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Saturday, April 18, 2009

FinaLLy GoT soMe SeWinG dOnE...:>)

Well I finally got some sewing done yesterday or well was so nice to be able to sit down and focus..I sat and watched "Little Dorritt" on to watch the 2nd episode today while I sew as is a wonderful story done by Charles Dickens..I love period movies and I also loved "Cranford" and if you haven't seen that you must..I want to buy if for me and one for my mom for mothers day...she didn't watch it and I know she will love it...anyway on with the pun intended...well maybe just machine embroidered this lavender/buckwheat hull pillow that looks like cross stitch...I am trying to find more primitive machine cross stitch patterns as well..This took about 2-1/2 hours to do...but it turned out so neat..I also added some dried annie attached with a rusty safety pin and rusty bell..I attached a purple velvet ribbon for the is sewn right in...The design is called "herbs" and that is just what it is..looks like flavored olive oil, a bowl of onions, a pepper shaker perhaps and dried herbs hanging above..I like to say maybe lavender, rosemary and dried flowers..there is also a pestal for grinding your herbs up..This is for sale if anyone is interested in would look wonderful hanging on a kitchen cabinet knob or on a hutch..and it smells wonderful...I used the lavender that I harvested from my next door neighbors little lavender plants are still may need to plant more...:)
here is the up close on the photos to enlarge... this measures 7-1/2 inches long by 4 inches tall. (not counting the hanger).

Here is a sheep hand done embroidery that I made last night..took me about 4 hours..I used my new scroll frame to put this in and I love it..makes the fabric nice and tight and easy to do..I haven't done stitching like this in 15 this was so relaxing to sit and watch TV and do my embroidery..tonights project is making a mothers day stitchery I will be added felt pieces to it..for a penny rug effect..(at least that is what I have in mind)...:)I made this on wool felt and I would like to know should I frame it (like below) that is the book that I used or make it into a pillow..This is also going up for sale...

last but not least I made a bird using the darker osnaburg fabric and I machine embroidered this sweet little message.."With God all things are possible"...and it is in my bedroom on a shelf..I used a green glass candle stick for the can see it is right next to my Jospeph, Mary and baby Jesus picture..I made that as well..we learned that in church and it is so much fun and so easy to do...Well gotta go get the house straigthened up..tonight we are having ham hock and beans..left over ham from Easter and having the neighbors over for dinner and I guess I won't be stitching that mothers day thing tonight..tomorrow for sure..We are getting glorious weather and it is going to be nice this whole week...have a wonderful weekend...:)


  1. I love em. Especially that prim sheep! I just bought a little needle punch kit (ya know the kind that goes in a frame) on the internet yesterday. I cannot wait!

  2. I love seeing all of your primitives. Makes me want to find my stitching materials and get busy stitiching. I love to do counted cross-stitch...especially ones that are like samplers. I have several I've done over the years in my country kitchen. I made the stitcheries into mini quilts....some have twine for hangers and some have tabs that have either dowels or wooden spoons ran through them. I really loved the sheep and the bird in your bedroom.

  3. Gee, wish I had the time to do some, they look so pretty and prim, great job! Enjoyed catching up with ya!

  4. I adore your sticheries...I think the sheep are so cute. I vote pillow. Dianntha

  5. Hi Gina,
    Love all the goodies you made. The bird is really cute with the embroidery on it...and all the hanging pillows are wonderful also.
    hugs, Cindy

  6. Ya know Gina you really are quite amazing! The amount of talent you have and how diverse it is is nothing short of mind blowing! You go girl! I just love everything you have done! Say hi to Kimmy for me! Hugs, Pam