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Thursday, April 16, 2009

WelL It's BeEn a WhiLe...

First of all I want to buy this mirror.....thought this was too funny...I have been awol for a while. so I will fill you in on what I have been up too...
This morning I took out my glass italian easter eggs and put in my grape hyacyinths that have been gracing my kitchen counter..I cut those on tuesday and just love today I put them in here with my wooden eggs and cloth eggs...They do look so pretty there too...

Here is my vanity that is in the entry way of our stores socks, underwear (hubbys) and t-shirts..this way he can get dressed and not bug me in the morning..but here are our babys..gotta get a dog frame so I can put Tucker up here as well as our other dog gotta get 2 frames...I also have my otto bisquits paw print the vets made for us in is in front of his photo...

Okay so Kimmy and I met up again yesterday...where Joanns...we both got these books..we want to do some simple embroidery and these books are fabulous..

here is the back..and the top one is made using what looks like an old wool blanket...its fuzzy..I love it..

the back to the other one..oh they are must check these out..I used my 40 & 50% off coupons on these..they are about 10.00 each.

here is some darker osnaburg that we both bought to use for samplers and our machine embroidery as well...dolls etc..Have you noticed that when you go to joanns and buy fabric that when you go to the check out stand they are looking through your fabric like they are counting it to make sure you have the right amount that is on your little yellow sheet of paper..well they are looking for jewelry etc..apparently that is what ladys are doing these days..they go and buy fabric and then head over to the jewelry area and hide it between the fabric cuts..and one lady changes price stickers on the fabric..she just pulls it off and puts it on ones she likes..I remember when I worked there and went to the ladys room and noticed tags sticking out of the paper thing you put down before you go and they had taken out the jewelry and placed the tags there and I also found it in the tampon dispenser..tags we honest folk get to pay for now you know when they are looking at your fabric they are making sure you aren't hiding something...pretty smart huh...

and we both got one of these frames to use in hand embroidery on the couch at night..I got to use my other 50% off coupon...gotta love coupons...:)

this is fabric that I got at the nursery where Kimmy lives..they have the best I got more of it below to use for towels and to make a table runner with the other looks so retro..gotta wash it up first to remove any sizing..

don'tcha just love it..:)

and they have these great blocks and I wanted more..I got the top one that says friends for a gal that lost everything in a fire on Kimmy and I are going through our crafts and pulling out some items to give to her so she can decorate again..Beth at old thyme marketplace is doing if you are interested in helping out..just email her or leave her a comment...:)

I bought some glorious velvet ribbons at Joanns and again so did Kimmy..are you sensing a pattern here..yeah we should be twins..we both love the same exact stuff..we are kindred spirits and sisters I tell you..these will be used on dolls or for my embroidery samplers to hang...lovin that blue on the bottom..its my fav..

and here they are all put away in my is sitting on my craft table for easy access...

well on Saturday I bought some stuff to finish up our kitty garden..I bought more yesterday as i have 3 more plants to put there..I bought english daisys..I just love them..I refer to them as button the yester I put the hanging basket that I bought at Lowes there and moved some stuff around..I love the garden and love adding whimsical stuff there as I feel it is the focal point of the garden.I still have alot of planting to do..I have to plant the buckets that hang on the fence, the mailbox and my colanders that hang from the trellis up front...Kimmy and I made some really cute bird feeders out of lids and pans that we bought from the TS..didn't take a photo..but will do so and post here is the view from the dining room window...

this view is from the kitchen sink I can do dishes and look out there...I still have to plant the window box in front of my kitchen window..I love planting the gerbera daisys there.and I will plant those in the kids garden too..I want it bursting with color..I think I am also going to plant daffodils there and transplant my tulips there as they just aren't getting enough sun in the front..and they are little this year...

here is my view from upstairs in my craftroom in front of my sewing machine...we are going to plant veggies..zucchinin and pumpkins in the rest where you see the stones there...we will extend that area probably next year or this fall..depends on time and money..and my DH getting enough gumption to do it..

here is Silly Millie as we speak..she will sit at the line closet and cry till I open it up and she can go and sleep on the towels...she loves it...

here she is again...she is a pretty girl...

here is another pretty girl..our sunny bunny..and she fits her name..she is my blogging buddy as well as Millie...I think she has finally settled down for a nap..she will bug me most of the morning..tapping me on the face and purring and walking in front of the computer and waiting for a bite to eat.. Well that is it for me..we had a nice quiet Easter with our neighbors and I am still finishing off Easter carrot cake..oh it is so moist and good...and I am making ham hock and beans this weekend..and inviting the neighbors over for cards..someones gotta help us eat this all up...the weather is glorious and Tucker is outside enjoying gotta get the rest of the crew out for a romp..have a wonderful day..:)


  1. Your garden is adorable as well as your kitties:) NOW.....about that mirror....I MUST GET ME ONE!!!

  2. I LOVE everything that you got at JoAnne's! Especially those embroidery books. They don't have those at my JoAnne's. Maybe I'll go online and check it out.

    I must say, you DO have some BEAUTIFUL kitties!

    And where exactly can you get that mirror? :)

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks so much for posting the cancer awareness!!

    I want a mirror like too - and I'll thake the body in the mirror while I am wishing! LOL

    The kitties arer so sweet!

    And great idea to have clothes OUTSIDE of the bedroom for DH!! I need to do that so I don't have to lay them out every night!!

  4. Wow what a garden! I love your views of it too!

    And I would love one of those mirrors...are you selling them? lol!


  5. are gonna be busy! Those books look great! I miss having a JoAnns near me..just to get a craft fix...pick up some floss, a book , some fabric. I can't wait to see some finished projects!
    Thank you so much for mentioning the collecting that I put together for the gal who had her house burn down. So far things are going great!! Thanks so much for your kind heart!

  6. Gina,
    Wow, you are going to be busy with all the patterns, ribbon, etc. from Joannes. Gwen & I went there today, I'm making her a sling to carr the new baby so had to get the fabric for that. Love your garden and that mirror.

  7. I love your table full of kitty pics and the paw print in clay is so nice. Darn, I am envious that you are getting so much done in the garden! I am off on Fridays and so I am hoping to get some pots and baskets planted tomorrow! yippee! I gotta get up early and get to the nursery before the crowds!

  8. I always love visiting you. You buy the nicest stuff!
    Your garden is going to be so nice when it is all planted and in bloom.
    How big is your yard? It looks huge from the pics.
    I love your adorably cute and girls would be holding and snuggling them all day!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Wow, just wanna say I really enjoyed my visit here this morning. What a sweet garden and I loved seeing all your little goodies you found.
    So great.

  10. Gina I want that mirror soon as you find out where to get it pass it on !! LOL !! Hey love all your new finds and buys..doesn't it just make your blood rush to find all those new goodies !!!

    Hugs ..Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

  11. Hi Gina,
    You have such a wonderful yard!!
    You have a better JoAnn's then we do. Is yours one of the big ones? Some of the items that you purchase at yours...ours does not carry at all. I have to drive about 40 minutes to get to one of the JoAnn Etcs...the one here in town is really small.
    I have the "Modern Primitve Embroidery" book, but I have nver seen the other one before.
    Love your kitties pictures!!
    hugs, Cindy