - we had one when I was a kid and my Dad grew cucumbers in it. Have a good weekend Gina. Pam xx