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Thursday, April 30, 2009

WhAt I'vE bEeN WoRkInG oN...

Hey there! yesterday I went shopping at Joanns..and found some pretty interesting drapery cloth. it is in the home dec section and was 50% off it is like muslin only thicker and not at thick and stiff as canvas..but it is so nice for these was on the long role their and is $12.99 a yard..but it is on the big roll..I also so got some huck cloth..looks like embroidery going to give that one a try too....This is what I am currently working on..started it last night..It goes in this stretcher like thing that I also got at joanns and it works nicely to hold your takes a bit to get the fabric situated but once its works nicely..
I did this one on tuesday night..this is on stained muslin..turned out pretty well..I am so enjoying watching TV and being able to sew and just relax...and the fact that I am killing two birds with one stone...:)

this is on osnaburg..this is more difficult to work with..going to try regular cross stitch is hard to work with as it is floppier to work with...if that makes any sense....Well I was doing a skin care party tomorrow..but no one can give me the courtsey of calling only 3 people are wanting to not worth my time...they have the best body butter you can imagine..its like having a spa treatment..and it smells so good..they are just a skin care line and body care line too..anyway the weather is some muslin stained and on the clothesline..I am in love with that soooo takes me back to being a kid and running through the clean laundry while I was growing is the little things that tickle I think I am going to take out some wood to paint and let dry in the sun and get the kittys out to enjoy some of this sun and maybe get some rays myself and read some free magazines I picked up at the show I went to last week..I hope you all have a wonderful day..


  1. I'm liking your first piece...

  2. me too...I think the fabric is making the difference..the other two look like a kid did them...but hey that is primitive...:)

  3. Quit your bragging about your sun!
    Especially since we have had nothing but grey skies and rain for the past 4 days!
    Love your stitcheries...yet jealous at the same time...because I can not do it!
    Have a great night and enjoy your warm sun!

  4. I'm liking all your pieces, can't wait to see them finished. Catch some rays for me.

  5. Great stitcin' Miss Gina!!...can't wait to see how you finish them.
    Oh how I wish you could send the sun this has rained the last two days and is going to rain for several more days.

  6. I really like the way those look, Gina! I especially love the first one!


  7. Love the stitcheries Gina. Enjoy your skin care party - wish I could be there with you but it's a bit of a long way from the UK!! Pam xx

  8. I love counted cross stitching, but my peepers aren't as good as they used to be. These pieces are wonderful! :> )

  9. Love em, Gina! I really like that first one!
    Good job, girl!


  10. Happy early birthday! Does Monopoly money count as a gift??

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! When you make some of the dried orange ornaments please post a picture so I can see them. They do sell real well at shows anytime of the year....... good luck with them!

    I also find stitching in the evenings soooooooooo relaxing. I look forward to it every night!!!

  12. Very nice! I wish I could do more stuff like that, just can't fit it in? It sounds so relaxing! Have a great weekend, send some sun this way!

  13. Hey girl. Love the first one. I deleted the music off my blog. Sure do miss it but hope more folks visit. So far haven't seen a change at all.
    Thanks for taking the poll.

  14. Love all the stitcheries.....especially the first one. I love to do counted cross stitch samplers.