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Friday, April 17, 2009

YeAh ItS FriDay....

Well I did some more adding and tweaking to the kids garde yesterday...still want to add a few more plants to it..but it looks so nice now...Janene had asked how big our yard is 100 x150 or almost a 1/4 of an acre..not huge by any means...but it certainly keeps us busy..especially the never seems to get done...:) pulled dandilions in the yard yesterday..did that a couple of days ago..I swear they just replace themselves...but it doesn't help that the yard next to us and the one across the street are covered in them..did I say I hate weeds...I have tried simplifying the yard so much so I don't have so much yard work to do..but I am still doing just as much because no one else will...
Here is Nap-A-Pop aka Napoli...He is our italian baby that I found in the parking garage where I worked in Italy..he is a feisty one..keep swatting me with his long paws through the railing...:)

Here are those bird feeders I told you I made with the old lids and pans from the TS..I had to buy the rods and nuts and washers at the hardware store..but they go together so fast..Kimmy has also used potato mashers with wooden handles in place of the have to use a straight bracket and drill in two holes and if your potato masher has a hole in the top for will need to cut off the tip so it is solid so you can put a screw eye hook in for hanging...notice our little tree is blooming..this poor little tree has struggled since we got it..doesn't bloom real well and then it just looks kind of dead all summer..not sure if its not getting enough sun or what..we have huge Maples and in the summer they provide alot of shade...but I hate maples because of the mess they create in the fall...

here is the one in the yard with my coffee pot birdhouses...

Here are the dolls that Kimmy and I are donating to that gal who lost everything in a fire..I hope she likes the assortment...

up close...and

I think she is going to love this..I know I would...Well it is rainy and dreary I am going to sew..didn't yesterday so today I am going to get crackin...I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...I am hoping the weather is good...Taking Tucker in on Monday to get him Neutered...did I tell you I taught him how to only took one day..I tell you that little dog is amazing..only took 2 trys before he knew how to roll over..and about 7 to shake.....still gotta work on the come when called thing..he is in his teenage years..where his hearing is very selective...sound familiar?....Take care...:)


  1. Gina! I am in love with that penquin and the angel doll. She would be crazy not to love all of those beauties!
    Napoli just looks snobbish! Must be that Italian blood! LOL
    Garden is looking goood!

  2. I've just loving your garden and yard! We're going to give square foot gardening a try, I think! I'm the world's worst gardener so this should be very interesting!


  3. Great post Gina! Lots going on... and I love the dolls too!
    The sign patterns are $5 each... still interested? I can pop 1 or 2 or 3 off to you on Monday if you'd like...
    Have a great weekend! Kimberly

  4. What a cute garden, wish mine looked like that...I appreciate lovely flowers, but my thumb is not so green.

    Love your cat too!

  5. We still have snow in places in our back yard.. Nothing blooming..only thing I see alive was the dern wood tick I plucked off me today. I don't see me going in my back yard much anymore till I get some kind of spray.The dog has his I want mine. Hugs Rene

  6. Look at all those wonderful dollies!! Love that birdfeeder too!

    So Tucker is losin' his family jewels on Monday? He'll be just fine. :> )
    Have a great weekend darlin'!