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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WhaT WeVe BeEn WoRkiNg On...

Hey there guys and gals!! we have been busy this weekend...and we had some pretty nice weather too boot too..My tulips are finally starting to bloom in the front portion of our yard..although they get too much shade I am going to translpant them in the back yard this fall I think...I am just not liking what is going on in the rock wall...its too mish-mash for any ideas would be great..

Okay I had this wonderful idea for my roaster that I know when you get one of those lightbulb moments..and you just know its going to work...well this was one of laundry supplys look soooo good here now...and I can easily pick it all up and move it should I need to..versus trying to call of of that in one felled swoop..which wouldn't happen cause that laundry jar is big....I still have a shelf to buy and some of this might go on the shelf..or I just may add more to the shelf..yeah thats what I will do...I also covered the cat litter container with fabric that was black and white..I stained it and it smells wonderful..I need to make more of this wonderful vanilla smelling ite...Since I got my laundry room decorated with all the nice things that Dani sent me..I just had to cover that unsitely litter container and the water heater..they are hideous and stand out like sore I gathered it up and sewed on velcro to the fabric and used stick on to the bucket...I didn't take a before photo of that..:)

but I did take a before photo of my water heater..not too pretty huh?

here is the after..done the same way as the bucket..but I did it on the bottom as well...the litter box hides the no one sees it.. where that doll/baggy hanger where my shelf will go...will paint it black and distress it and it will have pegs on the bottom of it...but the fabric matches the wooden washboards that Dani made me...good color choice on the fabric I think...what do you all think of this makeover...should have done this years ago...eventually we will replace it with one of those on demand water heaters..we had them in italy..they are nice and they are more efficient..

here is above my shelf in my laundry room..I added a borax the vintage look of it..and added the basket with the cute little stained sock sticking out of it and he picture..I think when I get my shelf that picture will go on the shelf and the basket will be centered there..

I moved the washboard from above the water heater to the other wall by the back door and added a sock stretcher also made by Dani..and an enamelware pan that I had outside...and didn't know it was there till I started rummaging.I love it..I hung all of these with those little prim squareish looking nails..the ones you use for doll hair on wooden dolls...they are more like tacks..

here is the entrance to my laundry room with my laundry letters hung above the back DH thought these were wooden..they look so neat the colors too..

just another view of the washing station...Hubby needs to fix my vintage clothes hanger..apparently it is comming out of the wall..the huge molly didn't stay we need to find a stud and fix the hole in the wall and move this....

I really wanted an old fashioned laundry clothesline..they have them at home depot for about $40 bucks. this one cost about 15 no i can walk out on the deck and hang up my teastained fabric or doll pieces or my actuall will work for I am pleased with the way it turned out and the convenience of it..

also yesterday we fenced in the garden..gotta keep the dog, and kittys and the occasional deer that pass through here..I would rather not have this..but needs to be done to protect the plants..we used the plastic fencing on the side and in the front as seen below and it is hooked with copper wire so we can access from either side very easily and it keeps the animals out..and we can still see the lovely stuff growing...:)

so that was pretty much what we did yesterday..then we had our home teachers over from church for dinner..we love these guys..2 brothers that we just adore..they love to ride their harleys and they invited Mike on a camping trip this july..they will have a blast...we always love when they come for a visit..they have taught me so much about the gospel..and Pasquale is also my sunday school teacher..and he Rocks!!!

last night the DH was showing me that Tucker is getting his new teeth and the ones that are missing etc..and we noticed his baby canine was super loose so hubby got it out for him so I could save it..Tucker didn't even realize that is what you are seeing here..I have never had one of my pets I just need to put it away for safe you think I should leave him a quarter under his pillow..just kidding maybe a doggy that is it for me today..going to do some lots to do for these up coming I really need to focus..yeah I say that now...but I really do....gotta lot of wood to paint..take care and enjoy your tuesday..:)


  1. Love your laundry room. I really need to do something with mine......only I really don't have a laundry room. Washer and dry are tucked in an alcove in hallway by kitchen. I do have a cupboard above and some wall space so I definitely have area to decorate......Maybe I'll make me one of those sock dryers to hang on wall. I do have a small what else can I find that is lurking around the house or out in the storage shed just waiting to be used in the laundry area. Gina, you inspire me!!!!!!!!!

    We have several of our cats whiskers that we have found. I place them in a small plastic bag and write their names on it and put them in a keepsake box.

  2. Your laundry room looks so cute! I love the h2o cover. Your yard is coming along. It looks so green already!

    Speaking of laundry....I just had sears come out cuz I thought my dryer timer was broken. SO, I paid the higher price to get a warranty versus the hourly...well, guess what. It was not broken, it has a dry scensor. Yeah, it will keep going until all the clothes are dry! WHAT? I have had it two years now and did not know that....that is what happens when you have the man pick the appliances! I am sure a sales person would have explained the whole thing to

  3. You HAVE been busy but it looks great, sugar. I need to get Jack out in our back yard to do the same for the veggie garden. I'm such a slave driver, I tell ya......

  4. Your laundry room is adorable with your new stuff and I love the Tucker tooth:)

  5. I love yr organised laundry room. And I LOVE yr big garden! It looks like you both have done a lot of work but when all the flowers! And you have a nice wooden deck to relax in too! It's looks spacious from that pic.

  6. About the washboard. Seeing one always brings back bad memories & pain. When I was 6, I knocked into one of these & it came down on my feet. Lots of blood...I now have 9 nine toes. It still hurts terribly if I happened to stub that area against something!

  7. What a fun post...your yard it going to look great! And your laundry room is the curtain idea around the water heater!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  8. Gina,
    Your laundry room looks so cute, love how you covered your water heater. Dani sent you such prim things & they look perfect. We have to fence in our garden area too, keeps the racooons, etc. out.

  9. Hi Gina,
    I love, love ,love your laundry room!! And you know that I wish I had one like it and not the ugly one that I do have with no drywall and low pipes everywhere. So..I'll just dream of yours and all the other bloggers that have the laundry rooms of my dreams!!
    hugs, Cindy

  10. Your laundry room looks great!! Your hot water heater cozy is a fantastic idea!
    Man, you have been a busy lil' bee. Whatever you're takin', I want some. :> )

  11. WOW ...the yard is coming along fabulously!!! I just read your motherload post and that is a TOTAL UNDERSTATEMENT GIRL!! Good gracious you hit it big time!! WAY TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Oh....the water heater is beyond word too! BUT ....Tuckers little tooth takes the cake!
    Hope your day is great,

  12. Hi Gina ..

    Enjoyed your new post ..looks like you are a busy gal !!!

    I love your garden plot ..I think some alyssum planted inbetween all those tulips would look gorgeous.

    And Love your fix for that water heater ..Here's another though for down the road ..If you found or built a chimney style cabinet with a single long door on front ..and either removed the back from and existing one or didn't put one on the one you would build you could slide it in there as a surround for your water heater ..and it would cover it ..but look like an old utility cupboard at the same time. But I do love how you used the fabrice Great Idea !

    Your garden is looking Beautiful !!!

    Hugs ..Sara

  13. Gina, your laundry room looks fantastic! One concern, is your water heater gas or electric? If it's gas the fabric could catch on fire so becareful! I love the way it looks covered. And your garden area looks good too.

  14. You are getting much more use out of that roaster than I ever did. It truly is in the right hands. That is a really neat idea how you covered your water heater. You are so clever. The laundry room is looking really good. I understand the fence with the deer, nevertheless your garden still looks great!

  15. Hi Gina~ for the clothespins I did I dipped them in wax that had some cinnamon sprinkled in, then right away rolled them in a bowl of cinnamon, then dipped again in the wax.The rolling in between wax will give you the little bumps:) Have fun!!!

  16. OH, LOL, when you melt your wax, let it cool slightly before dipping or it will just melt the cinnamon right back off:)

  17. Hi Gina-
    Love your laundry room and covering your water heater it a wonderful idea, love it!
    Your gardens are lookin good! I wish I was gardening.
    Have a wonderful weekend.